For the past few years, comedienne, Rachel Maria has been making hysterical videos where she lip-syncs Nancy Pelosi’s finest oratory.

This audio comes from Nancy’s press conference last Wednesday. Two days later, on Friday night, Nancy got her $1.5 trillion Green New Deal Communist Takeover of America bill passed.

This bill is the main reason why the 2020 Election was stolen; to enable the Final Looting of the United States of America.

These 13 RINOs must be primaried, if there is still a country left in 2022 and 2024:


  • Katko 202-225-3701
  • Bacon 202-225-4155
  • Van Drew 202-225-6572
  • Young 202-225-5765
  • Upton 202-225-3761
  • Kinzinger 202-225-3635
  • Gonzalez (OH) 202-225-3876
  • Reed 202-225-3161 Smith 202-225-3765
  • Gabarino 202-225-7896
  • Malliotakis 202-225-3371
  • Fitzpatrick 202-225-4276
  • McKinley 202-225-4172

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  • haha
    She’s almost as funny as the Real Nan-see-me Pelo-see-me.
    Seriously, that was FUNNY! Thanks, Rachel, for the laugh.

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