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Here we go again. If this event truly happened, my heart goes out to the victims and their families but I’m not sure this isn’t a false flag because this is what it looks like when an IED goes off and there are zero images even close to this in the foyer of the stadium, where two homemade bombs are reported to have exploded.

The timing, with the upcoming G7 Summit is certainly interesting.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • The reporting by channel 4 news tonight about the mood in Manchester has just included the statement “…armed police will be seen on Britain’s trains for the first time” no mention of whether this is temporary or not.

  • What does this guy mean, “YOUR” Pope. He’s not my Pope, guy. Stow the Jewish arrogance. It’s ugly.

    Having stated that–Agree. This scene is so totally fake. I’ve been on too many extra shoots for Hollywood films. The entire scene looked like any one of them. No one is actually upset, either, did you notice? In shoots, you hear the boom and you run–again and again and again, until the director gets it right. The only injuries anyone ever sustained on set were from running too crazy, tripping and falling over other participants. Bloodied knees, mostly. If you got hurt you were pulled. Everyone tried to avoid that. I’d agree with the narrator that it’s insane to believe that no one filmed any part of this with so many people in the stadium. There is no surveillance footage? What BS. The UK has more cameras watching their population than just about any State. AND the next question–What are TPTsB cooking up now?

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