Amazing Polly has made this excellent video, pulling from other videos by the Off Guardian and by Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Lee Merritt about how the medical journals and increasingly, the medical schools have become co-opted by the big pharmaceutical companies, the latter of which are clearly being run by sociopaths.

This aligns with what I was told by Russian émigré doctors, who saw truth being edited out of the Western medical textbooks in the decades following their escape from the Soviet Union. In particular, they saw how education about chronic immune conditions, such as allergies was suppressed, as if to prevent cures.

In short, this latest generation of doctors is grossly misled. As Dr Lee Merritt says, “We have people who think they get truth from authority, instead of authority from truth.”

It’s become clear that many, if not all of our institutions have become similarly corrupted, in a process described by Andrzej Lobaczewski in his essential book, ‘Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes’, which is a study of how the psychopathy of individual political leaders has been scaled-up to form oppressive political regimes. I was glad to see Polly mention it, because I bought and read this book moment it was published by my friends over at the Red Pill Press in 2007.


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  • @ John:
    If you didn’t know that the Great Depression was going on in 1933; I think that you’re the one asleep. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs lifted millions of poor Americans out of poverty and ended the Great Depression. In WW2, the USA, Britain, France and 21 countries allied with the Soviet Union because that’s what it took to defeat Nazi Germany. That didn’t mean that the USA and Britain were Communist. Even then, Hitler’s military killed between 26 to 28 million Soviets. And the Cold War that was run by Nazis and lasted 45 years was stupid, counterproductive , and made enemies for the USA all over the World. And in 1962 it almost blew up the entire World with a nuclear stockpile equal to 10 tons of TNT for every man, woman, and child on the planet Earth.
    But my primary subject was fixing human overpopulation; but I see you’re not interested in that. Anyway, vaccines will be a horrible way to die.

    • Roger, If you do not understand that the (not) so ‘Great Depression’ was planned by the Bankers to confiscate Farm Land & our Personal Gold, to save the newly failing ‘Federal Reserve’ then you are not looking at what hurts. 21 countries, as you pointed out, to defeat Germany is a most devastating act performed on the Genocide of a great Race. If you are siding with the Genocide of not only Germans, but the Russians as well were being Genocide by Joseph Stalin, while Franklin Roosevelt not only turned a blind eye to but supplied the Soviets material means to do so. So yes that makes him a Communist! These would be the 26-28 million Soviets you are trying to pin on Adolf Hitler. Hence ‘The Red Terror’ & ‘The Gulags.’ What ended the great depression was War! & The Looting of Germany! & It’s never ended because The United States still occupies Germany 76 years now. Did the world get any better defeating the Germans.

    • Oh dear, Roger, that’s the biggest lie of them all. You have realized the gov’t lies to you, but you can’t get over the WW2 hoax.

      Stalin, the Jew, killed the Russians. Same Jews bringing THEIR communism here.

      Listen to Barbara Spector on video state the Jews are behind all this immigration. You only need their own words for they are quite proud of their destruction.

  • Hey, you’re from Ontario as i am! I’d love to connect with you in a live broadcast. Do you have them at all.

  • This is very interesting, thanks. I really like Dr. Lee Meritt, she knows what she’s talking about.

    There’s a doctor who dedicated his life to warn us about exactly that, I find hem extremely interesting. His name is Dr. John Ioannidis, he is Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and Director of Stanford Prevention Research Center.

    • OK. I cannot get the code to embed on this site, so I upload it to my Rumble account with full attribution. I’ve left the ads on in the back, because I figure it’s the least I can do, for the free content and because people are free to quit out when the ads begin at the end.

      But if it’s that big of a deal, I can throw the download into an editor and lop the ads off.

  • The wining and dining has decreased drastically as it is not allowed anywhere near as much as it used to be.

  • Bad Company’s Make Bad, Bad Medicine! Control, and profit is the objective. And they can’t be sued. Talk about getting away with murder…

  • Dear Amazing Polly:
    Your video exposing corrupt medical science journals was great and I wanted to add some extra information. When Robert Maxwell was buying up medical journals in 1945; he was only continuing what John D. Rockefeller did in 1913 after the Flexner Report. Rockefeller not only bought up medical journals, but entire medical universities in order to train doctors to push drugs from Rockefeller drug companies. What’s incredible is that this type of medical system was allowed to stand for 108 years: that is, to this very day ! What I ask is: where was the government of the USA for this whole entire time ?? Our govt. must have been brain dead to allow this to happen.
    The big event at the end of World War 2 was Operation Paperclip which brought lots of Nazi scientists and doctors into the USA; greatly adding to the problem of medical corruption. The death of Franklin D. Roosevelt in April, 1945, the greatest president of the 20th century; was followed by one of the worst presidents: Harry Truman, who took us into 45 years of the Cold War. And Roosevelt’s death led to a virtual Nazi takeover of the govt. of the USA. , through the creation of the CIA; which ran both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. It’s well told in this other Off Guardian article. :

