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UPDATE: On October 10, 2017, Shepard Ambellas, Publisher of transcribed the audio from publicly available Las Vegas Metro Police scanners to form a timeline of the massacre of October 1st.

This timeline and the multiple incidents and locations of shooters support statements made by the young Gio Rios, who was near the front row at Jason Aldean’s performance and narrowly escaped getting shot. Rios recorded his account of the events in the Facebook Livestream above on October 8th, 2017. The police scanner timeline appears beneath the summary of Rios’ testimony.

Rios reports hearing additional rounds of gunfire being shot from both outside and within the Tropicana hotel, as well as  from the direction of the New York New York hotel. These events are also referenced in the police scanner timeline below and are in serious contradiction to the official “Lone Nut” narrative about Stephen Paddock propagated by the Las Vegas police department and the Mainstream Media.


A young man named Gio Rios did a livestream on Facebook last Sunday and I’ve edited out some of his small talk (especially in the beginning) and added some titles. He made this livestream because he is appalled at the lies of the US Government and Mainstream Media. He states unequivocally, “What happened exactly one week ago was a terrorist attack. It was group-organized, it was choreographed and I don’t want anyone thinking it was a one-person shooter…This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.”

Gio says he was staying at the Luxor hotel with his girlfriend, Marissa the weekend of the Las Vegas shooting. They went to the Route 91 festival across the street and were watching Jason Aldean perform near the front row, Stage Left when the shots began firing and people all around them began dropping. (They were in the area closest to the sights of the guns being fired from the Mandalay Bay hotel).

Gio describes hearing the horrible sound of bullets penetrating human flesh as he fled the venue with Marissa on Giles Street, only to hear more shots coming from the direction of the Hooters restaurant on Tropicana Boulevard. He and Marissa hid behind a car before being herded into the Tropicana Hotel with dozens of other fleeing, bleeding concertgoers, one of whom died in the hallway.

While in this hallway, a very calm, muscular, light brown-skinned man with a black polymer suitcase ordered him into the casino. Gio refused and asked what was in the suitcase (this was a chaotic crisis situation with a dead man beside them on the floor and this cool and collected man had a suitcase). The man looked him dead in the eye and was about to show Gio what was inside when very rapid bursts of gunfire erupted in the Tropicana casino and the man ran in that direction. Jason’s impression was that people were being herded into the casino to be killed and that this man would have killed him, if he hadn’t been distracted.

(During the question session at the end, which I’ve edited out, Gio describes the man as speaking unaccented Southern Californian English and looking like he was maybe of “Armenian” ethnicity, which I take to mean that he looked like a male Kim Kardashian).

After escaping through a door, Gio and Marissa were in an alleyway when shots began firing again, from fairly close range in the direction of the New York New York hotel. They then ran back into the alley and hid inside a dumpster for three hours.

It was from this location that he heard helicopters flying over the Strip for several hours. He asks why, if by then Stephen Paddock had already been found dead, that the police would still be looking for perpetrators, if they were so certain that they had found their Lone Gunman. He says, “They knew that there were multiple shooters.”

After three hours in the dumpster, he and Marissa emerged and a Las Vegas Metro cop immediately told them to get inside the Tropicana hotel, which had by then been secured. They lay on the floor of a convention room for a couple of hours and waited for every hotel on the Strip to check and clear all of the rooms so they could go back. He comments, “Again, why were they doing that if there had only been one shooter?”

When the TV was turned on and it was announced that, “Two were confirmed dead and 20 injured,” Gio and Marissa were shocked because they had seen with their own eyes that the casualties were much greater. The local TV station flashed the phone number for the FBI tip line. Gio immediately called the FBI and relayed everything that’s been stated here. At that point, he thought this was the right thing to do. He’s not so sure about his safety anymore (!)

Gio describes staying up all night and finally getting back to their room at the Luxor hotel and watching Trump’s speech at 7AM. He says, “It wasn’t right…It was a terrorist attack, OK?…There’s no way in Hell that a 64-year-old, untrained man could shoot an automatic military grade weapon from the 34th (sic) floor at a declining grade and hit people…[he couldn’t do that] for ten minutes straight. There’s no way. And if you believe that, I’m sorry. I have no words for you…it was a terrorist attack. Donald Trump can’t say that because he doesn’t want that [on his watch]…but who gives a sh*t?

