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In this excerpt of an interview with Greg Hunter, Catherine Austin Fitts gives Donald Trump no excuses, with regard to Operation Warp Speed.

She says:

“You had the President roll out something that, in March 2020, I was sure was going to harm and kill millions of Americans and he either has two reasons for doing it: He’s incompetant or he is breaking the law. Which do you want?

“I wasn’t there, I can’t say. But I know what I would do and I know what I hold him responsible to know and I know what he did. And I know what I would have done…I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Remember the daily briefings? And who aired them, the MSM? The MSM, which is controlled by the Cabal? Is that what all the flagrant misrepresentations are based on?

    There is, in fact, an unaired segment still available online, in which PDJT BEGGED people to instead use Ivermectin and HCQ, and to avoid Remdesivir and ventilators. BEGGED.

    If CAF is among the misinformed, so be it. There is still a widespread and concerted effort to separate PDJT from his supporters, and no lie or misdirection is off limits.

  • Obviously you’ve not been watching intel since 2013 like many of us had and knew that Trump pushed UP their 2024 vac kill date to FORCE PLACEBOS into circulation and keep death count down as they eliminated 10,000 shots tunnels and every evil group like Illuminati and 13 bloodline families and Khazarian and MORE, all done already, evil who would have killed millions as they RESCUED MILLIONS (over 1.5 million kids in australias 5 level tunnel for instance that went Ayers Rock, bombing 6am to 6 on for more than a month!). It’s a difficult choice to let some day to save multitudes like the constant floods since the fake inauguration worldwide in closing those tunnels. Over 8 million children disappeared each year worldwide, 340,000 of them US kids and nobody said anything! YOUR RESEARCH SUCKS! Ask a military guy what operation warp speed is!!!

  • Mr. Trump knew that it would take at lweast 10 years to test and approve the vacine, which we all pretty well have known because we have heard that over the years, The fact that it was planned to keep us all under lockdown until such time to the completion of tests, therefore caused by making available $10 billion dollars for the warp speed research destroyed the attempt to maintain the lockdowns and thus we were able to learn the real reason for the whole PLANDEMIC. He had also spock about hydroxycloriquin as a help to combat the virus.

  • Trump told the masses “It’s no worse than the flu and to take Hydroxychloroquine” DID HE NOT? YES HE DID. So all you babbling idiots whining about Trump killed off millions, NO he did not, YOUR OWN STUPIDITY DID

  • Can’t believe how ignorant a lot of the posters are here on this board. All Presidents are blackmailed and if they go against the cabal they end up like JFK.

      • I don’t know if he’s blackmailed, because it surely would have come out, with this incessant “Get Trump” that we’ve witnessed over the past 8 years, don’t you think?

        If his children and family were threatened, he may have opted to protect them, instead of screaming from the rooftops about the dangers of the vaxx – which might also have become grounds for the Satanic Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment against him.

        Trump did not mandate the Death Shot. Trump did not force businesses to force their employees to take the Death Shot. The genocidal communists of the Biden Regime did.

        • The best way to protect against threats of that sort is not to buckle or cower but make them as public as possible and notify law enforcement. I know. I had my life threatened once. I immediately called the cops. The threats were recorded. The detective intervened. Threats stopped immediately. Game over.

          True, Trump did not mandate but, unbelievably, he’s still cheerleading. Just recently doubling down on his lies by tweeting “The Vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat Cancer.” You want someone that arrogantly stupid as president? 1) The gene therapy did not at all ‘save us from covid.’ 2) I personally know some people dead from his Warped Speed Turbo Cancer. Sure didn’t beat their cancer. It gave it to them, diagnosed and done in about 4 months.

          • I understand and appreciate your point. Trump’s continued positive stance on the Death Shot is a source of massive cognitive dissonance for his supporters.

            Unlike you, Trump did not have law enforcement on his side. The FBI was/is NOT his friend. You know this, right? He had virtually no one in the US Government (certainly, not within the 4th Unelected branch of SES bureaucrats) and he had the entire military-industrial media complex (the CIA) twisting his every word and demonizing him.

            Remember, what they did to him over the positive things he said about hydroxychoroquine, ivermectin and UV light therapy? They made him look like a complete lunatic – and this was because they were trying to invoke the 25th Amendment against him at that time. Mike Pence almost did it!

            The strategy that you successfully used would never, EVER have worked in his case. You know this.

            This genocidal plan preceded Trump’s presidency by at least five decades. Millions were involved in this conspiracy. There was a lot for him to overcome while also trying to win the 2020 Election.

            He had to toe the line and appear “sane” to stay in the race and presumably, he needed to keep his family and himself alive. The latter may be the factor that keeps him dissembling on the topic to this day, much to the consternation of many of his supporters.

            It is, frankly very disturbing.

          • “Not buckle or cower but make them as public as possible and notify law enforcement.”

            Seriously? Notify law enforcement? Stop and really think what you just said. Dang I swear.

  • Fitts has had the deep state after her since she was in the Bush administration and was investigating all the stolen funds from HUD and the DOD. She’s probably blackmailed know to spew Trump hate

  • The Gabriels at don’t like Fitts because she was SES, and won’t call out the Ashekenazis (they call them Radhanites) & bankers—if she did they COULD kill her, she worked in high places once. She says she’d take a bullet to the head, but she was lucky enough to be able to leave the country when Biden got in-I have several bloggers who are afraid of a knock on their door, they are too poor to leave. It irks me that she left. She speaks the truth though. I think General Robert E. Lee was right, to do wrong that right may come of it is a mistake-it is basically immoral. It has been said Trump backed the injections as a tactic to keep the Cabal from taking control. I am with Fitts, Trump absolutely knew what was going on, and NOTHING justifies killing your own people. I believe he was afraid for his life & those of his children. He knew what he was doing. Trump has limits & is controlled like the rest. The Gabriels have traced Truth Social connections down 17 layers to Coutt’s Bank, the private bank that handles the King’s money! Past time for the World to call out the Machine (some people think it’s a nazi international—they certainly act like it) and all the Parasites known as “royals”.

