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Dr Bryan Ardis joins Seth Holehouse at Man in America to give a teaser of his Healing for the Ages presentation, where he explains how the spike proteins in the SARS-CoV-2, HIV-1 and rabies viruses – and in the snake venom of king cobras and kraite snakes – are all homologous and functionally identical to each other and how the C-19 shots employ DNA plasmids to insert genetic instructions for your own cells to manufacture this toxic spike protein forever, to then have this poison circulating in your body for what remains of your decreasing lifespan.

He reminds us that the AIDS drug, AZT is derived from the neurotoxin produced by a marine sponge, saying, “They had a snake venom spike protein virus that they said was causing an illness – HIV – and they said that to prevent the AIDS-worsening scenario from this virus…you need to swallow venom from a marine sponge in the ocean, that’s going to be your cure.

“Seth Holehouse, every single symptom of AIDS, every sign or symptom of AIDS, as a disease is a published side-effect of marine sponge venom in a human. So, if you put a little bit of [this] venom in your body, what do you develop? You develop AIDS! And guess what they do? They tell you you died of AIDS. No, you didn’t! You died from marine sponge venom poisoning; no different than cancer patients…If you have a loved one who took chemo and died while under cancer therapy, they died from chemotherapy toxicity, they did not die from cancer.

“In fact, a UC Berkeley oncologist in 2004 quit a 20-year study at year 10 and he was only…investigating cancer patients and wanted to know, ‘Is it cancer that kills people or chemotherapy and radiation?’ He was going to do a 20-year study on 250,000 people. At the end of 10 years, he canceled the study, because 100%…of all people that received chemo for cancer did not die from cancer, they died from the toxic effects of chemo and he could not continue the study [in good conscience], so he quit it.”

Normies worldwide have been led to believe that a novel coronavirus was making people sick and that people were spreading it to each other all over the world. “That is not what happened,” Dr Ardis says. “They didn’t create a virus in a lab and give it to a human to go cough on somebody and spread it around the world. No. That is not how it works. That’s not how spread works, that’s not how pandemics work…

“What they did was they created what are called DNA plasmids. DNA plasmids are little circular pieces of DNA they’ve been making for 72 years…around the world and then dropping them from the air, putting them in our water – not a joke – in our water that we shower and drink in and then, they also inject it into our food. And then, DNA plasmids is the only thing the NIH says they put in the COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’.”

Dr Ardis notes how the authorities have been warning us that antibiotics were being “over-prescribed”, causing people to become “antibiotic-resistant” and this is why antibiotics “aren’t working anymore”. He says these are more lies.

He explains that DNA experts have created DNA plasmids that cause bacteria and yeast strains to become antibiotic-resistant and that when we ingest these DNA plasmids, it causes us to become “antibiotic-resistant”.

He says, “They want to make people sick, so you will buy their drugs, their vaccine agendas and their surgeries. And they are creating biology that is resistant to their proposed cheaper solutions, called ‘antibiotics’. They physically are making bacteria, yeast and mammal cells, with DNA plasmids that are antibiotic-resistant.”

He continues, “We are not naturally becoming antibiotic-resistant, they are engineering it on purpose. They are making antibiotic-resistant bacteria through a technology called DNA plasmids,” using the mechanism of bacterial conjugation, in which these DNA plasmids are transferred by direct cell-to-cell contact.

He explains that a DNA plasmid contains a “promoter” region that, “Tells the DNA of whatever type cell it gets inside of – bacteria, yeast or mammal cells – it tells it to ‘make the payload’.”

He explains that this is the same mechanism employed by the COVID-19 injection; DNA plasmids are injected, which then insert these payload instructions for your own cells to manufacture the spike protein.

He continues, “These are only promoter plasmids. They never stop manufacturing the payload…DNA experts in China, in January of 2020, DNA experts in France, in April of 2020, Italian researchers, Carlo Brogna and his team in Italy, in June of 2020 confirm through DNA testing that the spike protein gene was two snake venom proteins: from the king cobra, called ‘cobratoxin’ and krait snake venom, called ‘bungarotoxin’.

“That is the spike protein gene. Now, the NIH, Seth, just in May of this year wrote an article and in the first summary, the first paragraph of this research study, it states – by the NIH…that the spike protein gene is one of three things: 1) rabies virus spike protein, HIV’s spike protein and 3) two snake venom neurotoxins.