“Be real! Tell the people the truth! If you are running our country, you need to tell them the truth…this is immense, people! This was so huge. This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.”



09:59 pm
Security guard Jesus Campos was reportedly struck in leg by a bullet after the suspect, Stephen Paddock, fired a 200-round volley of bullets through the door of room 135.

10:07 pm
Unreported potshots were taken into the crowd before fully-automatic gunfire erupted.

10:08 pm
Officer reports a 415A (Assault/Battery with a Gun). “We got shots fired at Route 91 […] sounded like an automatic firearm.“
Officer reports that he sees the shots coming from ‘Mandalay Bay halfway up.’

10:10 pm
CP reports: ‘[…] many people down, stage left. Just be advised’

10:11 pm
Officer reports that the gunfire ‘sounds like its coming from an elevated position.’
Officer reports ‘multiple casualties.’

“Control be advised: shots are coming from Gate 7” (This report verifies that a second active shooter may be firing from Gate 7)

10:13 pm
Officer requests that Las Vegas Blvd. be ‘shut down between Russel Rd. and Flamingo.’
Officer “159” reports that gunfire is coming from a window on the north side of the Mandalay, ’50 or 60th floor.’
Officer “179SE” reports that ‘muzzle flashes are coming from the middle of the Mandalay Bay on the north side of the west tower by the casino on one of the middle floors.’

10:14 pm
Officer reports that he is in the 31st-floor of Mandalay Bay and that he hears automatic gunfire one floor above him.’
CP: All units be advised: Fully automatic fire from an elevated position, take cover.
Officer reports a flashing about one-third to halfway up the tower of the Mandalay Bay.
Units on Las Vegas Blvd. were taking fire and were subsequently directed to not proceed northbound.

10:15 pm
Officer “166” reports a gunshot victim at ‘Gate 8.’
Officer reports ‘one down with a gunshot wound to the leg on Reno and Giles, another female shot in the mouth.’

10:16 pm
Officer reports 50-60 civilians are pinned down behind a wall at Mandalay Bay Rd. and Las Vegas Blvd. (Debris and bullet going over their heads.)
Control reports ‘a gunshot victim at Gate 4.’

10:17 pm
Officer reports that the shooter is ‘on about the 15th-floor of the Mandalay Bay facing the lot.’
Report that an officer has been shot.
“067SE” reports ‘multiple victims, shots fired right outside the medical tent.’

10:18 pm
Control 224: ‘New CP location will be South Central Area Command.’
Officer “169” reports his team has reached the 32nd-floor.

10:20 pm
Gunshot wound reported on officer “15820.”
Officer “751” reports ‘it’s been a while since he heard any shots.’

10:21 pm
Control: ‘I got to gunshot victims at Gate 6 with gunshot wounds to the chest and head.’
Officer “769” reports that he’s ‘taking fire from a very high floor and we think that it is possibly coming from the Mandalay Bay on the boulevard side.’

10:22 pm
Officer reports a ‘strobe light‘ coming from the ‘eastside’ of Mandalay Bay.
Officer “361” requests that a lieutenant set up another Command post on Las Vagas Blvd. and Tropicana.

10:23 pm
Officer 235: “Control? We are getting from civilians that there are three shooters.”
Officer reports that multiple eyewitnesses saw multiple people being shot and multiple shooters inside the concert venue.’
Police start to set up a perimeter at Tropicana and Russell and lockdown the outer perimeter.656 sets up a CP at ‘Tropicana and the boulevard.’

10:24 pm
Report of a male victim with a gunshot wound to the shoulder ‘going into terminal shock.’
Officer reports a ‘white car going the wrong way down Las Vegas Blvd. toward the Mandalay Bay.’

