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    by Greg Hunter’s

    Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said just before the 2022 midterm elections that voter fraud and cheating will set up a very troubling 2023.  Armstrong is predicting “a major turning point in January of 2023.”  Armstrong explains, “The computer (Socrates program) is showing that January is going to be the major turning point for the entire year of 2023. . . . The currencies are rallying against the dollar, and that should go into early January and then after that, this thing looks like death warmed over.  Perhaps it is the insanity of handing Patriot missiles over to Ukraine.  I know Ukraine very well, and I am telling you they will use them offensively and not defensively.  They will use them to attack Russia.  Their whole objective is to expand the war.”

    Armstrong says Biden Administration economy killing policies will, “. . .only increase inflation, and this is an endless nightmare.  In all honesty, I hope the Republicans move to impeach Biden.  I am not even sure Biden is aware of all the things taking place.  It is the people behind him that are doing this.  They are the ones writing these agendas, and they are a bunch of climate zealots, and they have no idea what they are doing. . . . This is getting to be insane, and I think you are going to see that January is going to be a very, very big turning point . . . with the Republicans in the House, they will probably start impeachment proceedings and a lot more investigations.”

    Armstrong thinks, “The U.S. dollar will be going up . . . Gold and all other tangible assets will also go up in value” right along with “interest rates and inflation going up” too.

    On the political front, Armstrong says keep your eyes on Arizona and the 2022 midterm election lawsuits going on now.  Armstrong contends if widespread cheating is proven, “Basically, if it is exposed in one state, then people are going to assume election cheating is all over.  It will be like a contagion or like the flu.  If it’s in one place, everybody is going to get it.  This is simply the way it is.  There is no election that is never rigged.  The question is if the rigging is good enough to actually change the outcome.”

    With the possibility of a wider Ukraine war, world wide social unrest, extreme inflation and election fraud in 2022, how is America going to fare?  Armstrong says, “Our computers say nobody will believe the elections.  This is what our computers show.  We are moving into total political chaos.  This is the fall of the United States.  Our Republican form of government does not work.  It is too susceptible to bribery. . . . I would like the tree to fall in the right direction and we have a real actual democracy.  We don’t live in democracies.  That’s all propaganda.  A democracy would be if we decide to go to war in Russia and Ukraine and not somebody in Biden’s Administration.  The people never go for war, it’s always the leaders that go for war.”

    There is much more in this in-depth 1-hour and 2-minute interview.

    Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the new book “The Plot to Seize Russia,” for 12.17.22.

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    • This was quite an enlightening interview with Martin Armstrong. There is much information that we need assimilate, which was brought out by Mr. Armstrong in the short discussion above.

    • Suppose that when you went to get your ballot, you selected a four-digit number off a screen. Anonymous, nobody but you knows what it is. When you click the mouse on the selection and hit enter, out comes your unique ballot with your unique ID number. After you fill in the graphite bubbles and feed it into the voting machine, out comes your xerox copy on counterfeit-proof paper.

      Now you can go to any computer and google your precinct. Anonymously scroll to the vicinity of your voter ID number, and even if somebody peers over your shoulder they don’t know which of the several tabulations on the screen you are examining. Now you can tell whether your vote was counted accurately. Now you can expose any cheating.

      Some whine that this technique would help bribery and blackmail. Nonsense, because a third of all voting is already done absentee and subject to third party bribers or blackmailers. If this anonymous number method of letting people inspect their votes were thus criticized, it would justify shutting down absentee voting.

      We already get receipts for a minor purchase at Wal-Mart or McDonald’s. Pay cash, and you can an anonymous receipt with individual anonymous unique control numbers. If you vote for numbers at the lottery, you get an anonymous receipt with individual anonymous unique control numbers, and only you have proof you won the million dollars. You can keep it secret or disclose it, at your option. You can keep your ballot xerox and ballot report on the screen secret, or report it under your control and only if and when you desire.

      We the People control our financial receipts, and as citizens we should be able to control how our vote is counted and rectify things if it is not counted accurately. This technology is already used hundreds of millions of times a day for commercial receipts and lottery tickets, so there is no reason why it can’t be done for voting once every two to four years. Computers can make things easy, verifiable, and accomplished inexpensively. I wouldn’t want to leave a deposit in the bank without a receipt to keep the bank honest, and I don’t need to leave a deposit in the ballot box if I don’t get a receipt to force election crooks to be honest. Crooks are the only ones who are afraid of being inspected rather than being held accountable. With the right software, anybody could google the entire county or state and make sure the media-reported totals are accurate, or not. Crooks beware.

    • Talking heads, both sides in this asylum, constantly assert, whine and complain at the media as if the media have volition or even the ability to report anything of a raised eyebrow.

      Please refrain from that sort of credibility pass, as if _anything_ they say is something more than a sieve holding their bubbly.
      These people have mesmerized zombie demeanor in their actions against WETHEPEOPLE.
      It is now in our faces, $31 TRILLION melted with the willy-nilly of an inebriated moose on ice, overtly stolen elections, courts making partisan life wrecking decisions, starve energy needs by turning off the energy feed, pay for a Foulci to spend 3 years lying about a 99.7% recovery flu, $100 billion/one thousand millions to whowherewtf?, allowing loon protests burning cities, pressing for a NUCLEAR conflagration,

      `whew, outa breath and barely started…America in peril by our own reliance on ‘daddy’, a worship of celebrity of any made up stripe, and 70+ million psychotropic prescriptions…induced somnambulance…and they locked U.S. down with an effin’ cell phone.

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