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The latest from Greg Reese.



Back in 2008, while the masses flocked to Obama to save them from Dick Cheney, those waking up to the American nightmare could clearly see how he was a puppet to Wall Street and the big banks – and also, to the military/industrial complex.

Their profits soared as the anti-war movement disappeared.

Obama even had an American citizen killed with a drone strike while eating dinner.

Obama loved predator drones and he normalized the unending war.

At first, Obama was not threatened by the election of Donald Trump. He had the all-powerful media on his side.

But that didn’t last. Trump got elected and Obama helped lead a massive attack against him with the entire establishment, mainstream media loyal Democrats.

And by the time the 2020 Election was stolen right before our eyes, there was no doubt that Joe Biden was a puppet.

But whose puppet?

Obama and Clinton are puppets, along with at least 99% of all the Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

And it’s not even a government, anymore. It’s a criminal cabal, made up of several crime families and corporations that see the people as a commodity.

And now, while being exposed to some of the biggest crimes in American history, they’re stealing every last penny from the American People, creating a worldwide famine and provoking a war with a country that is showing off ways they can nuke We, the People into oblivion.

In Germany, hundreds of thousands of people are demanding that their government stop sending weapons to Ukraine and urging them to move towards a peaceful resolution.

While in America, it seems as if everyone is just going about their business, waiting for the next election, as if it’s just a series on Netflix we are watching.

But if we sit and do nothing, as we watch them start a nuclear war, are we innocent?

The US Government is training Ukrainian soldiers in Germany and supplying Ukraine with hundreds of newly-declassified “suicide drones”.

The liars and thieves inhabiting the US Government are starting this war for their own puppet masters.

But they are no one special; just Old Money with centuries of fraud and we outnumber them 10,000-to-one, conservatively.

They’re not going to stop and now that they’re being exposed, it’s just going to get worse.

And so, wouldn’t it be beautiful if We, the People can stand up for what’s right and stop World War III?

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  • 507 (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
    We have enough nationalists; do we have moral enough honorable loyalists?

  • what a creepy logo Reese, R= 18 = 666, then mirrored just like Crowley asked them too invert and mirror write all things. Followed by being inside a pyramid and a quasi maltese cross looking (3 not 4) shaped angles of the space of the R’s. On a show that is known Ted Turner illuminati shill promotion Alex jones.

  • I don’t believe We the People, even though we out number our adversaries 10,000 to 1 (conservatively speaking), will manage to overcome the poly-pronged attack that we are being assaulted with. We the People are, overall, much too disorganized and confused to organize and carry out any kind of effective counter attack that would allow us to overcome our enemies. Our enemy, although comparatively speaking, are small in number, they are highly organized. It is an empirical fact that a small organized group can take out a much larger disorganized group.

    • It was a motley group of southern militia, mostly farmers, who arguably caused the defeat of the British in 1776, orvat least contributed greatly to its defeat. If it is possible to save the world at this dark hour, I have nondoubt that it will be because of people who believe they can.

  • While I spend a lot of time online, monitoring the evils we’re forced to suffer in this beast of a world, we’ve all got to prioritise our energies toward maintaining faith in the gospel/s of Jesus Christ. Our faith is going to be tested to the point where we, the faithful, are going to experience such troubling times that our previously unshakable faith is going to be rocked to the bottom of our hearts and souls. Know this though, our God won’t allow us to be pushed beyond what we can bear. When it feels like we’re being pushed so hard we’re going to fail, we must only pray to him for help. Anything else is simply arrogance and pride in our own abilities and the consequent unwillingness to submit prayers to him in seeking assistance. Prepare yourselves for this troubling time while the evil ones begin to arrogantly rear their ugly evil heads, as if they don’t risk being decapitated. Deception is already abounding and our children, who are yet to develop any deep spiritual sense of discerning characteristics, are going to be at even greater risk of deception. So, teach them well about discerning evil from good so as to decrease their risks here… And pray your own adult soul isn’t at such high risk of being deceived. As it is, even those within mainstream Christianity are currently being deceived with untrue religious dogmas enshrined throughout Catholicism and its daughter churches (see St. Matthew Ch.24, Vs.4-5, and St. Mark Ch.13). Catholicism is the most deceptive “ism” of all (e.g. Buddhism. Taoism, and even Judaism, etc.). No-one wants to find out they’ve been lied to. Many Catholics have been deceived by its dogmatic beliefs, and who give greater priority in faith/loyalty unto the pope or their local bishop than to our Lord, Jesus Christ, or to almighty God, our father (as opposed to their father, the father of all lies). That’s just one of its deceptive practices and anyone who reads the bible for themselves and is in touch with Jesus Christ for real is going to wrestle with that point. Catholicism is riddled with these inconsistencies and it makes people disbelieve Christianity as a whole, instead of keeping faithful unto Jesus Christ and just letting go of Catholicism itself, which is the way to go.

    • Also, see the Book of Jude.
      Yes, this talks about the false teachers…they are so dangerous.
      They re literally everywhere, and a LOT in the churches.
      And watch out for the spirit of Jezebel in the churches.

    • Steven, I have spent a life time chasing God, been to many different branches of the Christian faith. Was born a Catholic and at the age of 60 I am now understanding the true nature of Catholicism and appreciate what the hidden meaning of the symbology is behind it all. There really is no deception, perhaps that is the real reason why the Church has been so attacked for decades. Jesus is the Sun & that is who we worship, we are Pagans and I love the fact we worship the Giver of Life, the Sun.

  • Beheading the King(s) is the LAST step. First they need to be stripped of their MINIONS.

    Anybody that works for them, feeds them, protects them…should be “fair game”. But even before THAT, anybody that feeds or services any of their MINIONS should also be “fair game”.

    OR…we could just become the Kings ourselves, and actually become SELF-GOVERNING. To do that we would need to govern by CONSENSUS rather than simple majority (which is usually MINORITY rule,
    as –  usually – a FACTION wins control of a FACTIONAL PARTY which, in turn, wins a FACTIONAL election
    by – usually – a very slim margin; see below what George Washington presciently had to say about factional political parties).

    The American Land Justice CONSENSUS Party will
    (iín the ABSENCE of consensus*
    regarding selecting a candidate for a particular office)
    employ the device that the Ancient Athenians regarded as the hallmark of an actual democracy: SORTITION
    (“selection by lot”
    from available candidates).

    As regards legislation, rules, mandates, regulations, incitements and
    Declarations of War, members of the
    American Land Justice (ALJ)
    CONSENSUS Party will pledge to only vote to enact measures which attain CONSENSUS support, and to employ RESCISSION to rescind measures that fail to maintain (or have never had) consensus backing.

    *”consensus” will be originally defined as “greater than 7/8s support”; subject to redefinition by consensus;

    Here’s what George Washington (who claimed to have no party affiliation, but whose Cabinet and Supreme Court appointments were entirely comprised of Federalist Party loyalists, save Jefferson and one Associate Justice) had to say about the dangers of factional politics:

    “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.”

  • Tulsi Gabbard is a Young Global Leader graduate (Klaus Schwab) and is not to be trusted.

  • We the People better be prepared to stand up to the tyranny because it hasn’t gone just yet. I can see that Tulsi is trying to be the lone voice in the Dem party to speak out about that party and Fox loves it. Guess she stays with the Dems to rise above the ashes but because she was my rep and a real disappointment plus groomed by WEF and CFR I’m not looking to her for leadership.

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