      • He’s an empty suit, he doesn’t read or know very much about anything, he gets his opinions from people whose name he is familiar with (he mentioned Bill Gates, in one infamous instance); he was a kayfabe* opponent (who I am CERTAIN was as SHOCKED as Hillary that Hillary lost, was WAY IN OVER HIS HEAD, VASTLY UNPREPARED IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY, but abhors looking bad and probably did as best he could with what he had to work with (see above).

        You go to war with the army you HAVE, not the one you WISH you had; until we have OUR OWN political party and can get literally “ANY JOHN DOE who won’t bow down to Israel” elected, we have to engage the enemy with what we got. And DJT is what we’ve got right now.

        Tom Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet “lit the match” of the American Revolution because the tinder was ready; when people (like yourself) start asking “how can I get involved and start a branch of the Actual Justice Party (for example) in MY state”, you’ll know the fire is about to start.

        Until then:

        People deserve the government they are willing to put up with.


        *kay·​fabe ˈkā-ˌfāb. 1. : the tacit agreement between professional wrestlers and their fans to pretend that overtly staged wrestling events, stories, characters, etc., are genuine.

      • “She also leaves out the third possibility: self-preservation.”

        Then that implies he is gutless, another trait unworthy of a president.

        So the choices are he’s incompetent (stupid), in on the con (corrupt), or a coward. None of these are what I want in a president.

        BTW, I had an 8 year multiple lawsuit battle against the state government and the largest corporation in the state. One of my lawsuits resulted in the resignation of the politician it targeted for corruption. The whole thing was very serious shit and people were telling me to watch my back as a result. I didn’t care and pressed on. Not saying this to brag; saying it because it IS possible to not be a coward. You just press on. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!

        Back to Trump. He was a jackass even before getting elected. Mike Pence? Really? And then the other appointments he made after getting elected? Jeff Sessions for example. Here was an idiot who not only was an idiot but actually looked like one. OMG.

        People, get over the rhetoric, and look at the deeds. Trump fails on all accounts.

          • So, because I dislike Trump (for valid reasons), I must love Joe and am “scum” as a result? Brilliant logic on your part! And I love the simplicity.

  • Finally ONE good post here!!! Catherine is always great, while knowing a LOT MORE than the best ‘reporters’ promoting usually only special agendas of the most powerful. Trump NOT ONLY criminally broke the law, he equally PREPARED THE GROUNDS for exactly the lethal weapon of his, called ‘Warp Speed’, which essentially GENETICALLY MODIFIED ENTIRE WORLD POPULATIONS!!!! This CRIME is UNFORGIVABLE. Trump’s executive order from Sep 2019 is a CLEAR PROOF, showing HE KNEW IN ADVANCE WHAT HE WAS DOING. Possibly the entire 6J SCAM was to fool everyone so deeply, that the victims, despite of being imprisoned, still believe in this entire deepest deception of all. LISTEN TO JUST ONE presentation of RFK, and you will know who actually speaks the truth here. If American’s do not start finally THINKING LOGICALLY, this country is OVER, if Biden** OR Trump* get the powers in their paws.
    *,** both genetically modified assuming they both got the real Pfizer/Mod-E-RNA injections. With that the GREAT programming is ready to set in… Just my opinion.

  • I admire Catherine Austin Fitts for all of her financial knowledge and experience. However, in this case, she is being too simplistic. Assuming someone should know what she knows doesn’t wash with me. When you assume, it makes and ass out of you and me!

    • Her point is that as leader of the country Trump must have had access to more information than we, but even then he did the wrong thing. If he was a moral human being he should have stood up against these injections instead of handing them out. Her second point: Trump is controlled and threatened like the rest. Ms. Bruce makes the point here: Trump & his family were threatened.

  • Fitts is on the money and Hunter’s yeah buts fall to the ground!

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – its a duck! Donald is a duck!

    A highly educated duck, tutored by his father who got rich building tenements for newly arrived immigrants from such Eastern European nations as Ukraine for instance. Then it’s off to the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Economics that teaches children in adult bodies such wonderful things as how to make leveraged buy-outs and hostile take overs of other peoples businesses. From there Donald Duck moved on up to Manhattan’s more sophisticated investment banker’s jungle where they helped him jump into the entertainment and casino businesses.

    I’m being polite and circumspect here so that the wise can take counsel while the unwise stumble and bumble on, the latter of which ten thousand angels could not convince. But all Donald has to say about himself is that he is a bonafide Presbyterian and thats all these latter kind want to know about their savior who walks outside of the Presbyterian way, in the way of his father and in the way of the Wharton School of Economics and in the way of his other high roller, high livin buddies who have names and known reputations too.

    Only G-d knows Donald’s heart, but we can know the way he has trod in this life if we are willing to seek truth and right standing before our Maker.

  • So forced choice between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola is not a choice at all, after all?

    BTW, how illegal aliens’ invasion fits into all this? Technically, you want smaller population to start, whereas adding millions has opposite effect. Unless…

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