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    Videos continue to be uploaded to YouTube by the thousands of people who were present at the Las Vegas shootings of October 1st, whether in the line of fire or staying in the hotels of the Las Vegas Strip.

    This video was uploaded by Benjamin Franks on October 21st and it’s a valuable document of the events that night, both on the ground and on TV. It was taken from the MGM Grand hotel with a view of the Hooters Hotel and Casino across the street at 115 East Tropicana Avenue. We see no less than fifteen ambulances assembling in front of Hooters, as Franks and his friend’s voices are heard off-camera describing the medics bringing out stretchers and removing several bodies from inside that venue. The camera angle is very wide, so it is difficult to see exactly what’s happening. If their observations are correct, that there was shooting at Hooters, this would confirm the testimony of Gio Rios.

    We see several more ambulances racing to other afflicted areas. At one point, toward the back of the camera frame, we see many ambulances similarly lining up behind the concert venue on Reno Avenue. The Tropicana hotel is seen in the upper center right and the Luxor hotel and Mandalay Bay are seen in the upper right corner of the frame.

    The footage here is raw and uncut, with two off-camera voices trying to determine what’s happening. As far as they’re concerned, the center of activity is Hooters but then they notice ambulances going to other locations and figure that there must be “two locations.” A live TV news broadcast describes the shooting at the Harvest 91 music festival and initially “two suspects,” then “multiple scenes.”

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    • Do u realize when something like this happens, several staging areas have to be set up in an area away from the mayhem. It’s been reported that hundreds of people
      , some wounded, were rushing into Hooters to get off the streets and seek safety anywhere they could. They were pouring into all nearby casinos and hotels.

    • This was an act of War ! We need to demand that all the facts be presented ! The lockdown of Public information is Traitorous ! We have Enemies within ! Open Eyes & Ears from here on out ! This was a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice on another level of this diabolical attack. Unfortunately the majority of the public is already on to the next perverted Headline and will never know the truth as we know it at this point. Multiple shooters, multiple locations, changed timelines, incorrect check in dates, links to arms dealing, CIA ties dating back to Criminal Father with Mob connections, Anti depressant drug user, Leftist, Dealings with Russian Mobster in Las Vegas arrested in June. Possible: Money laundering, Drug shipping, Had cased other outdoor festivals from Las Vegas to New York, Girlfriend involved with Rebel Factions in Philippines, Second shooter ? conspirator arrested in Tenn. ? This is a multilevel operation with all the Spy vs. Spy actors involved from Mossad to the “Black Op” forces in CIA,FBI, and turn coat and dupes from the local level on up ! We have been given a clear “wake up” call and it is our duty to pursue the truth and spread the word to the best of our abilities to all our fellow countrymen, Our Brothers and Sisters ! I Pray to Our Father that he Protect his Children And for give us for allowing Our Nation to become the Tyrannical malevolent power that it has become.

      • Yes, it seems indeed to be so that we have enemies within every body.
        My question why is this so, abd who/what organised it?
        Is this happening ONLY on earth?

          • Elle,
            Our sun has a huge impact on earth, where human beings are made out of spiritual stardust. The sun radiates its energy by an inner fusion. Where this radiation is a result of this inner fusion.
            However, this inner vision does not end in a black hole as this happens by a more heavy star. Therefore it is hard for human beings to find their inner centre for finding paradise within.
            So fighting will go on, on earth.

            Because their are many heavy stars, it would be possible to find, on a planet around such a heavy star, a humanity with an inner centre.Maybe you will become an intelligent alien on such a planet?

    • My 82nd birthday today.. Gleaning that this whole event was just another entire parody of bullshit is best present ever.. Americans, it time to rise up in your millions and kick these toe rags out! Your end days are closing in fast!

    • yea i don’t even see them bringing anyone into these wambulances HAHAHA las vegas was a bigger joke then sandy hoax OMG i really thought that these false flags would stop!

      they should have directed maria straight into WDC..TRUMP TELL THE TRUTH AND ARREST THE BASTARDS ENOUGH IS A GOD DAMN NUFF!! #DISCLOSEEVERYTHINGNOW!! #NOMORESECRETS!! END THE FED END THE SHIT DOLLAR STOP AMERIKA BEFORE IT TOO LATE!! TRUMP I WANT YOU TO DISAVOW THE CIA FBI NSA IRS FEMA EPA FCC FAA DOE DOE DOD what should still be called the dept of war isn’t amerika so lame….AND HELL I WANT YOU TO DISAVOW THE GOVT AS A WHOLE AND THE UN!! i want you to get the hell rid of shitssions mccrapster smelly mad hog and full of it son!! i wanna see you cracking heads oct has begun after lil time left then we have a party…if you are playing 4D chess and not connect four you better be making your move soon I DUNNO WHAT IN THE GOD DAMN HELL IS TAKING SO LONG?! sept 23 now oct 18 WOOT WOOT!! i wanna see some action A POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!! GET READY china is finally attacking the comex and the LBMA OPENLY china and russia wanted to back the yuan and rubble with gold LAST YEAR ALREADY amerika said hell no we will declare an act of war on you…they are going to do it now finally and on top of that china is doing a deal with all their exporters to SAY FUCK THE SHIT DOLLAR FINALLY and get yuan and make exchanges at hong kong or shanghai exchange AMERIKAN BULLSHIT MUST END stop using the shit dollar for goodness sake and screw bitcoin and shitcoin and lamecoin!!

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