“Now, what’s interesting about that is, the rabies spike protein gene – every research scientist that studies rabies states that the rabies glycoprotein or spike protein is homologous – which is the science word for ‘identical to’ – snake venom components…

“So, DNA plasmids, as I just showed you is how they actually created the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’. When I say there’s snake venom in the shots, they actually state that they put snake venom in these shots. It’s called ‘snake venom phosphodiesterase‘. And for anyone out there wondering if I’m right, go look up who just won the Nobel Prize two weeks ago. [Their names are] Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó at the University of Pennsylvania…they just won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for creating the mRNA COVID-19 shots.

“Now, for a lot of you, you might be wondering, why didn’t someone else we’ve been hearing say they created the mRNA ‘vaccines’ [Robert Malone?] – why didn’t they get the Nobel Prize? Well, the reason’s obvious. He’s obviously lying.

“So then, the next question is, ‘Why are you lying? Why didn’t you win the Nobel Prize and why aren’t you pissed you didn’t get the Nobel Prize, I thought you said you created this stuff?’

“These two people, Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó, in every paper since 2009, creating what they call ‘mRNA gene therapy vaccines’ – paid for, in every paper since 2009 by Anthony Fauci’s NIH – they state in every paper to make mRNA gene therapy shots, they have to use snake venom phosphodiesterase to cut your DNA and RNA to insert the RNA that they’re injecting inside of you.

“When I say there’s snake venom in there, it’s because in every single one of their papers, their recipes for making these shots, they say, ‘We need snake venom phosphodiesterase to cut your RNA and DNA.’

“And guess what snake venom phosphodiesterase is published to do in the human body, Seth Holehouse? They actually say the first thing it does is cause ‘platelet aggregation’…this is what we call ‘blood clots’. How many of you have heard the term ‘Clot Shot’?…This is why the clots are being formed.”

Dr Ardis then talks about the UN’s Pandemic Treaty and how the global COVID scam created 124 new billionaires, so we can rest assured that “pandemics” will not be going away and that the evil ones have been studying what worked and what didn’t for the production of the next global pandemic – which may already be upon us.

He continues, “Inside the COVID-19 shots, they call them ‘mRNA shots’. Are you shocked to find out that in the ingredients list, there’s no mRNA listed as an ingredient on any of the COVID-19 shots? So, if it’s not mRNA they’re injecting you with, what are they injecting you with? I just showed you: DNA plasmids are what they put in the shots.”

The good news, Dr Ardis says is that there are about 12 natural substances that destroy the ability of DNA plasmids to get inside your cells via the conjugation mechanism, according to the scientists who create these plasmids. These compounds include:

• Quercetin
• Avocado oil
• Olive oil
• Plumbago
• Glucose oxidase (from bee pollen)

He says, “If we put a little bit inside of our bodies, it doesn’t matter if they drop plasmids from the air, put it in your food or in your water or injected in your veggies.”

Dr Ardis then does a quick rundown of the topics in his Healing for the Ages conference:

DNA plasmids: That’s how they constructed COVID, it’s what they put in the ‘vaccines’, going forward, that’s what they’re going to do with every pandemic in the near future, so you need to know the plasmid-curing compounds to beat their weaponry.

5G: We take you through what 5G technology has been published to do to create death, myocarditis, blood clots, COVID and what 5G does to the human body and why the 5G towers had to go up during the pandemic.

Blue Light technology: This is emitted from all of your digital devices and your home’s Smartmeter. DARPA can remotely increase your blue light exposure without your awareness or consent – and the reason why they’d want to do that is because blue light activates all gene CRISPR technology to initiate gene-editing of your DNA. They give tips on how to turn off or otherwise mitigate emissions of blue light technology.

Dr Ardis says that in the Healing for the Ages conference, he discusses the specific compound in the Death Shot that has caused all of the miscarriages and the infertility problems – as well as three things that can destroy this compound and restore your fertility, namely: infrared saunas, EDTA and zinc, as well as the published cures for the Marburg and Ebola viruses.

He just recently discovered that the receptor for the Marburg and Ebola viruses is called Two-Pore Channel Subtype 2 (TPC2). Components of TPC2 are found in grapefruit and tomatoes. He suggests a good uptake of these two fruits and their juices can help you block Ebola and Marburg from binding to your TPC2 receptors and infecting your body with a hemorrhagic virus that makes you bleed out of your eyes and kills you.

