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In this speech delivered at Clay Clarke’s Health & Freedom rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, human rights attorney Leigh Dundas shows us how it’s done (I was lucky enough to see this live!).

When Leigh heard that Orange County Health Officer Dr Clayton Chau and Orange County Superintendant of Schools, Al Mijares had jointly planned to turn the county schools into vaccination centers and that they were seeking to vaccinate children as young as kindergartners without their parents’ consent, she got over 200 of her friends to go with her to her child’s school’s next board meeting 24 hours later, where she announced:

“The Third Reich did not end with experiments on children, nor when those children died. The Third Reich ended in 1946, when we put the doctors who committed these human experiments on trial in Nuremberg and then, we put them to death. It ended with the adoption of the Nuremberg Code, so we would never repeat the sins of history. And it states, and I quote: ‘The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.’

“Dr Chau and Dr Mijares, you are hereby on notice. Last week, you appear to have knowingly hatched a plan to sidestep and/or violate international, federal and state law, not just the Nuremberg Informed Consent language but also the black letter law of the EUA, as well as California State Law, which punishes, and I quote: ‘The willful failure to obtain a subject’s informed consent by imprisonment in county jail for one year or the imposition of a $50,000 fine – or both,’ through the planned insertion of experimental gene-altering protocols onto the very children you were elected and charged with protecting.

“And tonight, we are asking the Orange County Board of Education for an immediate letter of censure to these individuals – and if they don’t resign, for an immediate notice of termination. And that letter also needs to go to the professional boards, because they have no business being in these positions! So help me, God, the People of Orange County will hold this policy to account.”

Orange County walked that plan back!

Our corrupt oppressors are reading from scripts. We need to stand up and read our own scripts back at them.

Tattered as it may be, our legal system still exists.

Nobody will rescue us. Freedom is earned. Freedom is fought for, every day. Freedom is up to us. is a great place to get all the information you need to defend yourself and your community.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Technocrats are interrupting the audio so listeners ate not getting the full speech……
    I’m so impressed with her!

  • Leigh . you are an inspirational speaker . but will the audience-viewers . get off their knees & ACT!

  • We are not only “feeder fish” but are lab rats and a primary commodity They start using us as such even before we have a chance to be born, if we get the chance to be born. As a former Californian of many years I am so glad to see happen. I sensed and hoped there was a strong sense of American freedom just waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself.

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  • Oh Leigh, One cannot have a 4th Reich when the ‘Third Reich’ was never dissolved. There was never a ‘Peace Treaty’ signed by ‘The German Empire’ & the Al-Lies. Germany is still an occupied Country/Nation by NATO, for 76 years now. And its Eastern parts presently occupied by Poland, Czech Republic & Lithuania technically still belongs to ‘The German Empire’ according to ‘International Law’ & even admitted by ‘The Federal Constitutional Court.’ So Leigh you should look into who really occupies your government, the Communist Bolshevik.

    • Its very Hypocritical of her mentioning “Auschwitz” when The United States interned innocent Japanese Americans into camps February 1942. And unleashing a nasty racist hate propaganda against the Japanese during & after WW2.

  • WOAH!

    Finally a momma bear with teeth who bites to protect her cub from where? California – amazing!

    She’s got my vote!

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