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    This video, posted to YouTube on May 17th is of Seth’s parents, in which they personally break their silence of several months to thank the thousands of people investigating their son’s murder. Some commenters say that this video had originally appeared one month previously on the family’s GoFundMe page. However, there is no video posted there. The following is a transcript of Seth’s mother’s statement:

    “Hi, everyone this is Joel and Mary and we’re Seth’s parents. We just wanted to say thank you for helping us. We’re just so warmed that you would step forward and try to help us find the murderer of our son and try to find the two that killed him and make the world a safer place.

    “Seth always believed in people helping each other and that the world would be a greater place if more people did and we are just so happy – and from the bottom of our hearts, can’t say thank you enough for helping us find who killed Seth. Thank you so much.”

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    • This video is antithetical to the Tweets of Bauman and the family’s demand for public apology. It was posted on the 17th, one week ago. What has changed? Or am I not getting the subject matter correct, here?

      • Allegedly, this video is from April and it appeared on the family’s GoFundMe page, but I checked and it is no longer there.

        Yes – the family has clearly changed their tune.

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