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    Ten years ago, Aaron Hawkins of StormCloudsGathering was a wildly successful YouTuber, paid lots of money from Google ads for his gripping geopolitical commentary. I featured dozens of his videos on this site, including ‘The Road to World War Three’, which received 3.8 million views.

    In 2015, Hawkins’ channel was hit by Big Tech’s first wave of demonetizations and he was effectively put out of business. Other sites similarly affected during this early period of online censorship included WeAreChange and ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.

    Having created numerous videos about impending global chaos, Aaron moved with his young family to the Caribbean island nation of Dominica to build a self-reliant sustainable community. He soon found himself in the middle of a very vivid rehearsal for the global chaos that he’d been predicting, when Dominica took a direct hit from Hurricane Maria’s 195 mph winds and the infrastructure, the trees and virtually everything there was completely destroyed.

    He stopped posting regularly due to this emergency and to the lack of financial incentive.

    StormCloudsGathering is now back with this video about the October 15 date to globally implement forced vaccination and vaccine passports.

    He says, “October 15, 2021 was the date chosen to mark the dawn of the new Iron Curtain. All around the world, the political, corporate and religious elites synchronized enforcement of employment mandates and health passport systems under the guise of public health.

    “It didn’t matter that the official rationale for these measures had been thoroughly debunked. It didn’t matter that the risk benefit calculations for children were nonsensical. It didn’t matter that the strikes and protests against the mandates were intensified and were already revealing cracks in the system. Elites would push forward, because they were committed now and this would be their undoing.”

    He cuts to an interview on the street during the September 8th, 2021 Veterans’ Freedom Rally in London with Anna de Buisseret, a retired Officer of the British Army, with 26 years as a litigator, who also happened to work for two years as a management consultant at Pfizer.

    She assures us that “more lawyers than the public realize” are working behind-the-scenes on cases and she warns that those in positions of responsibility will be held accountable in a second Nuremburg Trial:

    “Anybody in any profession who knows what’s going on and is staying silent, unfortunately, the Military Tribunal’s International Case Law goes against them, so they need to read those, look at what they’re doing and admitting to do and work out which side of the law they want to stand on, because that legal position has already been analyzed in the past by our ancestors, bless their hearts and the law is already there.

    “So anybody who’s not standing up, who’s not actively stopping harm from happening to all of us is not complying with the law.”

    Aaron then asks us:

    “So how do we get to Nuremberg 2.0? How do we get from Point A, medical apartheid and coerced experimentation, to Point B, justice with teeth? The short answer is war.

    “The elites have declared it on their own people. They marked it symbolically by choosing October 15th. Sacrifice the October Horse [Equus October].

    “In Roman times, this was an offering to Mars, the God of War. In this context, the translation is very simple. They are starting this war on purpose and they intend to use it to their advantage.

    “But in their arrogance, they have committed many grievous errors. Their invocations are corrupt and profane. They have transgressed Common Law, International Law and Spiritual Law. The forces they have awakened cannot be bent to their will. They will reap no benefit by invoking the Red Horse, nor will the Black Horse ride down the path they have planned.

    “The scales do not find in their favor. They will get their war, a real war with all of its horrors. They will also get their famine to accompany their plague. They’ll even enjoy a brief moment, when it seems as though they’ve won.

    “But they will not like what comes next, even as the final cards of their tower were put into place, the wind was already beginning to stir, errors were compounding, the timeline was becoming less and less realistic and even the trick up their sleeve would go terribly wrong.

    “Rather than gain power, they would lose everything. They would run and find no refuge. The tribunals would be decisive. The executions public and brutal. Their names and crimes will live in infamy for generations.

    “You will hear of civil wars that cross borders in unexpected ways. You will hear of monuments and strongholds toppled and burned. Even the evil that hides within the Church will be given no quarter.

    “This is how their story ends and a new era begins.”

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    • You individually can stop this immediately. Unplug from those that are hurting you.
      Know who you are doing business with.
      Don’t shop there. Don’t use their cards. Stop handing over your responsibilities to strangers. You raise your children. You work with your hands. Labour is hard. Don’t go into debt. If you can’t pay cash, adjust. We created this prison as a whole society. We walked away from wisdom to have what was not ours to take. Humble your life. Live in love with your Creator. Listen to who His council. This is not your home. You are eternally blessed, or eternally damned. We are all standing alone, together. When you stand firm in Truth, it will make you free. You can push the red button and end this today, but the majority are cowards. I have not complied with any of this craziness, but I also stand in Truth and it has protected me and kept me. I have my job, I shop at like minded stores and am unplugging from the wicked that have deceived me with their lies. And all along, I stay close to my Creator. . . And He is faithful in all things.
      Take a leap of faith and know that He is your Creator and loves you.

    • Sadness lies heavy upon my heart and mind. Sadness that mankind has to suffer yet again another world holocaust. But this one has been many centuries in its making.
      Evil travels the halls of time and biblical scriptures whereupon now our great chastisement is upon the face of the Earth. We shall struggle and be judged and many will depart this Earth to a better realm.
      Let not your hearts be heavy with fear for the Devil and his dominion will be forever cast down, his reign no longer upon the face of the Earth over those who love God.

