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    John O’Looney is a British undertaker who has become internationally known as a whistleblower on the unnatural increase in untimely deaths that he’s observed in his practice since the advent of the vaxxine. He has also corroborated the reports of American embalmer, Richard Hirschman, of finding these never-before-seen rubbery clots in the veins of the vaxxed.

    I’ve only ever found O’Looney to be honorable and credible. He’s now claiming that, due to his newfound notoriety, members of the Black Watch battalion of the British Army have reached out to him, to tell him that they’ve been involved in training Albanian, Iraqi and Afghan soldiers in Antalya, Turkey and in Western Ukraine.

    These British-trained mercenaries are then ordered to infiltrate migrant- and refugee groups, in order to enter the UK by the thousands. The UK government has contracted with thousands of hotels in order to house these people.

    O’Looney says that British Army Major Anna de Buisseret, who spoke with him has “many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing.”

    He says there’s a new wave of people dying from the bioweapon injections but that officials will call this a “new variant”, which will then be used to justify a new wave of lockdowns and mandatory “quarantine camps” for the unvaxxed.

    These British-trained foreign mercenaries will then be used to enforce this new phase of tyranny, because British soldiers would not want to drag off their own people to the COVID camps. Most active duty British soldiers have been conveniently deployed out of Britain, to Western Ukraine and Turkey, so they won’t be around to defend their people.

    O’Looney says, “It was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

    “But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.”

    A similar plan appears to be playing out in the US. This is why the Biden Regime is so desperate for Title 42 to expire, in order to allow tens of millions more migrants and foreign mercenaries to crash the Southern Border.

    The Globalists are orchestrating this invasion of vaccine-injured Western nations, with the help of our own militaries, in order to crash our economies and to replace Western citizens with a permanent underclass that has never had (and never will have) any Constitutional rights.

    As Americans “die suddenly” from the bioweapon Death Shots, Third World invaders are being shipped in by the Globalists to help them usher in a One World Government with a Central Bank Digital Currency that’s tied to a Chinese-style social credit system.



    “I’ve had members of the Black Watch Regiment reach out to me, who are training these young men in the West of Ukraine and in Antalya, in Turkey, that are primarily in officer ranks, down to sargeant, that are then transferred from their post of training in Antalya or West of Ukraine to France.

    “They sign the Official Secrets Act and they’re then shipped over with the immigrants and with the odd refugees…but primarily, the foot soldiers. They’re all forced to sign the Official Secrets Act before they come…

    “They’re then deploying these guys in key positions for up to two years. Contracts they’re offering these hoteliers, two-year contracts and hundreds of thousands of them are coming in – that’s four, five grand a week. Four, five thousand a week coming in, these young lads.

    “They are UN soldiers and they will be deployed. They will be deployed. When they feel they’ve got the numbers and they they can justify another lockdown, be that under the guise Climate Change bullsh*t or saying there’s been another ‘variant’, as these people that have been jabbed – when I went to the meeting [inaudible] last September, they said anyone that’s had an active ingredient will have between two and five years to live.

    “There is no cure. Mike Yeadon from Pfizer said that. He said there’s no cure for them. They can have pine needle tea, whatever they want. It won’t work. They’re doomed. That’s why it has to be intravenously introduced. Now, as these people begin dying in incredible numbers, there’s your ‘new variant’. There’s your need for another lockdown.

    “And then, these guys can start manning roadblocks everywhere, policing and they’ll go door-to-door, picking on the ones that are most vocal. So, I suspect that what will happen then is you’ll see these new super prisons be filled and there’ll be outbreaks of COVID among the unvaxxinated in these prisons.

    “Who will even blink – who will even blink – when you’ve got a country, half of whom are dying and sick and they’re told there’s a ‘new variant’ and they’re herding, taking away the danger – the unvaccinated – and there’s outbreaks of COVID in these quarantine centers for the unvaxxinated, nobody’s even going to blink. And that is the plan.”

    The woman filming asks him, “What about our own soldiers?”

    He replies, “They’re posted abroad. They won’t be here. The Black Watch know exactly what’s happening. They’re very fine, I can tell you. But soldiers follow orders and they’re not posted in the UK. They’re in the West of Ukraine, fighting Russia and they’re in Antalya in Turkey. They’re not going to be here.