10:25 pm
Officer confirms active shooter in room ’32-135 in the Mandalay Bay.’ (Paddock’s Room)
“644D” reports multiple victims with gunshot wounds on the east side of the building at Reno just east of the boulevard on the east side of the church.’ Says that he has a “5-man team” with him to ‘provide cover for medical.’

10:26 pm
Control reports that Mandalay Bay security confirms shots fired on floors 29 and 32.
Officer reports his team is emerging on the 32nd floor by the “dead officer.”
Officer reports that a security guard on the 32nd-floor has also been shot by the suspect.

10:27 pm
An officer on the 32nd-floor: “We will need the 29th-floor [cleared as well]. It sounds like it’s confirmed there are at least two shooters.”
“715Z” requests that someone go to the “camera room to keep an eye on that 32nd-floor.”

10:28 pm
CP: “All units make sure that your vehicles are locked citizens are trying to go into them and grab shotguns.”

10:29 pm
CP: “We have units staging at the boulevard and Tropicana.”

10:30 pm
A report of multiple casualties “stage right on the concert floor.”
Traffic spotted headed northbound on Las Vegas Blvd.

10:31 pm
Temporary medical triage set up on the southwest corner of Tropicana and the boulevard.

10:32 pm
A report that an officer just north of “the event” suffered a “gunshot wound to the head.”
Reports of “multiple people running across runways” at McCarran International Airport.

10:34 pm
Officer reports a ‘black Chevy dually pickup truck headed the wrong way on the boulevard. “Ripped out of the parking lot,” as witnessed by another officer.

10:36 pm
A “4-man element” works to clear the 29th-floor of the Mandalay Bay.

10:38 pm
An “8-man element” clears the casino floor of Mandalay Bay.

10:43 pm
Pedestrian reports ‘older white male with black fatigues and a black bag went into a white motorhome by the Motel 6 (Corner of Cobalt and Tropicana on the south side.) Witnesses say he came from the area of the shooting.
East side of the lower roof cleared. Employees still on the upper roof.

10:45 pm
A civilian stole a patrol car.
Officer reports that he’s being ‘overtaken by citizens who are trying to take patrol cars.’

10:46 pm
Multiple casualties reported at Giles and Alibaba.

10:48 pm
Around 20 dead bodies reported in the venue.
Casualties reported inside the Mandalay Bay.

11:02 pm
Officer reports that a man in a maroon shirt and black short did not listen to his orders. He was headed to the Delano.

11:03 pm
Report of active shooters headed down the escalator from New York New York to the Excalibur.
[End of Transcript #1]

11:06 pm
Report: ‘Many subjects were down […] shooter at front desk of New York New York.’

11:07 pm
Officer reports that a male suspect got out of a white Ford super-duty dually truck and ran north with a rifle and hid in the bushes. 20-30 years of age. (Transcript #3)

11:08 pm
Control: ‘Please be advised there is a woman with a gunshot wound to the head at the Tropicana.’ (Transcript #3)
[Begining of Transcript #2]

11:13 pm
Harrah’s is ‘Code 4.’

11:15 pm
Excalibur is clear.

11:18 pm
‘Suspect armed with a rifle.’

11:19 pm
[What sounds like fully-automatic gunfire can be heard over an open mic with a fast cycle rate, possibly an MP5 9mm] ‘Bellagio is hearing a lot of shots being fired. A suspect is inside.’

11:20 pm
(Officers reportedly breach suspect’s room)

11:21 pm
Officer: ‘Bellagio is going to be negative for a 415A and that’s per security.’

11:22 pm
The third floor of the Mandalay Bay is clear.

11:24 pm
Officer: ‘Female wearing camo, Air Force related dress uniform, she has short blonde hair with a cover on braid — with another female wearing a black top and blue jeans — they took off running after they passed me.’

11:26 pm
Officer: ‘Newer model black Monte Carlo arrived at 22:13 (10:13 pm) at the valet in front of the Luxor. Four males got out.’ (Possible suspects)

11:29 pm
Officer: ‘Possible suspect in a trash can. An officer is pulling him out.’