    I hate the Great Reset, promoted by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, as much as you do; however, there is some missing information that I notice that everyone leaves out. Mike Adams of Natural News reprinted an article from the Associated Press on the front page of major newspapers on November 25, 1969. One day earlier, a very important meeting of UNESCO
    ( United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization ) was held in San Francisco, California. At that meeting were: Dr. Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University ( author of ” The Population Bomb ) , Dr. Lee Dubridge, President Nixon’s Science Advisor, and Dr. Barry Commoner . They talked to an audience of 500 Conservationists ( later called environmentalists ) about the problem of World Wide Human Overpopulation. After carefully reading the article; I noticed that NOBODY was talking about killing anyone to achieve the goal of depopulation. The doctors talked about the possibility of ” putting a sterilant into the food or water supplies ” of countries that would not go along with birth control. Yes, population control is a sacrifice that the modern world must make; but the proposal that was made that day as well as the expansion of birth control usage; promoted by the Rockefeller Foundation would have been a far smaller sacrifice than what we face now ! You know Polly, that what we face now is mass death.
    This UNESCO meeting, the meeting that could have saved the World; had enough people supported the cause; started off a human population control movement that was short lived : it died in the early 1970s. Why ? Because all population control efforts were stopped by the Roman Catholic Church. And that’s what one of the Rockefellers told President Nixon. See . And what was to be gained by having an even greater human overpopulation ? Absolutely nothing ! And now we are in this mess today. The ” Great Reset ” , promoted by Klaus Schwab is evil; but the root of this evil is the Roman Catholic Church. We would have a paradise today if the population control movement of the early 1970s had succeeded. At the time of the meeting in 1969; Global Warming didn’t even exist.

    yours truly,
    Roger Fuller

    • Dear Roger, If you feel Franklin Roosevelt was the greatest president you are truly asleep. He sided with the Communist USSR through ‘Lend Lease’ program & initiated WW2 with Communist Winston Churchill & Joseph Stalin. It is all documented that not only the U.S. Air Force & Navy provoked Japan to bombed Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt made sure there was no warning cries to the base in Hawaii. So Roger, give up your “Nazi” battle cries its the Communist Bolshevik that occupies your government.

      • Yes, FDR was surrounded by communists in his administration and he did help Stalin a lot, in fact it is him who secretly pushed Poland, Britain and France into war against Germany. In 1939 before the war 97% of citizens were against going to war in Europe so he provoked Japan by cutting oil, steel and other materials necessary for them so they finally attacked. What he really wanted is to go after Germany so he constantly attacked German ships and submarines but Hitler refused to declare war so FDR turned to Japan, he knew that if Japan was at war with the US Hitler would have to declare war because he was allied with Japan.

        All this can be found in the “Polish Secret Documents’ and in Herbert Hoover’s book “Freedom Betrayed”

    • Actually Roger we do not have a “Paradise” because we shamefully Genocide our own population in the last century. WW1 & WW2 should have never been fought, we in turn should have worked with the “Nazi’s” to save Russia. This ugly world we live in is the result of us willingly killing The Best of Our Race! Over 100 Million Aryan/White Europeans are missing off the Face of this Earth & never here to Procreate those beautiful genes. Europe would have still been Europe, Russia wouldn’t have undertaken 70 years of Bolsheviks Communism & The United States would still be ‘America The Beautiful.’

  • Good to see my sweet Polly, I miss her on YouTube and forget to hit her website all the time but usually catch up when I do go there.

  • Read: The Virus And The Vaccine by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher. Vaccines have always been a bioweapon! They knowingly gave us SV40 (Simian Monkey Virus) which has been proven to cause, all by itself, cancer in humans. This is the epidemic we are experiencing and from what research I have done, the government has allowed contaminated vaccines to continue. If the people knew this information, things would change. NIH, NCI and U.S. Public Health Svcs are complicit. The scientists and virologists are shut down if they speak the truth. Maurice Hilleman laughed with his cohorts about the fact that the vaccines were contaminated with HIV from the monkey viruses. All Herpes is from this monkey mess.

  • Mahalo nui loa for yur amazing works Polly.
    Yu are a courageous warrior 💪 . I would lv ta see otha warrior’s who have their own platform’s interview yu. Power in numbers yo!! Check out Mel K , Micheal Jaco, Scott McKay, Laura Eisenhower, David, Rodrigues ,on Rumble tv, bitchute, . Most have been taken down on YouTube. There are many more I’d lv ta see ya on . Guidance an protection Sista

    • Thee “Laura Eisenhower” famous for (not so great) great grandfather, whom is responsible for the Genocide (estimates) of 2 Million Surrendered German Soldiers. Hence the name “Eisenhower Death Camps”


    9/11: The Ultimate Truth

    Jadczyk, Laura and Quinn, Joe
    Original publication date: 2006
    Original publisher: Red Pill Press
    Publication status: Sample of copyright registered work

    This book is about the nature of evil and why psychopathic personalities almost inevitably take control of bureaucracies and governments. Much of this book is “way out there.” Jadczyk’s statements about Jews may likely be seen as anti-semitic by those who are touchy about the subject, so be warned if that is yourself. The reason this chapter is in the Soil and Health Library is that Jadczyk does an excellent job presenting the core discoveries from the seminal study of evil, Political Ponerology, by Andrew Lobaczewski. The book is in print and may be purchased online from the publisher, Red Pill Press. Because of that only one chapter may be copied for purposes of study. Fortunately, much of the most valuable information in Jadczyk’s book is found in a single chapter “Out Of The Labrynth.”

    • My intelligent neighbor believes Bill Gates is a fine man and thinks he does great things for humanity at his financial detriment,it’s absurd and he’s not stupid so where is the hope😖

      • so do I….only quite recently discovered this platform…intelligent info. and no fear mongering thank goodness

        Thanks for info Kathleen!

      • Why is a Canadian so interested in the US? Is she telling any Canadians what do to? Is she doing anything herself? She’s a shill. Never mentions the Jews & has a full staff & takes donations. Get a read job Polly, gatekeeping isn’t legit.


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