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    Taking the FBI up on their request for help from the public, Mike Adams did exactly what needed to be done, here. Using the timecodes from the clearly-audible cellphone videos of the Las Vegas Shooting, he measured the times when the bullets are heard hitting the pavement versus their “reports,” when coming out of the gun barrels.

    Yes that’s plural. Using basic Junior High School geometry, he took 1) the approximate speed of bullets traveling out of the guns (975 meters/sec., based on a Remington rifle, so not an exact match for the guns used but roughly 3X faster than sound); versus 2) the speed of sound at 20% humidity (345 meters/sec.); 3) the low-pitched report sounds; versus 4) the high-pitched pavement strikes. Finding the difference between all of these, he was able to calculate that one shooter of that evil sustained automatic gunfire that we’ve all now heard so many times was indeed shooting at the same distance from the festival audience as the Mandalay Bay hotel tower, at 425-475 meters away, while a second shooter was clearly closer to the targeted concertgoers, at 250-275 meters away. This doesn’t rule out additional shooters firing from these same general distances.

    He proposes three locations for the “second shooter” on the opposite side of the concert venue. Based on what we see and hear in this video, I’d go with the second location that he proposes, somewhere in the direction of the vacant lot across Giles Street or the Oasis Apartments, located diagonally to the audience.

    The FBI and the Mainstream Media want to pretend that people are so dumbed-down and math-challenged that they can’t figure out something as basic and straightforward as this, hewing stubbornly to their idiotic and easily disprovable claims that one “Lone Nut” somehow committed this atrocity. The contempt for science and common sense on display have been a replay of so many violations that we saw on 9/11. One wonders if citizen investigators like Mike Adams will be able to own the narrative or get streamrolled by the lying government once again.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • tHE OFFICIALS, ALL OF THEM are busy covering the entire thing up for their agenda, after all if people were to be told there were others that got away, why if people believed there were others they might stay aware and bring their guns to large events anticipating the bastards doing it again and its apparent the officials plan to have it happen again and again ,here are multiple links FROM
      Jeff & Gary Holland – Those Who Deny People Died
      In Vegas Are Either Intel Assets Or Fools

      Jeff & Gary Holland – The Campos Scam On Ellen & More

      Helicopter Stories – Here

      General Stories – Here

      Live Fire Videos Proving Multiple Shooters – Here

      Rense Photo Analysis – Click Here

      Eyewitness Accounts – Here

      Jesus Campos Stories – Here

      Witnesses Who Have Died Since October 1 – Here

    • The officials do not want to know what they already know. You will realize that, get deadbolts that lock all your doors from the inside and bedrooms and windows need to be either screwed shut or have also deadbolts. Your interfering with their Oswald approach.

    • Expert? Has anyone read about this guy? He seems to be an expert musician, health specialist and ballistics expert???? Oh Please???
      All he’s an expert at is scamming and spreading bulls**t!!

    • Aham: “Love is within, is now inside the center of being.” Really? and which paperback romantic novel did you read that out of? You have me curious now.

          • Love is with-in me = health in oneness.
            Hate is with-out your pain, where hate now has become love.

            Pain attracts pain for increasing pain, where shooting happens by any kind of projection in pain.
            Health attracts health for increasing health, where personal/human love evolves into universal love.

            God is with-out gender = universal love energy.

    • This was also explained on an episode of modern weapons. This is how manned and unmanned combat vehicles find who, what and where thru are being fired at from. These are things the fbi should, and do, already know. They just don’t want to fully investigate and are only releasing the info. They want us to believe.. They’re doing a bad job at that also..

    • I think it is remarkable that there is so much detailed knowldédge over weapons.
      Where is the detailed knowledge over love?

      • YEAH… your so right…. and I used to live in America too. I used to love doing the things Mike does and now I cry myself to sleep every night. Note to Mike. On my FB account. I have suggested that the video content might be just simply a recording fed from the concerts speakers. Just in case you missed it… which I doubt.

          • Yeah. actually I am fine thank you… I was pulling your leg. I normally sleep like a log and only cry when I peel onions.

            • Dioscovering who you are is like peeling onions.
              It hurts to feel how many layers of deception are present around the centre of the onion.

              Love is within, is now inside the centre of being.

    • Comment from the West Point Forum: The analysis is based on the 5.56mm round moving at 975 meters/second (~3,200 fps), and the speed of sound of 345 meters/second. This yielded a “gap” in time from when the sound of rounds impacting was recorded, to when the report of the rifle was recorded — of .528 seconds, which he used to determine the range from the hotel room to the venue.

