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After years of government-by-fifth generation warfare, we’re beginning to adapt and to wise up.

Monica Crowley joins Steve Bannon on the War Room and she reacts to the leak of the draft of Judge Alito’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I think we’re witnessing the deliberate destruction of all of our institutions. This has ben going on by the Marxist Left for many decades, so it didn’t originate last night, with this outrageous and unprecedented leak. It’s been going on a very long time.

“And what everybody needs to understand is this is not the Democratic Party of Bill Clinton, JFK and even FDR.

“This is now a party of Marxist revolutionaries and they have done this long march through our institutions in order to destroy us from within.

“You’ll recall, Steve, that it began in the 1930s as a KGB operation, to try to overthrow the United States from without and…when America’s enemies from abroad realized that our Constitution and our country were so durable that that was going to be impossible, they changed their tactics.

“And they began, like termites to eat our institutions from within, to the point now where so many are on the precipice of collapsing.

“What you saw last night with this leak was engineered, it’s completely orchestrated in order to engineer this political agenda going into the Midterms. We saw this now, because they want to mobilize all of the Left’s armies to burn the country down again, just as they did prior to the 2020 Election.

“They’re looking for another pretext, they found one, here with the abortion issue ad I expect another ‘Summer of Love’ you know, ‘mostly peaceful,’ Steve…

“These issues, for our country are existential. I’ve been talking about them for a helluva long time, Steve but now, the moment of truth has arrived.

“It does seem like there’s a cultural shift, where the energy has shifted, where our side, the side of Good, the side of Freedom is now winning but it requires all hands on deck…”

Steve Bannon agrees, “[The SCOTUS leak] was all planned. They leaked this on purpose, Monica is absolutely right, they were on the mat and they needed something to revive themselves. This is not gonna do it. This is gonna be a failed effor but it’s only gonna be a failed effort if we put our shoulders to it.”

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