    “They may well know what’s going on. They’re soldiers. They’ll do as they’re told. They’re not going to be here. They’re not going to be in the UK. It’s going to be these foreign lads and the reason for that, the government knows full well that they can’t trust their own people, because it’s their women and kids they’re targeting.

    “And the other reason it’s being done for is because it was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

    “But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.   

    “So that’s what’s happening. I’ve spoken to two soldiers who’ve told me. I’ve spoken to Anne de FitzRay [?]. She’s an Army Major. She’s got many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing. 

    “But if you say anything: ‘Oh, you’re a racist. You’re a far-right wing extremist. Why would you not want to give these poor souls sanctuary?’

    “Come on! These are young men of adult fighting age with fully-charged smartphones, being trained in Antalya by our own forces! By Black Watch! What can’t people see?

    “And I would suggest these MPs have got a real moral dilemma now. Do they start rallying round and start thinking about saving their own people or do they take advantage of the promised seat on the [inaudible]?”

    The woman then asks, “But then, the MPs will get dumped in, anyway.”

    “Of course they will,” O’Looney replies, “When the last of us is led off, they’ll turn their gaze on these MPs, because they’ll have fulfilled their purpose, to be seen to be practicing ‘democracy’. Useful idiots. And there’ll be no one to fight for them, because the likes of you, me and you will be gone. We’ll be gone. That’s the reality.

    “So, will people wake up? I really don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been trying to do, is trying to gently wake them up to the reality of what’s going on and I’d never realized – I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and it’s very, very depressing and very upsetting.

    “Especially when you feel like you’re walking around on your own, because people just can’t see it. They can’t believe anyone would be that horrible.

    “And I cast my mind back. When you can’t think historically and they tell us that they put these poor Jews in the showers to be deloused prior to being resettled…I wonder how many of those Jews walked into those showers knowing they were going to be killed, not quite believing anyone would be wicked enough to do it?”

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    • For true believers in the Eschatological prophecies of the Almighty, True, and Living God monotheistic set (and our Messiah), whether we’re truly faithful or not is going to be the variable factor on how we’ll be working our way through the progression of these terrible events.

      Much trouble is coming, and even now is upon us.

      It’s a complex issue, Faith in God is, and simplifying it doesn’t seem to allow it the justice it deserves. But, for everyone to find the patience required to read through what this explanation I have taken the time to draft and deliver herein offers, simplifying the concept is the only reasonable way forward. It’s just not reasonable to expect impatient people, i.e., “Mankind” in general, to understand complex issues (whether myself expecting it of my fellow mankind, or them expecting it of themselves) when there’s simple stimulation and satisfaction elsewhere to be found at the push of a button. If you want that, leave now. Otherwise, make some time to achieve real satisfaction, and quietly read on…

      1) “Spirit” – The life-giving aspect that stems from the breath, and where all life of a thing begins. For example, any initial idea for any action (whether briefly or extensively) is first whispered into the imagination. Then, after contemplation there in the imagination, the mental process continues toward a physical execution of the idea’s activity/action. Trace any action back through its progression, its idea always begins with some inspiration;

      2) “Mind” – The creature’s holistic intermediary aspect, residing and operating between the Spirit’s inspiration/expiration role/s, and the Body’s role/s of final execution phase of activities. For example, any inspiration / idea is first elucidated in the mind in order to process it before it finally becomes executed (“Action”); and

      3) “Body” – The finishing aspect, where the idea’s end meets execution through actioning the idea. Simply put, the body is where the experience is all brought to an end, AFTER its idea was initially inspired, processed, and brought to execution. For example, one imagines a righteous idea of donating their time and effort to their neighbour after their neighbour suffers a life-changing event such as their home burns down and they become homeless. Their neighbour has lost everything but the clothes they’re wearing and the $1000 they have saved in the bank. They’re otherwise financially secure, but have pressing obligations to their spouse/children/family/workplace/etc., and need a little charitable support to get back on their feet. So, the loving neighbour gets the truly righteous inspiration to offer their empty guesthouse for a month or two. They imagine how to action the idea, and after some initial mental processing, graciously offer the humbling charity to their needy neighbour without seeming condescending or overtly-virtuous in any pompous way.