He says that we’ll soon see another fake pandemic that takes advantage of what they learned from the last one – plus by that time, the Pandemic Treaty will have been passed and the Globalists can finalize their genocide of 95% of the human population. That is, unless we can turn it around.

On the upside, the 2% uptake of the latest COVID shot, to Dr Ardis indicates a Great Awakening and that the evil doers have sorely underestimated the Divine Logos indwelling in humanity, our God-given Common Sense.

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  • extremely good video, thank you very much, I hope to see more of you Dr Ardis, I am thoroughly impressed with your information, thank you again and God bless.

  • one more comment for Dr. Ardis: DNA does NOT produce proteins, it is always RNA!!! Thus the Spike production has to go through that step of involving messenger RNA, no matter one deals with human cell or bacteria.. So the injected COVID+et al. DNA would produce the Spike via bacterial pathway in human gut, BUT not in brain or lungs, ovaries etc.. The only way for a protein production using human cells would be to integrate that foreign DNA into human DNA.. No, there is too much work being done on synthetic mod mRNA and how to use it. That DNA plasmid explanation of the injections issue without mod mRNA makes no sense. Yes, gut bacteria can start producing it, but that will not get the resulting SPike into the brain, in my opinion.

  • I am adamantly on the side of Dr. Ardis and all when it comes to opposing the pharmaceutical industry, the gain of function, and Fauci. But I do think there is some kind of virus. I’m unvaccinated, of course, but I have had “covid” twice. It felt like a combination of a flu and a bad cold with days of extreme fatigue. So that was snake venom I had or plasmids? I do believe in the plasmid contamination in vaccines. My son got double pneumonia after a vaccine in college—the doctor called it plasmid pneumonia. So if you inject these plasmids into you I see it. But in both cases I got the covid from travel. One time it was my husband who got it (also not vaccinated) and gave it to me after a trip. I mean there was no plasmid. Oh well. I don’t get it.

    • Kapoore, it’s not rocket science, its mass mind control!

      Medicine has come a long way in the last half century and I am eye witness to it.

      When the central government camel decided to stick its nose into the medical profession’s tent, I was paying five bucks CASH for a doctors office visit and not a whole lot more than that for what he prescribed and nobody in between the pharmacist but me! Pharmacists back then were still also in the soda fountain business because there wasn’t enough money in pharmaceuticals to sustain a family business in all but the larger metro areas. Note this well!

      Note also there was no money to be made there by the insurance companies – yet!

      Now look at what you get for your money, reams of paper work, dictatorial regulations, mandates demanding that you pay insurance companies, pay government insurance, pay taxes to support mischievous medical ventures and do as your are told if you want to keep your job, travel and not be hated by your neighbors because they’ve been turned against anyone who thinks for themselves.

      What the heck happened?

      Whatever in the world happened to self health care education? It was systematically removed at the same time from public education and the mass mind control visual media because the medical complex cant live without us as their dumbed down cash cows!

      Welcome the the medical reservation!

      • Agree… We are going through an awakening that insurance company medical care doesn’t provide good care. And those of us who can afford it go to private physicians. I have insurance but I don’t use it for doctor visits. Doctors are going private to practice the medicine the way they want. My current doctor was an emergency room doc before opening his own cash based practice. We still need good hospitals, though. So, I guess we still need insurance to pay for that. I’m old so in a sense I’m not a good example. Young people still think they need insurance. It’s worth really paying in cash to get good care. Pay the price you need to pay to not get bogged down in the system—that’s it. Don’t go to a doctor who forces vaccines. I won’t ever do that!! Just walk out if they start talking that kind of propaganda based medicine.

  • Great post! Thank you! Just yesterday posted another summary dealing with the Spike, and of course mentioning Dr. Ardis:)) All can be found at:
    it is more about the Spike facts and less about how to prevent it all, which should be a task for MD’s et al.. What is known though is the s.c. plasmid curing, i.e. disactivating or elimination of them by specific substances. Thank you Dr. Ardis for giving more material to think about and to slowly sort out the truth!
    Happy after Thanks-giving to all!

  • I had to shake my head and laugh when I read earlier this week that the state in which I reside (Minnesota) declared November 18 to 24th to be “Antibiotic Awareness Week,” while claiming, “…overuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance, endangering the health of humans, animals and the environment. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year, and more than 35,000 people die as a result.”

