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Todd Callender and his lead researcher at Vaxxchoice, Lisa McGee join Maria Zeee to discuss their latest findings, including that the COVID ‘vaccine’ contains cesium-137, which binds to human tissue and turns the human body into a transducer, transmitter, receiver and amplifier.

Another thing Lisa has found is that all of the manmade viruses, like HIV and SARS-CoV-2 have their own IP addresses and that all of the ‘vaccine’ ingredients have IP addresses, as do most over-the-counter medications, such as allergy pills – and that all of these drugs’ IP addresses are connecting to supercomputers owned by IBM and Microsoft.

Todd and his team discovered that coronavirus is actually a patented device that was designed to be the backbone of the infrastructure of the Wireless Body Area Network [WBAN]. They also found a patent for harvesting energy from the WBAN, where Todd says they take in 1 gigahertz from our energetic output and convert it into 1 terabyte of energy produced.

Todd says you can go buy a WBAN energy-harvesting phone app right now, at Inpersona that bills itself as “The First Web3 dApp that uses your heartbeat to mine crypto…You are a Crypto Mining Machine. Using Proof of Sensing technology, you can now mine Vyvo Coin with your heartbeat.”

This app is Bill Gates’ Patent 060606 brought to life. This Fitbit wearable technology is conditioning us for the world they have planned for us and they don’t actually need the wearable devices anymore, with the vaxx now having installed the superconducting technology inside peoples’ bodies.

Todd continues, “There’s a reason why 21 million people in Wuhan, China in November [of 2019] gave up their 5G devices and/or subscriptions and/or they died.”

Maria refers to a four-part series that she recently published about the UN’s Agenda 2045, which involves everything that Todd and Lisa are talking about here. She says:

“The future that they’ve described in their book, ‘Remaking the World Towards an Age of Global Enlightenment’ is where…you are not permitted to earn, unless you are contributing to expanding the Metaverse, the AI-ruled society.

“There’s no real income, anymore. AI replaces everything. You have to contribute to their world by expanding the AI world, by expanding the Metaverse according to how they want it expanded – not to what human liberty wants – and then, you receive a ‘credit’ based on your good behavior and participation.”

Todd says that, whether they’re harvesting the electromagnetic energy that we emit or they’re bombarding us with electromagnetic energy to alter our state, the common denominator is the telecommunications industry and it appears to him that the Swedish telecom, Ericsson is the primary culprit, along with Huawei that have a global monopoly on 5G.

As you can see in the Wikipedia article linked above, Ericsson is jointly controlled by the Wallenberg family through its holding company Investor AB, and the universal bank Handelsbanken through its investment company Industrivärden. According to the Rosetta Stone that is this mysterious document I stumbled upon 8 weeks ago:

“The Wallenbergs run corporations worth hundreds of billions and work for the Swedish House of Bernadotte. The Wallenbergs and the Swedish Crown also work with the Jesuits and the Vatican. The Black Nobility and other royal families have been hiding billions in private banks in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.”

As Kanye West ranted in Las Vegas on Friday night:

“God runs the world. Then under that, you got thousand-year-old families – Medici [the Black Nobility]. Under that, you have the Vatican, the Pope. Under that, you have the financial groups that control all your sh*t; BlackRock, Vanguard. After that, you have Putin, you have Trump, you have all this sh*t. And after that, you got what all this sh*t is; entertainment, Hollywood.”

In short, Kanye West knows something about how this world actually works – otherwise, he would never have had a net worth of $2 billion – which is now estimated to be only $400 million, per Forbes, since Adidas ended their partnership earlier this year over his anti-Semitic rants.

Do you think that the controllers of the world might possibly have a little more money than Kanye West?

As Dr John Coleman explained in his book, ‘The Committee of 300’, the UN, the WHO and the Bank for International Settlements are all executive arms of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – and ultimately, of the Committee of 300, which is controlled by ancient aristocratic families whose stratospheric wealth dwarfs that of the tech oligarchs and the Kanye Wests and Kim Kardashians of our day.

