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    The Internet is a truly maddening phenomenon. It both destroys false narratives and creates them.

    The investigation into the murder of Seth Rich has been stymied for months by a “stand down” order given to the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police, according to Rod Wheeler, the private investigator initially hired by Seth’s parents and who made this shocking announcement last week. In addition, Wheeler said that he was in contact with a credible FBI agent who saw Seth’s computer and its contents, as well as the FBI’s case file, indicating that Seth had been in communication with WikiLeaks prior to his violent death.

    However, Wheeler said on Hannity, that every time he spoke with DC Metro Police about connecting Seth Rich with WikiLeaks, he was immediately “shut down.” He notes that the FBI wouldn’t even be involved in a regular homicide unless there were an aspect of the case, linking it to something of national significance. Wheeler says that when he first reached out to the DC Police last March, his call went unanswered for several days, during which time he received a call from Seth’s parents, saying that they’d received a call from a high-level operative of the DNC, asking them what Wheeler was doing, “Snooping around.”

    On May 20th, Seth’s parents did a press conference, in which among other things, they instructed Wheeler to “cease and desist” and to not speak of the case publicly any further. One wonders whether Seth’s parents are under duress. Their new spokesman is the ballistic DNC Public Relations Crisis Manager, Brad Bauman, of the Pastorum Group. Why is someone like that representing the Rich family? Isn’t that highly suspicious?

    The statements of Bauman do not sound like he is representing Seth Rich, they sound like he is defending the DNC at all costs, stating angrily that people who believe Seth may have leaked DNC emails “Deserve a place in hell” and that the Rich family is “Devastated” that Wheeler has not ruled out a WikiLeaks connection.

    Wouldn’t the family be more interested in learning who murdered their son than to be “Devastated” by a WikiLeaks connection?

    Those who would TOTALLY be devastated by such a connection would be the DNC, as it will collapse their bogus “Russian Hacking” narrative, once and for all.

    Bauman has gone on a Twitter tirade, accusing Kim Dotcom of being an opportunist and asking why he was not at Seth’s funeral if he really cared so much about him? There are many reasons for that. The nature of Kim Dotcom’s relationship with Seth would have been extremely secretive. In addition, Kim Dotcom resides in New Zealand and is currently fighting extradition to the US to face felony copyright infringement charges stemming from his once very successful file-sharing website,, so he’s in a similar but less severe position regarding the US Government as is his sometime collaborator, Julian Assange.

    Bauman went so far as to say, on May 17th, “The family is officially asking for a retraction and an apology from Fox News and from the Fox 5 DC affiliate for inaccurate reporting and damaging the legacy of their son.”

    Meanwhile, the reputations of Rod Wheeler, Kim Dotcom, WikiLeaks and Seth Rich are all being decimated in this process. Since when is it a shock that people can get into trouble for messing with powerful people, as have all of the above?

    This video, posted to YouTube, also on May 17th is of Seth’s parents, in which they personally break their silence of several months to thank the thousands of people investigating their son’s murder. Some commenters say that this video had originally surfaced in April on the family’s GoFundMe page. However, there is no video posted there.

    Unfortunately, it is likely that the spotlight that Seth’s murder has finally received will quickly fade into the background, in the wake of the alleged suicide bombing in a Manchester, UK stadium at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande, which many YouTubers are already dissecting as a hoaxed False Flag attack, just in time for the G7 Summit, replete with crisis actors. One might even speculate that this was the actual intent of the alleged bombing.

    It’s getting positively maddening out there!

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    • Bauman has no familial connection. He has only a vested interest in his connection to their son’s employer. He’s gone on a tirade against questioning Seth’s death. Is he working for the family? No. He’s working a cover-up for the DNC. Apparently, the DNC thought they’d gotten away without being touched during the craziness leading up to the election, until now.

      What I find disingenuous is that Seth’s family appears to have no interest in finding any truth, if their responses to the investigation (one they hired!) are considered as stated. They do not want the public to talk about Seth’s death. They appear to have no interest in finding their son’s murderer(s). By their statements, unless public conversation is centered on sympathy for THEIR loss, they appear more interested in shutting it down, as does Bauman. This is seriously “abby-normal”.

      My parents lost a son at the age of 20-yrs. Like Seth, no one knew what happened. My parents torn the world apart to find out what actually happened to my brother. No stone, and I mean NO STONE, was left undisturbed. The loss of a child is devastating. I’ve seen it firsthand. So WHY are Seth’s parents so centered on themselves, demanding public apologies instead of tearing-up the world to know ANY truth that may exist about what happened to him? What parent wouldn’t want that information? By my experience, something is terribly wrong here.

      The DNC is involved in a very, very bad way, as is their front man, Mr. Bauman. I call BS on the DNC, et al.

      • AND, these posts stand in serious opposition to the video posted (noted earlier by Alex) by his family thanking the public for their help in uncovering their son’s killers.

    • Great write up as usual…let us face reality here…leverage, political, social, emotional, psychological belongs to he/she who owns the gold.
      OBVIOUSLY, Rich was taken out for five by connections to his revealings. Could any rationale be applied which absolves connections, deep connections by Rich to this entire scenario?
      Mister Rich was obviously an idealist and a patriot regarding the Constitution as sacrosanct and his personal connection to it’s ideals, beleageured indeed by naivety regarding how the hillybilly cohort plays the game…
      The young man was not sophisticated enough to see his jeopardy and go far enough to ground so as to cya and remain alive.
      Rich’s plight serves as a bright torch of revelation and reminder of the evil and truly psychotic posers and powers that lever social/cultural/religious/political memes as their mindless COG.

      • Any hero will become hurt. That is a law inside survival system of good and bad, of rewarding and punishing , of heaven and hell.

        When humanity want to have a change for live by a new human being, there is a need for finding a new system, a new culture. This should be a system of universal love, which can appear by asking who am I?

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