      Media reports said that there were also 7.62mm rifles in the hotel room, and that docs were extracting .30 caliber projectiles from victims. I don’t know whether any of those reports is accurate.

      The 7.62mm round is slower than a 5.56mm round (about 2,600 fps, or 792 meters per second) — and the rounds are heavier, too (roughly 150 grains vs. 55 grains for 5.56mm). So one would need to consult ballistics tables for 7.62mm rounds.

      Perhaps the shorter “gap in time” that he measured at .374 seconds is better explained by slower 7.62mm rounds being fired from the hotel room — and taking longer to hit the pavement — (speed of sound unchanged), instead of an additional 5.56mm shooter firing from an unknown location at a range of 250 yards? Maybe there’s a way to reply to him to ask him to perform those calculations?

      • I’m no ballistics expert but I’ve heard that rifles don’t have that range plus it wouldn’t explain increasing reports from people fleeing the concert of shots coming from the direction of the Tropicana Hotel – of shots IN the Tropicana Hotel – and of shots coming from New York, New York. This is to say nothing of the shots heard at the Bellagio.

    • Mutherfucking CORRUPT TRAITORS in Gov’t (including Trump, Pence, and Mike Chertoff..) need to step down – the whole fucking executive branch. we need a MILLION PERSON MARCH to remove these murders.

      This is the Rothschilds POWER/GREED agenda, co-opting weak gov’t men with no character to commit these treasons. It happened on 9/11 (thanks, George Bush & Dickless Cheney), Sandy Hook, Orlando, and now Vegas – they use KKR Blackwater assassins and a patsy like Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook and Stephen Craig Paddock in Vegas.

      The FBI is also corrupt as hell and needs to be closed, along with the NSA and the CIA – nearly traitors all, except for heroes like EDWARD SNOWDEN.


        • I perceive other ways to unite left and right, man and woman, maleness and femaleness where a process of transgender into universal love energy made this possible.

      • Geepers. Are you a conspiracy theorist or something? I bet you think Border Collies are used for herding sheep too. -g-

        • Why do not you say:
          every one survives inside his own body, by an inner split spirituality.
          Such a split is shown inside, by the vision of good and bad.
          Now my question is, from where comes this good and bad?
          Are the religions responsible for this.
          When yes, now any shooting is a religious act.

    • According to chart here: some .308 rounds have a 1000 ft per second slower muzzle velocity than .223. If the bullet is slower then the lag time between bullet hitting and the sound of the report arriving would be shorter, even though they were fired from the same distance. Not sure if the math would work out to provide the difference in lag time that he is seeing on the tapes or not. But if shooter was switching between several guns and 2 different kinds of ammo then differences in lag time would be expected. Just a thought.

      • Listen to the audio. No way one gun with bump stock AR’s can shoot so fast, so quickly, and change guns and firing position so fast – impossible. HAS to be two or more shooters.

        Stephen PAddock is just a patsy – the Zionist bastards who set this up need to be found, or we need to overthrow our gov’t and bring these motherfuckers to justice.

        GET ARMED, TRAINED< and READY – the REVOLUTION is coming…

        • Revolution is coming?
          It started thousands or maybe even millions, of years ago and is still in progress.
          Where is happening a spiritual EVOLUTION?

            • Debbie,

              is it not so that the truth is not coming out?
              Truth is in line with love, which goes to the inside.

              I guess that the lies come out of the dark into the light, where they can be watched.
              Lies are aligned with destrruction of any kind.
              I guess there are much lies on earth.

            • The ultimate truth about who we are is yet to come perhaps. We’re still looking at worldly matters. You seem to be in touch with something higher

    • Nice analysis. Knowledgeable and well presented. I think every aspect of the “news” reported from Las Vegas shooting spree is unreliable. This presentation plus the important questions asked at the end are valid and the authorities need to be seen to be answering them correctly. Thank you

    • I think I am correct in recalling that Paddock had several weapons in the room, some that fired .223 and some that fired .308 rounds. Could the different rounds account for the different lag times the analysis is showing?

      • No. The difference in lag has to do with one shooting location being roughly half the distance of Manadalay Bay to the venue.

    • Investigation…………
      Coult appear an investigation concerning………. why some one is shooting?

      I often hear that the real victims are innocent people as children and civilians.
      Seen this way, now any gunman earing and using a gun is not innocent??
      Just now they are certified by a law?
      If yes, what kind of law is this??
      I guess, this is a religious law, for sure not the law of commen sense.

      The strange thing at all ist that never mind the amount of people who in some way died, the “overpopulation” is still in progress.
      What is happening here on earth??

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