      That’s how high inspiration is. It sits high above any lowly execution/action of any ideas that were imagined.

      Anyone truly faithful in the wonderful concept of the human soul and its carriage in the physical human body through the decades of its natural life here on Earth, guided by its mental intermediary (AKA “the psychological mind”), onto the passage through its initial death when its ethereal spirit leaves its physical body (“Giving up the ghost”) and, while the physical body disintegrates for whatever reason (i.e., “Dies” from reaching expiry through extensive aging or from injury/illness), the spirit lives on in whichever world it might gravitate to and the eternity that awaits that soul after resurrection…
      Either an eternal paradise for those who believed on the testimony of the Hebrew Israelite Messiah and ensured their own life was set in accordance with the inherent pre-requisites for citizenship in the Messiah’s kingdom of Heaven (AKA “The Kingdom of Heaven” and “The Kingdom of God”) or of an everlasting torment (AKA “Hell”) for those who didn’t believe on the testimony of the Hebrew Israelite Messiah.

      I can say with confidence, no other belief system I’ve read into, of any spiritual persuasion, offers any such eternity as the God of Israel. The others only speak vaguely of the timelessness of eternity. any such definition is readily found in any published dictionary text of any worth.

      My point is, when we’re truly faithful, it doesn’t matter if the prelude to the Revelation of the end of the age according to the prophecy of Jesus Christ is upon us, or it’s just another stage of human evolution toward an eventual extinction and end we brought upon ourselves (no matter how highly unlikely that might be). When we’re truly faithful, we don’t get all hot and bothered like the hypocrite speaking in this video footage is. They don’t even realise it… But, they’re not showing any faith in the God they hope to serve. I hope they realise that mankind collectively, while we have a duty to one another and to our planet as a whole, we don’t have to save the planet or each other. We have a duty to our own souls to learn and grow toward the light that prophecy shines on us for free. Once we realise that this material world fades (whether from some future global cataclysm or our own individual demise), all we take with us into the next world is our soul and the memories of the life our spirit made while it was here on Earth. And this is what we should focus on as we mature.

      Anyone truly faithful in God will seem crazy to the fearful and godless when we see it as all joy and comfort that these evil people in control of the evil world and its domineering, egotistical, and pathological systems of economy, and politics, etc. are doing exactly what the prophecies proclaimed they’d be doing, and attempting to passively and subtly force their agenda very sneakily on us the way they always do.

      We should take comfort in the faith and hope we have in our Messiah. For the world we’re watching fall apart was never designed or built to last, and was always just a “Middle ground” for sprouting souls and bringing them to harvest.

    • I do recall that since at least the 2003 Iraq invasion that the US military offered foreign fighters of any stripe US citizenship for ‘x’ years service.
      The exposures at the time were that no draft forced that move AND various reports commented that the offers were often to trained School of the Americas special ops mercs, particularly out of the ruthless dictatorships of Central and South America, aka, enforcers using terror, torture and inchoate slaughter of paisanos.
      One can only speculate how many were seeded and then there’s the flood of who knows who in the Biden border fiasco.
      WETHEPEOPLE…’right and duty’

    • Sure, why not?
      It happened during bombing of middle east as MOSSAD, ISIS agents being transported.
      While just a few parts of evil history being spoken concerning nazi, do not forget that almost any religion today is infiltrated, and mass murdering being executed at many places.
      What did Russian soldiers do after taking over Germany? I’ve heard of many evil stories too.
      How many people died just because of one or a few clown? Alexander the Great, Roman Empire, Napoleon, dictators from CCP, CCCP, N. Korea, and not to forget about our own bombings and supports for bombing many other places, plus dropping of nukes and the list goes on forever.
      Speaking of Jew dictators from Israel today (however, not talking about common Jewish people), what are they doing to Palestine right now, and why are we send Israel even 1 cent for doing its terror work when they’re already supposedly rich from their own bankers?

      • Wake up.
        Fact: God’s Word [the Bible] is the only truth, and it’s very clear that the spirit of anti-Christ will grow during the end times [today] and this is the only explanation why the world loves evil and hates good.

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