‘Absolute Interference’ is the sequel to ‘Absolute Proof’, with new evidence of how foreign and domestic enemies hacked the 2020 Election, in the largest cybertheft in history, produced by Mike Lindell, Brannon House and Mary Fanning.

Censorship has prevented the truth of what happened on November 3rd from being communicated widely to the world. Mike Lindell believes that once all Americans know the truth of what happened, it will have a uniting effect and that it will trigger a revival of love of country.


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  • Domestic terrorists are killing society not foreign as people start to wake up the domestic terrorists construct news stories like this to divert blame so as to protect themselves waste of my time listening to this crap wake the fuck up you keep the population busy with this crap LISTEN VERY CLOSELY WHEN SOMEONE IS BLAMING YOU ….THEY WILL ULTIMATELY TELL YOU WHO THEY ARE

  • Mike,..we like you..you are a good guy..however in this presentation here is a suggestion:
    YOU TALK TOO MUCH…please allow the computer scientist talk…you, Mike talk too fast and hence presentation becomes too confusing…stay focused…please stay on point..you are turning pages and throwing out buzz words…hopefully you will see this a s constructive criticism.

    I realize this work is time consuming and expensive…and your money is well appreciated …I recommend you view your presentation and see yourself…you talk way too much..perhaps you should hire a director and use a professional instructor that educates your audience.
    Thanks..// Bob

  • Anyone who is awake and has a smattering of intelligence and honesty cannot fail to be persuaded by the facts of the election fraud. Mike lays it out vividly, as he has done in his first video. The election fraud issue is exactly the same for me as was 9/11. In both cases I knew within 24 hours that the Dark Side had attacked the US from within. Ever since, I am watching sleeping people snoring away, having taken the Government’s blue pills.

  • Mike has to stop interrupting his guests; especially when the guest is about to make his point.

  • Mike you do realize the Supreme Court is corrupt !!!!!! X Thomas and ALITO they all are bought and paid for .. Coney Barrett just got a $ 2 million book deal -sure ?! Payment for being silent when Texas sued .

    • Also, that court is composed of 5 Catholics (one claims not to be, although he was raised as one) and 3 Jews. That is not a very representative court when you take into account that the U.S. is 50% Christian Protestant.


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