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    René Downs is back with YouTuber, Tracy Beanz about the gunfire and the chaos that she witnessed at the entrance to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

    René is not into political conspiracies. She believes that Las Vegas hotels and officials are not being honest about what happened last Sunday because it’s bad for the tourist trade.

    René says that she and her husband Dan had returned to the Bellagio after dinner at his parents’ house and they were seated at the Petrossian piano bar near the hotel entrance with plans to join up with her longtime friend who was at the country music festival.

    Suddenly, shots rang out and a tsunami of people – René calls it a “stampede” – came rushing in through the front doors. She says people weren’t running around barricades, they were running *through* them and *over* them.

    She describes the popping sound of automatic gunfire and then security ordering everyone toward the back of the building, where she and her husband were forced to go and from which vantage point she then saw crews cleaning up the broken glass in the front of the lobby.

    It was then that she decided to record the livestream which I posted a couple of days ago. She did this out of her sense that fellow Las Vegas visitors were not being properly alerted about safety concerns.

    As a result of coming forward, René has has received dozens of messages and videos from others confirming and adding to her testimony but who wish to or who must remain private and she shares some of their information.

    Then, she describes checking out of the Bellagio, when the attendant denied to her that there had been a shooting at the entrance. This left her and her husband dumbfounded. She was able to argue that they’d been blocked access to their room and that they were too ruffled to sleep – and they were were duly comped for their room.

    Meanwhile, for whatever it’s worth, an anonymous poster to the /pol/ sub-Reddit claims that the Las Vegas Police Department has not been in charge of the mass shooting investigation since last Monday, that DC’s FBI office is covertly in charge. In addition, seven shooters were allegedly involved but that a much worse scenario was averted, in which hundreds or possibly thousands could have been killed …

    PS: Clark County Police Blotter:






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    • My theory is that when people started escaping from the concert, the shooters noticed this and directed gunfire at the crowd as they entered the Bellagio. Whether this was from the 4th or 10th floor of the Mandalay Bay, or from shooters on the ground, I don’t know, but clearly when the concert area had emptied out, they still wanted to keep killing so were ready with extra shooters to catch escapees. Evil SOB’s – probably black ops CIA or the like. Stephen Paddock is probably still alive and out of the country by now. Nothing is ever what it seems with these false flag operations.

    • Thank you very much Renée for your courage, integrity and humanity. It’s people like you that can help make the world a better place for the whole world.

    • Just as an FYI, when a criminal crosses state lines to commit a crime, the FBI takes charge. Paddock had been living in Mesquite , TX.

    • Rene’s story is 1000 % true. I have been on this planet for nearly 70 years and I know when the truth is spoken. in this case Rene’s story is 100 X more accurate than CNN’s. My opinion at this time is this: The Las Vegas operation was a false flag operation that either got out of control or was taken over by possibly a radical Islamic group. That would explain the hastily constructed “suicide” scene that any low grade detective could see as fake. Also the use of Paddock was an extremely poor chose for Patsy based just on his profile alone. Las Vegas Police know the truer ground story but are being snuffed by the Feds who are in turn being controlled by the Deep State. in any event expect tougher pressure pushing New Gun Laws as well as beefed up security systems in Las Vegas and eventually elsewhere. This is a Globalists Wet dream.

      • We CANNOT let gun control pass. If that happens, only the police will have guns, and it’s NAZI AMERIKA. In fact, it already is – look at the pigs, traitors and criminals in power since they killed JFK – only Carter stands as a shining example of a GOOD Man. Every other cocksucker – from Ford, to that arrogant Reagan, that pervert pedophile Poppy Bush, to that douchebag Slick Willy, then the biggest traitor, GW Bush and his president Dickless Cheney, to Obama Barry Soetoro (who I liked, but he was still a churl and a pawn), to Orange Caligula as my friend Roxy calls Trumplethinskin. These men are all pieces of shit humans who need to be hung by the neck until dead for betraying humanity in the name of Greed.

        FIGHT GUN CONTROL NOW. Unless cops & the military disarm (as we should require they do now), then NEVER give up your gun. The Second Amendment will prevail.

      • I think you are correct–gun control and (I’ll repeat) that pesky 2nd Amendment are the ultimate goal. Both sets of criminals saw an opportunity to make a buck while still in a hard push to convince the public more, more, more surveillance is necessary for their safety from the same bad guys. Safety? What a joke. The CNN watchers just can’t “see” this truth or do not want to. So, the bad guys who live here, not foreign terrorists, shoot-up LV, murdered people and are trying to pin their actions on the usual “lone shooter”. More of a joke.