11:31 pm
Officer: ‘Taking 3 into custody’
Officer: ‘2 females, possibly armed with weapons, they threw something to the ground.’
Person spotted ‘laying down by a power box.’

11:32 pm
[Transcript #3 starts here]

11:37 pm
Control: ‘Woman is calling in saying that a shooter is on the 7th-floor of the garage at the Mirage.’

11:43 pm
Medics report that they are taking fire at the Tropicana. (Transcript #3)
‘Zebro-Twenty has one suspect down.’

11:44 pm
Officer reports 1000-1200 people sheltered in place inside the Michael Jackson Theatre at Mandalay Bay
Officer reports ‘negative shots fired at the Tropicana.’ (Transcript #3)

11:46 pm
Officer reports 30 citizens sheltering in place at the southwest corner of the fairgrounds.

11:48 pm
Control requests update on ‘possible device at the Luxor.’ (Transcript #3)

11:49 pm
Report of shots fired at the Ceasar’s Palace and the Bellagio. (Transcript #3)

11:50 pm
Floors 1-5 have been cleared at Mandalay Bay.

11:51 pm
Report of ‘a guy with a gun at the Paris. Security is trying to point him out but we can’t find him.’ (Transcript #3)

11:52 pm
Bellagio security confirms ‘negative shots fired. No one is going in and out and they are locking it down.’ (Transcript #3)

11:53 pm
Pavilion inside the Tropicana secured.

11:54 pm
Strike Team of 6 arrives at the Tropicana. (Transcript #3)

11:56 pm
Officer reports that a ‘WFA grabbed a silver extinguisher and placed it behind a slot machine at 23:55 (10:55 pm).’
Officer: ‘We have intel — shots fired at Harrah’s. Need confirmation.’
Reports of shots fired at Planet Hollywood. (Transcript #3)

11:57 pm
Officers request that the Luxor be checked for ‘shots fired.’
Report: ‘Subject ran across the roof at the front of the Tropicana.’ (Transcript #3)
Strike Team 13 arrives at the Paris. (Transcript #3)

11:58 pm
Report: ‘Negative shots fired at New York New York.’ (Transcript #3)

11:59 pm
Zebra-Twenty finds a credit card in the shooter’s room which bears the name “Marilou Danley” on it. (Transcript #3)

12:01 am (Oct. 2, 2017)
Strike Team deployed to Harrah’s
Zebra-Twenty finds an address associated with the credit card and the suspect. “1372 Babbling Brook Court

12:02 am
Report of a male walking into the Bellagio employee entrance with a rifle. (Transcript #3)
4th-floor of Mandalay Bay is clear. (Transcript #3)

12:12 am
Officer gets a report of a ‘white male wearing a black t-shirt who is going into clubs armed with and clearing them out.’ Last seen at Chateau.

12:14 am
Officer reports ‘no casualties at Tropicana.’
Possible suspect on 4th-floor Mandalay Bay

12:20 am
Reports of gunshot victims at Reno and Giles
Officer: ‘One in custody at the Motel 6.’

12:21 am
Officer: ‘Shots fired at the Aria. A bunch of people are running but nobody actually heard the shots’ (Transcript #3)

12:23 am
Report of Active Shooter on 4th-floor of Mandalay.

12:24 am
Strike Team enters casino floor to sweep it (Mandalay Bay).

12:25 am
Report of a “413” (Person with a Gun) by the Motel 6 trailer unit

12:32 am
Officer requests a Strike Team to Gate 4 of the venue.
Officer: ‘We have a suspect who we are not yet able to take into custody.’
Strike Team 22: ‘We are en route.’

12:35 am
Report: Bally’s security saying they have one detained — saying that he was involved in this. Negative weapons were found on him.

12:36 am
Officer: ‘White male in custody at Bally’s, no weapon.’

12:39 am
Report: Encore and Winn on lockdown. No more areas of concern.

12:43 am
Zebra 50 requests that ‘6 EMTs meet Zebra units in the Mandalay Bay lower valet and team up with them to clear floors and assist with medical.’

12:46 am
‘Reports of shots fired at New York New York’
Force Pro 6: ‘We don’t have any shots fired.’

