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    To say that the media is controlled is not just an understatement but it misses the point. Its actual purpose is not to inform but to control.

    Dr. Stephen Greer is interviewed here by Mike Adams of NaturalNews about his latest film, ‘Unacknowledged’, which has been facing a major media blackout. One of the central tenets of the film is that the military and intelligence communities have agents in the major media who kill stories related to UFOs.

    In the film, Richard Doty, a senior counterintelligence official recently retired from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) states point-blank that he used to carry bags of cash to people in regional local and national media to alter stories or to stop them from being covered.

    Also in the film, Constitutional attorney Daniel Sheehan describes a document he saw, in which there were 42 people on the payroll of the CIA who are senior editors of news agencies around the world.

    The fact that the film ‘Unacknowledged’ is the second-largest crowd-funded film in history, that it was number one most downloaded documentary on iTunes for several weeks and it recently shot up to the top of Netflix, yet no national media have reviewed it proves the very premise of the film.

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    • Thank you.
      Now, I would like to see Mr Adams take his own advice and quit regurgitating falsehoods concerning the supposed aggression of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich which by pointing out got me booted from his own website. Be part of the solution Mike, not part of the problem…

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