    • Interesting that shots are still being fired around 11 PM Las Vegas time. Appears to be a number of shooters in several of the LV areas. Acoustical evidence demonstrates more then 1 shooter. See as an example . Absolutely no question that Paddock is a Patsy. And most probably a hastily made one due to the fact that his profile does not fit 1% an individual like this. Unfortunately the bulk of the American people are Sheeple. And it does not matter how loud I shout the message will not get across.

    • Yet another piece of legitimate information for the completely stupid people (not ignorant, just stupid) who cannot see any truth, let alone the primary truth–YOUR government, et al are in league with the worst known criminals in the USA and the world bringing a front row admission by their own releases that they themselves are nothing more than common criminals who will murder anyone and everyone in a second to make a buck from controlling the US citizen population. Even this woman, telling the truth of what happened was psyoped to her face by the Bellagio staff. I understand that there is an agreement in LV now among the hotels and casinos that “WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS”. They will not acknowledge to anyone, anywhere that anything happened, even the Festival shootings. It’s now a policy. Rene experienced this lie firsthand. WAKE UP!!!!

          • …not to pick a fight here, but Larken Rose, as a trumpeting Libertarian, free market maven, does not believe that government serves any purpose…what a duh.
            I’ve queried Libertarians for well over 30 years as to how they propose to contain human, particularly male, greed and drive to monopoly and power mongering…the answer is always a religious one, ‘every citizen must have the personal honor and integrity to do the right thing’, aka, no regulation, no enforcement, just a basic change in human psychology…geee, how inspiring, no traction in reality though.

            • Ubuntu WILL replace Croney Capitalism. We must END CAPITALISM NOW. Stop buying. Stop watching tv news. Grow your own food. Go solar. We have the tools to revolt.

        • I’ve looked and listened to all her stories and some of it just doesn’t make sense. When there is chaos around as there was that night, u get sensory overload. I’m sure if there was broken glass they would have cleaned up and replaced as soon as things died down. But bullets ricochet, especially on marble. And not one person was hit? Where r chips in the marble? She mentioned in her youtube interview with Tracy Beanz about the mob crashing thru front doors and running over the stantions, i would think the metal on those stantions hitting marble floor could sound like gunfire in all the chaos. If someone can answer some of these questions, please clarify what I’m missing . I want to believe her, but it just doesn’t all add up.

      • If you repeatedly tell a lie, no matter the national coverage, the lie becomes the truth. Take a look at every major governmental investigation since JFK–all lies as truth. Besides the CNN watching public has an attention span of little more than 10-minutes and I’m being generous. Not a push there.

    • The first clip made no sense to me because it was so difficult to hear what she was saying due to the ambient noise level. The picture I am getting from this interview is one of a drive by shooting, like we see in newsreels of terrorists shooting auto AK’S up into the air as if celebrating, taking a victory lap as they escape the crime scene.

      As for the glass, it’s not clear what that source was.

      • Here’s police scanner audio of that night:
        Between minute 43:11 to 43:29, we hear on police radio: “…Bellagio, a lot of shots being fired…” – followed by what sounds like automatic weapon fire coming over the police radio. this was almost half an hour after police had entered Paddock’s Room #32135 to find him dead.

        It will be interesting to see if the MSM can keep a lid on this, with tens of millions of people on YouTube, Facebook and cellphones.

        • NOT PAddock dead. Paddock has a “13” tattoo – the dead shooter has none – NOT the same guy.

          • Here’s something else that a friend pointed out about Las Vegas building codes and insurance requirements since 1985 and revised in 1995.

            “This is something so important and nobody has said one word about it, the glass on these Las Vegas high rises all have sensors that detect pressure and immediately identify the room number in which the window sensors have been activated! I had a friend that stayed at the Mandalay and had a party in his room, some drunk idiot accidentally knocked a small person up against the window but not even hard, within two minutes they had security banging on the door asking if everything was OK and to open the door or they were coming in. My friend opened the door to see about five security guards and asked what the problem was, the head officer said that something had impacted the sensors on the window and to allow them to check the window, they came in and actually showed my buddy the small sensors within the window. These are put there for insurance purposes so that somebody can’t break the window and jump out to commit suicide after losing their life savings and having the family members file a major wrongful death lawsuit! There had to be coordination and multiple shooters based only on this one fact alone! This was perpetrated by multiple individuals because if they sensed a full breach of not one but two windows, they would have been up there with armed security and shot this man before he could’ve starting opening fire. Impossible for one man to do!”

            • Whoever you are, you are the second person to write Alex with precise information about the manner in which the windows are secured. They cannot be opened, broken or, now we know, even bumped.

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