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In the first session, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and his wife, Dr Karina Reiss reported about new findings concerning the effects of the mRNA vaccine technologies, which are according to the other side’s plan – Mr Global’s plan – supposed to be used for all so-called vaccines, including for example: measles, the flu, etc.

They do not only cause physical damages but they also damage the small capillaries in the brain, override the blood-brain barrier and leads to massive personality changes.

Literally, breaking the will of some of those receiving the shots.

Author and journalist, Dr Naomi Wolf explains what this looks like in real life and psychiatrist, Dr Peter Breggin explain how there are disturbing parallels to the effects of a lobotomy, which most people only know from the movie, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and which is beyond any doubt, one of the most brutal, yes savage crimes against humanity ever committed.

This session is not necessarily fun to watch, but it is very important for all of us to know and understand what this mRNA injection is doing to those who get the shots.

Only then will we be able to understand why so many people who received these shots, simply cannot be reached by us anymore.

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  • Back in the mid 2000’s there was a link to a military academy lecture talking about creating a ‘god particle’ drug that would eliminate religious zealotry. Aimed at those C-4 wrapped Muslim young people being promoted at the time.
    Looks like they found it and have passed out hundreds of millions of applied jabs of some crazy juice.
    I suggest that people go to the CDC site and down load the pdf of the ingredients list of all 200+ FDA approved vaccines…lol, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, aluminum, monkey kidney tissue, thymerosal/mercury and the list is petrifying.

  • A friend of mine was forced to take the jab or not be able to fly.

    He has neither been well, nor the same person ever since.

    He was strong as an ox and a stalwart Christian before he got the shot. Now, I don’t know who he is anymore.

  • Generally, I agree with what they are saying, except that I don’t go along with virology anymore as it seems to me it brings more confusion than solution.
    Theoretically (no need to be a doctor or scientist), the thing (whether mRNA OR graphene nano particles), as being so small, it should have high risk of passing through cells and brain barrier, and cause damages that there is absolutely no good reasons in taking any of the shots at any age group.
    And yes, you name it, NAZI, Zionist jew, British Crown, Freemasons, Jesuits, Cultists, Paganism, Reptilians, Ashtar command, Galactic Federations….. whatever and so and so, I bet they all take different role for One agenda – Enslavement of free soul.

    • Right. And add Blackrock, Vanguard, White hats, Black hats, XYZ Anon, in to the name list and take extra caution with any of big techs (including with Musk being possible controlled opp too), all puppets (either from right, left and others) from politics
      And of course, assuming everybody knows about RottenChild, RockHeads, Zoros and other familiar Luciferian names.
      Apparently, there is no so called “white hats” or some sort of savior being to save us, other than that we have to become one by own work.
      From what I’ve heard, David Martin is also working on helping awakening senses, which I believe is a right path.

      • In other words, listen to everyone, but don’t trust anyone easily. Thoroughly vet people, trust your gut and even then be very careful. Sadly that is the world we live in.


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