    Two-point 8-million “resistant infections.” Boy, who knew????

    Also, love this point made by Dr. Ardis: (paraphrased) Who do you know who’s ever had an RX Drug Deficiencies?! I will definitely use this one the next time the subject of pharmX comes up.

  • I’ve been following Dr. Ardis since i watched his “watch the water” documentary. Thank goodness for strong, caring humans like him. By the grace of God i made it alive out of an ICU in 2021 after Remdesivir almost killed me within 30 minutes of the first dose via IV drip. I had bacterial bronchitis, all i needed was an antibiotic and a bronchodilator inhaler. Bcs i was pregnant at the time they stated my “covid” test was allegedly positive, i “had to be admitted”. I thank God i never lost consciousness in the hospital after my O2 dropped below 60% with the Remdesivir. I was just dizzy and scared at seeing death so closely. I believe if i had passed out they would had killed me with a ventilator like they did so many other people. There was this one particular Dr, with horrible bedside manner who seemed upset at seeing me still alive. Add to this the covid restrictions on family and i was seemingly alone in there, at their mercy. I thank God for getting me out of there alive. The Remdesivir also induced a miscarriage, so i lost my baby at the hospital. I found out i got kidney damage from the Remdesivir and have been following a keto lifestyle which has helped getting rid of the kidney pain i had after discharge. I’m waiting for my kidneys to recover and regain their glomerular filtration rate. It takes time and dedication but with God’s help i’m getting there. Once you see the screwed up reality these satanists have weaved around us from birth, you just can’t unsee it. I look forward to God’s righteous justice as described in the Bible. Godspeed!!! My website, if you feel inclined to take a gander (i don’t sell anything) is tiny(dot)cc/777YW. In it i share about my experience walking with God.

    Life with God is not about religion, it is about a relationship.

    • Rose, so much of your letter resonated with me, I could not resist responding.

      One of my daughters, a step-daughter who had rebelled against G-d early in life came back to him after spawning a brood of godless children. We lived in opposite ends of the nation when her adult children decided to take her to the emergency room at the height of the mass hysteria, which I had warned against. I knew it would be the end of her, said so even though hearers didn’t want to hear it, and it was. She was a self-indulgent neglectful asthmatic from childhood and in my opinion that was her true condition when that hospital, if one can with a straight face still call it a hospital, put her into Fauci’s rigid protocol!

      I could not agree more that the historic prescribed Way is not a religion, it’s the way into life and into life everlasting, but you gotta walk in it to get it! This is the most widely misunderstood part and it is the heart of the matter. Its so simple!!!

  • Meh, the snake oil sales man is still stubbornly pushing V-fear-porn narrative, hasn’t he learned lesson after discussion with Terrain folks?
    I would like to tell him and the other similar folks (including with Zee) to perhaps find a cure of whatever they believe (as they often mix up their religious belief with science)- instead of spreading unnecessary fear based on some patents or papers (which none of them provided proof of actual existence).
    I’m not saying these things don’t exist, and we surly must be aware of evil/NWO/Zionist and so on; however, they’ve also gone too far.

    • John,

      Ask yourself why Jim Jordan – et al. – hasn’t

      held hearings about Chemical Trails criss-

      crossing our once-uncontaminated blue skies

      (( 70 years to date—and every nature/culture

      documentary, with daytime outdoor scenes

      – where blue sky is visible – shows CHEM. Trail

      stripes/clouds—worldwide ! )); and where’s

      his committee hunting Federal AGENCIES’

      (secret) storage facilities of military guns and

      ammunition—wouldn’t you wish to know that

      . . . and W H Y ?


      • I’ve personally observed Chemitrail and read some patent that comes with it.
        There’s some shady shit going on, yes.
        It’s basically like the greed based Big Pharma Drug Industry Complex going on today when various study shows more about side effects than actually curing anything.
        What we gotta be careful about is that we have Psyops from both sides of the coin, thus beware but don’t go too far ahead at the same time.

    • John, you may be right, but know this, my enemies hate him! When I forwarded his stuff back in 21, my server shut me down every time!

      • Have you checked where the attack is coming from?
        I hope things get sorted out soon for ya.

        Terrain folks are also getting attacks as well as having their license cancelled out and such, and of course, being laughed at from approx. 99% of the population (though it seems that more people are becoming aware of it lately).

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