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    The classic characteristic of the psychopath is to accuse an adversary of exactly what he has actually done and is doing. There can be no better illustration of psychopathy than the Clintons and that faction of the Deep State that has enabled them to spearhead most unfathomable amount of high-level racketeering in the history of humankind, which Liz Wheeler of OAN enunciates so well, here:

    “Remember that time, Donald Trump, with business partners with the Russian government, when Trump’s company received $35 million from Russia, from a government investment fund called Rusnano, that was personally started by Vladimir Putin and has been called “Putin’s child”? Oh, no – oh, no, wait – that was John Podesta, not Donald Trump.

    “Remember that time, Donald Trump was paid an exorbitant $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow, paid for by a company called Renaissance Capital, a company, tied to none other than Russian intelligence agencies? Oh, no – wait, wait, wait – that was Bill Clinton, not Donald Trump.

    “Remember that time, Donald Trump approved the sale of 20% of US uranium to the Russians, while he was Secretary of State? Oh, no – wait, wait, that was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

    “By the way, this sale gave control of that uranium to Rosatom, you know what that is? The Russian state nuclear agency.

    “Remember that time, Donald Trump lied and said he wasn’t part of approving that deal, that gave the Russians one fifth of our uranium – and then his emails were leaked, that showed he actually was lying and he did know about it? Oh, no – wait, wait, that was Hillary Clinton and John Podesta – not Donald Trump.

    “Remember that time, Donald Trump coincidentally scored $145 million from shareholders of that same uranium company that was sold to the Russians? Oh, now, wait, that was Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

    “Remember that time, Donald Trump accepted millions of dollars in donations from Russian oligarchs, like the chairman of a company that’s part of Russia’s nuclear research cluster or the wife of the mayor of Moscow or a close buddy of Vladimir Putin? Oh, no wait – that was the Clinton Foundation, not Donald Trump.

    “Remember that time, Trump failed to disclose all these Russian donors to his foundation before he served as Secretary of State and we only found out about the Russian donors, because some hard-working journalists combed through Canadian tax records, of all places, to find that evidence? Oh, no wait – that was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

    “Make no mistake. We have evidence of inappropriate dealings with Russia but none of the evidence points to Donald Trump. It all points directly to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Funny how the Mainstream Media and Democrats don’t seem to care about that.”

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    • Oh yeah! It continuously amazes me how the democrats can accuse others for what they so blatantly do. Why aren’t we yelling this information at the top of our lungs. Maybe a billboard. A sign on a fence at school. I don’t get it.

    • I hope that there are enough just/justifiable people left for the good Lord to spare this country.

    • Now, why is there no investgation in to the ” Cliton Foundation” ? Oh, I know, they are above the law, aren’t they.

    • “The great masses’ capacity to absorb information is very limited; they have little understanding and they are very forgetful……The purpose of propaganda is not to be a constant source of interesting diversion for unconcerned, smart gentlemen, but to convince the masses……..Only constant repetition of the simplest ideas will finally stick to their minds…..steady and consistent use, will ever pave the way to final success, and this steadfast course must never be abandoned….The success of any advertising, whether in business or politics, depends on perseverance and consistency….tireless perseverance….At first the propaganda seemed idiotic in it’s use of disrespectful statements. Later, it became unpleasant, then it was finally believed.” – Adolph Hitler

      This is psychological warfare being waged against the American people and the west, by the deep state which is a cabal of criminal mobs in business suits. I don’t need to name them, you can see them bloviating propaganda on television every day.

    • Aham…tinyhand’s first major mentor as a young man fresh out of Wharton was Roy Cohn, notorious mafia lawyer, an intro from tinyhand’s dad Fred. His dealings in the NYC building industry were notoriously linked to every mob gig going as elements of construction like cement, carpenters, pipefitters, iron workers are unionized with huge pension funds the mob controls.

      Carl…spot on re the Oregon fiasco, RIP LaVoy Finnecum, as that ass judge Grasty and his son and brother and sister-in-law and other relatives controlled elements of the BLM, Harney sheriffs and various county oversights that greased them a ton and they were exposed…not sure if any due has been paid by them as of yet though.

      • Joe,

        I think that what stays present should be true, because anything what can disappear can not be true. This way, the truth insdie the survival community is laying where ever it is possible.
        I found a truth of living life in love and in being universal, which is different!

      • Perhaps none of you are old or experienced enough to remember all of the labor unions’ control of work done in cities across the US as well as our transportation, educational and government unions. The union bosses are powerful – and live like gansters, spending hard earned dollars to elude pressure on government officials, congress and even their own members. Prevailing wages have to be used on city redevelopment projects – per our govermental laws – so of course now President Trump was negotiating with them – and in the building trade such as he was – you have to hire lawyers to draw up contracts and handle negotiations every step of the way. This includes contract with our own government which is very complicated. Perhaps on should understand what is involved before blasting Trump as I know from experience that dealing with re-development agencies is very difficult let alone doing the scale of projects Trump has successfully completed. Just that he completed them was a success!

      • key words: young man fresh out of Wharton

        This doesn’t mean Trump retains these “ideals.” On the contrary, the young man has turned into an old patriotic man who wants to see only that America is safe, prosperous and great again.

    • Is it not strange that here in Germany is also a search for the forbidden knowledge.
      Here is mentioned how Donald Trump is related with many maffia bosses of all kind.
      So what now is truth told by any one?

    • Have you noticed how the uranium thing has become sufficiently understood so that it can be referenced without much background if any? Uh-huh. And if you have been following along (even just a little bit) you know this issue came to light back in Jan 2016 during the Oregon Protest. The Russian-Uranium thing is a matter of public record and that’s a provable fact. All of it came out because a few guys held up the Constitution and called out .gov and were willing to suffer the consequences.

      • Exactly! And Michael Emory reporter is still in jail for trumped up charges hid computers and cameras illegally confiscated for reporting the Uranium One Clinton connection truth…

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