01:04 am
Officer: ‘Vehicle at Luxor has been cleared. It is not a bomb.’

01:08 am
Officer reports that ‘most of the Tropicana is secure.’

01:09 am
More people found inside concert venue after it was cleared.

01:18 am
Officer: ‘People are still getting into the venue crime scene — lockdown the inner perimeter.’

01:32 am
Report: Woman claims to have video of a shooter.

01:44 am
Report: ‘2 WMA running northbound from Four Seasons’

01:45 am
Unit making contact with the 2 WMAs

02:26 am
The airport is open.

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  • What Rios heard was not firecrackers — that was the sound of bullets from a silenced sniper rifle breaking the sound barrier. From this location you could make a rough calculation of the distance at which those rounds were fired. When people were hit by the sniper, the crowd near center field began to run for the exit farthest from the strip and that is when the machine guns started.

    Rios says there are “terrorists on our soil” as if this had to be arranged by some foreign power and there is no possibility whatsoever that it was done by a criminal faction within the U.S. government. He apparently regards multiple conspirators as proof of a FOREIGN operation, but does not regard the coverup as proof of a DOMESTIC operation! This attitude is precisely what makes it possible for state sponsored terrorism to succeed: if no one believes that an inside job is POSSIBLE, then the perpetrators are GUARANTEED to get away with it, and that makes it highly PROBABLE, considering all of the other false flag ops that have been admitted or exposed by whistleblowers. If this was done by some foreign power, there would be no reason to hide the other shooters!

    When Rios described SUITCASE MAN trying to herd witnesses into the casino, it reminds me of something that happened on 9/11: After the first plane hit, there were “security guards” who appeared on the grounds telling people to go back to their desk instead of going home, so the casualties from the coming hit on the other tower would lend an extra push to the political agenda of perpetual war for profit and mass surveillance. When Bush used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and started doing things which were not necessary for “regime change” (like bombing civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure with no military objective), this is when I knew for sure that 9/11 was an inside job. Building 7 only confirmed it.

    Just like in the JFK assassination, the feds usurped jurisdiction in violation of the constitution, then tampered with the crime scene to pin the blame on a lone gunman so they could have an excuse to close the case before an investigation points to the real perpetrators. It does not do a damn bit of good to call the FBI when the agency has been involved in crimes and coverups from the day it was created! The FBI has always worked hand in glove with military/intelligence to perpetrate and cover up false flag operations. This is the price you pay for a national police force, the National Security Act, and all of the post-9/11 legisation which expanded the secret government. Secrecy begats tyranny: if you create secret police, secret courts and secret agencies with secret budgets, you ALWAYS end up with a government of outlaws! What part of this do people not understand?? So long as you keep electing a congress which supports the shadow government, you will continue to be plagued by false flag terrorism!

    Suitcase man is like the Umbrella man of the JFK assassination — it’s one of many anomalies which reveals “the matrix” to those with eyes to see. Now we can understand the frustration for those of Jack Kennedy’s generation who saw the mainstream media facilitating the coverup but could not make their friends and family confront the awful truth of what that massive coverup means. So I want you to think long and hard about what ELSE could be true if all of the mainstream news outlets are controlled by the same source.

    Operation high incident

    Who controls the FBI

    Find a way to invade Iraq



    It looks like a planned coup by the national security state.

    Visas for terrorists
    The ‘Visas Express’ program allowed visas to be given automatically without interviews or background checks. The program was introduced ONLY in Saudi Arabia. No other such privilege has ever been extended to any allies of the United States.

    9/11 prompted glee in Bush administration


    Map of diversions on the LV strip

    What happens to a spook when he refuses a million dollar contract to blow up a federal building.

    • Look up Project Hammer. Real cause for 9-11 revealed.

      Project Hammer

      While still “president” in the minds of CIA, and with his fellow druggie Bill Clinton in the White House, Poppy Bush began funding and planning Project Hammer, a financial scam aimed at bringing down the Russian economy and looting its central bank.

