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    More people from the service industry in Las Vegas have contacted me to tell me that there were multiple shooters and multiple hotel lobbies that were shot up last Sunday night.

    I believe it possible that the truth of the Las Vegas false flag operation might actually resist the complete obfuscation by the Mainstream Media seen in previous similar events, due to the ubiquity of cell phones and social media.
    The Las Vegas Shooting will be a test of the MSM’s ability to wage psychological warfare, let alone to stay relevant in an environment where the systems used to track the public are now being used by the public to track the system.
    However, I was contacted by a retired military intelligence veteran who advised me to lay off writing about these Las Vegas eyewitness accounts, for my own safety.

    So for now, I’ll simply ask who benefits from the organized horror that was perpetrated in Las Vegas?

    Those who envision the TSA as a growth industry benefit. Those who want to put Rapiscan machines in hotels, grocery stores and everywhere else one could imagine – they benefit.

    Security Theater benefits.

    TruthStreamMedia knocks it out of the park once again with this video.

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    • “There are ways to mitigate the risk.”

      As long as we are NOT prosecuting the high level CRIMINALS in our Government we will NEVER have peace.

      What sort of criminals you may ask. How about Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Bush Crime Family, you know those good people up to their eyeballs in Afghanistan Heroin and Drug Running USA INC.

      The investigation into the Trump-Russian collusion is turning up HUNDREDS of felonies mostly committed by the Obama Administration. Will one of these felonies be prosecuted?

      Terrorists? how about terrorists are US.

    • Indiscriminate shooting into crowds … Kiev/Ukraine putsch 2013-2014 … Plane registered to Stephen C Paddock subsequently registered to VOLANT LLC (defense/intelligence contractor). FAA scrubbed this registration which is ‘backed up’ here:

      Paddock–spook dealing weapons–realizes he is marked for being killed. Fortresses himself in suite at Mandalay. Killing of innocents provides a smokescreen for his assassination and provides justification for further police state lockdowns.

    • Follow the money, it goes to those in collusion with this plan to sell machines for your protection.

      • No, they don’t even factor in. It is the manufacturers of all kinds of scanners to make sure you DON’T have guns. Or maybe you’ll be allowed to have a legally permitted handgun, but nothing of consequence.

    • I wonder if the “Bowling Green Massacre” was a nonstarting false flag. Wasn’t that mentioned by spokesliar C. Conway? That means that the Trump admin is involved.

    • Pamela has been this way all her life ever since the night when she was 5 and experienced a light-being entering her bedroom, touching her three times and speaking to her. Touching her heart and saying “Now you feel.” Touching her third eye saying, “Now you see.” Touching the crown of her head and saying, “Now you know.”

      Pamela said the alleged shooter in vegas came to her from the other side and told her what had really happened. Then I did some googling and found a number of posts with the same scenario which Pamela shared. Here’s a quick outline:

      1. Paddock with an undercover FBI guy and was involved in selling arms to various nefarious groups with the idea of entrapping them with the FBI.

      2. He was in the middle of an arms deal with an ISIS group in Vegas. Somehow they figured out it was a sting and they were going to give the FBI and our country a lesson. They told Paddock he had to do what he did or they would kill his family and girlfriend. According to Pamela, he didn’t shoot into the crowd. (Listen to above recording) The killings took place by the Isis people on 4th floor

      3. Paddock sent his girlfriend $100,000 and told her to move to the Phillipines with her family. He knewher life could be in danger.

      4. Why did Paddock have so many guns in his room? (Footnote from Rich: The Secret Sosiety Code 322 and any of its elements, 32 or reverse 23, are showing up throughout the crime scene and related contacts)

      • Thanks Rich. Yes, I think that scenario sounds right. I suspected something along these lines myself.

      • I don’t know who Pamela is but the information does not make sense, especially the part about the arms deal and the ISIS threats.

        If he were selling guns to ISIS why then did he go out and buy a load of them at gun shops using his real name? Gun deals do not go down in this manner? One doesn’t have to go out and buy guns for FBI missions unless you are purchasing them illegally.

        If he were working for the FBI his family and his girlfriend’s identities would have been protected anyway–names changed, location unknown. Any further specific threat would have been assessed.

        If ISIS were on a different floor shooing at people why were the windows unbroken in all the images I’ve seen so far?

        And although there are more questions let’s end here. Finally, why would a person commit suicide (that whole thing is doubtful, of course) if he were working a legitimate deal for/through the FBI? Couldn’t stand to live with himself any longer? Right.

        Sorry, Pamela-poster, this thesis does not make sense.

    • Here’s me returning from a trip to the country, strictly no tv no internet, and all hell has broken loose. The sociopaths have been busy. My deepest sympathies, this is totally disgusting.

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