      • Yes Fred, It is sad that mankind suffers again, while never acknowledging the real genocide the last century, namely the Holodomor starvation against the Ukraine people, & the Gulags/Bolshevik against the Russians, and lets not forget the genocide of the Germans between 1938-1947.

    • There will be no resolution of earthly kingdoms. Times are getting bad and will get worse, but God will very soon come and put an end to it, and take those who are faithful to His Gospel to Heaven. Chaos ended.

    • Time for them to be eradicated
      All of them
      Some Nazis came here
      Sorry Soros , Gates Children. Your silence is guilt.

    • If you allow someone else to make your laws and run your affairs, then you deserve what they do to you. And if you think that one of your elected heroes will save you, you really are a stupid moron. Your elected heroes did this to us. And if you ever get the best of these elites again, they must ALL be put to the sword. I don’t mean hang some and just lock the others up. Don’t waste your resources guarding them and feeding them. But I don’t believe you will win again. They are on the move and they are going to wipe us all out. I say you, not we. Because I ain’t with you a holes . You weren’t with me when they locked me up. And they’re putting children and others in chains and cages and eating our children. Torturing them to get the adrenaline laced blood to drink and run into their veins. And you don’t see because it’s NFL weekend and the game is on. Who cares, Opra is on the television so don’t bother me with any of that. You abort and kill your children so they can be used in Satanical rituals. And you wicked bastards think that God, is on your side. Over a hundred years ago, the late John D Rockefeller, said, “…never underestimate the stupidity of man”. My patience with you morons has run out. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • I am an old man and only have the strength to observe and not to fight like I did in Vietnam. I can only hope that younger people wake up and start killing the people pushing the vax. There are too many of them for any other method to work.

      • I am old also and physically infirm, but with age comes wisdom and experience. There are other ways we can fight. The pen is mightier than the sword, and we can keep their wrongdoings in the spotlight and show the sheeple an example by the way we act in our day to day lives. Most importantly, we can sow doubt and fear in the minds of all those are complicit, and this will help hasten their downfall.

    • So be it! Let’s get on with it, justice delayed is justice denied!
      For far to long justice has been neglected, twisted and perverted to serve the so called elite, weaponized to assault the common man, the patriot.
      Justice must be served, posthaste, with extreme prejudice!

    • Wow, very powerful, very moving.
      Continue to be a lion, continue to put out information through this platform.

    • I want the criminals arrested now!
      How long do the innocents have to be suffered?
      We all need to pray, pray to the real God, not in church, not in crowd but in ourselves

      • Such is our charge, our duty, as clearly our time is now!
        There is no hero to ride in on a white horse, we are the heroes we have been waiting for, there are no others!
        “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

    • This great harvest of energy from the misery , suffering and negativity from all of creation is but one last orgy for the beast . The power it derives from us in our weakness gives it the strength
      to continue this spiritual war . To fight against it you must stop feeding it everyone can help. Declare your love for GOD and his creation but also defend yourself and the innocent ask for his help it will come.

    • Very evocative… I hope, though, that there is no famine and war. I hope and pray that the risk/benefit will prevail and children will not be mandated vaccines. All of that!!! Maybe instead there will be a masque of the red death/not the red horse. In the short story “The Masque of the Red Death,” the elite gather for their ball all wearing masques. The masque is the vaccine here, though, because it masks the symtoms until catastrophic illness happens. So, the elite are wearing their illness masks and they feel safe from those dying outside their castle walls. One man comes in wearing the masque showing the plague, and then they realize it is not a masque. The inside is no safer than the outside. They wake up to their reality. Rather than face justice they retreat..just in time, too. The red horse may be out of the barn but he will hopefully not be sacrificed to Mars.

    • The culprits involved in the Covid-19 conspiracy are not Nazis, they are the heirs and descendents of those who prosecuted the Nuremberg trials. It’s especially disgusting and ironic that our leaders sat there allowing the Soviets to cast judgement and condemnation on the defendants when they themselves should have been the ones on trial above all. The fact that we allied with the Soviet Union says a lot about the leanings of our own regime. They have since conditioned the general public not to focus on Commies too much, but instead irrationally obsess about those thoroughly extinguished Nazis of 76 years ago when they should be more concerned about Communists who have been in power before and well after the Nazi defeat. The currently ascending world super power is Communist. Don’t ever forget that.

      • American government scooped up the Nazi and Japanese scientists who created the evils during WWII and gave them security and sanctuary in the U.S. to work for our government!!! These are facts

        • NAV, Your response to Chris Young is typical of an uneducated person. Real history is not made by Hollywood films & Rockefeller publishing Co. or fiction reads such as Ann Frank diaries, that has been proven to be a fraud due to the ink that was used never existed in the 1940’s.

          • Real lies and brainwashing are caused by the evil corrupt who control Hollywood films and TV “programming”.

        • And who controls the American G? Evil psychotic killer families whose extinguishment by whatever means necessary as soon as possible will bring a much desired New Dawn of Spirituality and peace for humanity!

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