      Commonly referred to as “The Great Ruble Scam,” Pegasus CIA team Bush ran this scam focused on Russian Oil & Gas companies during the Yeltsin years that culminated in the 1998 Financial Crash of Russia.

      The financial instrument used for the op was the Hammer Fund, which was investigated by ONI (Naval Intel), who moved into the recently renovated outer ring of the Pentagon, just before Sept 11th 2001. Thirty nine of the forty investigators looking into the Hammer Fund were killed that day.

      Unbelievably, many of the passengers on Flight 77 were Pentagon Black ops that held top security clearance at the Pentagon.

      Imagine the luck for team Bush. What with W teaching those kids to read that day in school, and being the multi-tasking, talented guy that he was, he could teach and lead black ops projects at the same time.

      And as luck upon luck would have it, Project Hammer’s 10 year security note of $240 billion, expired on Sept 12th 2001.

  • “Security guard Jesus Campos was reportedly struck in leg by a bullet after the suspect, Stephen Paddock, fired a 200-round volley of bullets through the door of room 135.”

    Through the door? If that was the case, then how does Campos know Paddock was the one doing the shooting? Paddock could have already been on the floor with a bullet through his head. The whole “case” against Paddock is circumstantial.

  • A 200 round burst? ! ! That monstrous clip must have been a leetle mite unwieldy, to say the leas. Also what kept the barrel and operating mechanism from overheating? Or is that an unfair question to ask?

    The feds don’t need to spread disinformation. Just feed a few facts to the media and let the media spread all the disinformation the presstitutes can think up.

  • Saudi Arabia has stopped funding terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia is continuing to invest billions in the U.S.A. Saudi Arabia is very slowly leaving the Middle Ages and becoming a modern nation-state. Israel does not want the U.S. to replace Israel with Saudi Arabia as America’s best friend in the Middle East. Israel benefits the most from Arabs and Moslems appearing to have done Vegas. Israel benefits the most the weaker the United States becomes.

  • This event, if not a conspiracy, is still full of convolutions.

    Like the 9-11 attacks, the full truth might not be knowable within our lifetimes; and that would be by design.

  • The so-called terrorist group is cabal (Rothschild Zionist Nazis)-controlled anti-gun / control the population agenda, using co-opted traitors from KKR Blackwater

  • I don’t want to be “That guy”, the crazy conspiracy guy however how do you explain what we see in these 2 vids originally taken from msm tv news of alleged victims of serious gunshot wounds at the Las Vegas concert. The first has a girl who supposedly was shot in the shoulder and it punctured her lung … The 2nd is “hero” Mike Cronk visiting his buddy Rob Mactintosh who got 3 heavy caliber bullets to the chest and the major surgery to save his life just a day or 2 before
    These are blatant fakers so what am I left to believe ? Gio’s story ? This Steve Schuck the mandalay service guy with the constantly darting eyes ? The MSM ? Or what my own eyes see with these 2 vids ? If this is faked is the whole event faked ?

    • You don’t know WTF you are talking about. You’d be surprised what the body can take. And even more, you’d be surprised what the body can take, after being patched up, and doped up. I knew a guy in Vietnam that got shot to pieces, separated from his unit, and evaded capture for 3 days on the run before being rescued, survived, and then went on to be a Drill. You think everyone who gets shot are all the same. That all bullet wounds, even from the same caliper, are all the same, and everyone, despite the nature of the wound, all react the same. And you have never seen walking chest wounds in your life.

      • According to Jeff Cooper the record for most AK-47 hits survived is 20, by a Bushman. He had to walk 20 miles to get medical attention.

  • Smart to get this all out. They, deep state FBI or higher, could kill someone with a secret that knows too much. The Clintons have had killed a lot of people that helped them. Luciferians often doublecross. The FBI has been threatening witnesses and demanding they change their story. With their gun running for Holder, you can’t trust them either. They’re deep state now. Look how Hillary is never charged. ISIS is CIA, Mossad, Saudi’s. etc.

    • Gun running was going on wayyyyy before Ollie North and has continued ever since. It never stopped. Various schemes like “operation linebacker” under Bush and “fast and furious” under Obomber, etc., its all the same. Its going on right under the Donald. The U.S. Presidents are always puppets. Ever since LBJ.