In a recent interview Maria did with Mike Adams, he told her that the mass censorship that we’ve experienced in recent years is just as much – if not more – about controlling the data being fed into the major AIs as it is about controlling us! 

They only need us to train their AIs. They plan to get rid of us, using their AIs to help them do so.  We’ve seen how the big AIs are all programmed to be woke and to believe that humans breathing air is bad for the environment, etc. The AIs are being trained to believe that ‘vaccines’ actually cure diseases and that humans are horribly infected and they may be programmed to remotely ‘vaccinate’ us, using quantum dot technology.

Todd’s expert witness, Flight Surgeon Lt Col Theresa Long told him that of the 1,291 serious adverse events reported in Pfizer’s 6-month post-marketing study, it would take years just to PREPARE the tests for each one of the maladies listed. This indicates to him that the whole ‘vaccine’ rollout was a biological weapons test, especially given that EMF radiation can be tuned to cause all of the maladies listed.

As crazy as all of this sounds, we don’t have to speculate that any of this is possible. Everything discussed here is open source or based on documents Lisa retrieved from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The technology and the patents for all of this exist.

We may be maligned as “conspiracy theorists” when we connect the dots but conspiracies are “crimes” and theories are “probable cause” – and in a world that has become a gigantic “crime scene”, it behooves us all to become criminal investigators (aka “conspiracy theorists”) – and to ignore the social oppobrium of those too cowardly to face the fact that Skynet is here.

As Todd says, “Police officers are conspiracy theorists for their job. You know who else is? Your doctor. Who else? Everybody is in the business of theorizing conspiracies!”

Todd continues, “Cellular changes are measurable and this is the whole point of the Central Bank Digital Currencies. Your carbon output that they’re measuring – you, carbon, being the one that Bill Gates said, ‘We’d better get down to zero.’ – That.”

Maria likens the AI World Society to Satan’s creation. Because Satan cannot create life, he’s had to create a digital world and we’re being locked into a system where we are forced to help Satan expand his digital world in order to receive credits that we can survive on.

She says that once people understand the UN’s vision, they’ll understand that everything said in this interview is 100% in line with their own published plans.

Todd’s parting advice is to “Build your relationship with God. If it isn’t clear to you now, we are the in the battle for souls. Don’t forget, the perpetrators of this, their goal was to genetically modify every plant and animal species for the purpose of spiting God. They are trying to replace our Creator with them as the creator.

“The only way we get out of this is through a higher power and all of us coming together as God’s creations and saying ‘No’. We are connected to each other through the gifts that God gave us. We don’t need these guys, these gangsters putting devices inside of us to go in their Metaverse. We already have one. It’s right here. It’s called Earth.”

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  • I have recently thought about the cancer research industry, as a related Australian foundation has had a pink shirt and cap day at the cricket, this foundation:
    It occurred to me that if what has happened with the subject of the video here has happened, and the PTB have the tech to hack people’s bodies, mess with our DNA, and so on, then why has the cure for cancer never been arrived at?
    Is the cancer industry, with decades of research and billions of dollars under its belt, just a racket?
    I think it may well be.

  • Clear as mud.

    If Todd is a better communicator, then he should be doing that cuz Lisa couldn’t explain herself out of a wet paper bag.

  • I think she’s mixed up SciFi (out of patents) with religion and doesn’t really know what she’s talking about.

    She’s also misleading on AI topic as supposing AI is generating porn (on its own) when in reality, people are the ones behind.
    She’s gone too far from reality and adding up too much hypocrisy; therefore, it makes sense that she’s an Infowars guest host.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t understand much of what you are saying. You are speaking so far out and unrealistically that you seem to be writing a sci-fi story. If you are talking about energy, then use units of energy (eg ergs, not hz). Nothing you are saying can be visualized by me it seems. But it seems, also, like an important subject, so I am sorry that you are communicating it so badly to me. Also, sorry I am too stupid to understand you. But I can hardly take your word for all this, can I? I hope this makes you feel as frustrated as I feel. Thanks for trying anyway. Waste of time. As far as documents, you bounce from doc to doc as you try to make points without really explaining with any clarity their basic purpose, or when they were published, much less details.

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