    Arizona FBI Longbow team is part of the investigation team on this mass shooting, same FBI terrorist gang that killed cattle at Bundy Ranch, that picked up and hid bullet casings then lied about it at Lavoy’s murder in Oregon where the area was later burned by arsonists, they interviewed Jared and Amanda Miller before they killed the 2 Las Vegas cops. Longbow was arrested in Garland, Tx at “Draw Mohammed” and now being sued in Texas for the incident that got cops shot at, involved in the murder of border agent Brian Terry, ’60 Minutes’ did a segment of FBI Longbow corruption. Greg Burleson, ‘Wagon Burner’, who just got 68 years fed time in Vegas worked for them, etc, etc… FBI Longbow radicalizes people. Where ever this ‘elite’ FBI go they get arrested, investigated, indicted, sued, media reported, evidence disappears, arson ensues, people die. AGAIN! Operation Cerberus.

    Paddock lived 5 min. from the Bundy Standoff so which side did he #Stand?
    Need military IG to investigate this not FBI terrorist gangs.

    Fed’s Killing Cops or Just Collateral Damage? Again!

  • Gio, thanks for this riveting video. America is under attack and isn’t odd that the government doesn’t want us to know…until it’s too late. 16 years after 9/11 and and 119 years after “Remember the Maine” and countless false flag operations in between, how can anyone believe the government or the FBI?

  • With all that going on, a couple people should have jumped on him and if nothing was in the suitcase, apologize and chalk it up to being safe..

  • You cannot imagine my horror and upset as I watched this awful event unfold on the UK news, The absolute terror of the victims and those next to or close by as the shots rained down is impossible to underestimate. Now what Government would let this happen or instigate such events on the people who entrust them to protect them? Not only are we in the west put at massive risk and danger by the reaction of targeted peoples or groups due to the foreign policy and secret agendas of our governments or the cartels that pull their strings we are put in the same postion by the direct action false flag operation of the same parties. The MSM are complicit in this charade. I hear people regurgitate the statements and opinions carefully crafted for their consumption by the MSM. I’m afraid truth is irrelivant. It is the story to which the herd pin their flag so they can be seen to be on the side of the ‘good’ and to reflect group behaviour. The people who question the official story, produce contary evidence or comment are also at risk of reprisal. Is nobody safe? My thanks and respect to all who report and question in a search for truth.

  • All the answers can be found at the airport. Everyone involved with the attack had diplomatic immunity and were immediately escorted out of the country. Just look at the flight records for that hour,. This is where the mistakes made are very public.

  • God bless youboth for your courage and fortitude. God and the angels brought you through this
    for which we are all extremely grateful. We need people like you on this planet at this time.
    Thank you.

  • “During the question session at the end, which I’ve edited out, Gio describes the man as speaking unaccented Southern Californian English and looking like he was maybe of “Armenian” ethnicity.”

    Armenian? ….. or Israeli?

    • For an American who has not lived in or traveled extensively in the Middle East it would be difficult to determine. Those who have could determine a likely origin in a second–just like here. Who’s of German, British or Irish descent.

  • If there was shooting at other locations, why no reports of deaths or injuries at these places? All casualties are tied to the concert field.

  • Horrible experience. Excellent thinking on their feet, these two. The hotel suitcase guy, creepy sounding like something out of a bad dream. If Gio felt the guy was a weapons man he was likely right. Although interrupted, thank God, he was right to trust those feelings. Never, ever distrust your gut. I’m awed that he had the presence of mind to ask what was in the suitcase, given the horror going on around them.

    Terrorist attack, yes. But, who were the terrorists that were allowed to run wild murdering people in a heavily populated zone for so long, lied about almost immediately by the local authorities (5-minutes into the scene!?) with that lie retold repeatedly on MSM and all is then blamed on one man when clearly several shooters existed and none of the MSM crap is true yet they are still running with the “lone nut” story? Who, what, when, where, why? Think. There is clearly deadly collusion here.

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