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Here’s the video for Corey Feldman’s new new INDIEGOGO campaign to “stand against the sick and twisted power mongers in the world of Entertainment and beyond.” Child star, Corey Feldman claims that most of the entertainment business people involved with child actors are pedophiles and that pedophilia and sexual abuse are the biggest problems in Hollywood.

With this campaign, Corey hopes to raise money to make his life story into a major motion picture and to afford him the ability to provide security for his family and to cover his legal costs.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This video is one of more to come, because there seems to come up out of the drakness all kinds of gender evil and emotionals pains for suffering.
    In my actions in gender relationships, I meet all kinds of this evil of any intensity.

    By wondering, where this all comes from, I met some commandments as f. e. inside chritianity or other religions.
    – A married couple should stay together until death.
    – Children should repect there parents.

    In this combination appears a struggle by the tree of them:
    A father, a mother, a child, repeating all the time.

    When the child is male, there is a possibility of jeaulousy fight with the father, because the mother has more interest in the fahter as in the male child.
    When this child is female, there is a possibility of a jeaulousy fight with the mother, because the father has more interest in the mother as in the female child.

    Instead of a trinity for healing now appears a trinity for fighting, causing all possible traumas.

    Love is an attraction force between gender of any kind, where healing appears by transforming of old emotional pains.

  • It is clear to me that he suffered a lot and still does.
    Beside the clarification of who did it and why this could happen, there is also a possibility for “work out” such traumatic events and stories.
    I took notice that in fact all people on earth stored many traumatic events of less or strong intensity inside their big brain and inside the body by the small brain.
    These events and stories could have taken place in many previous lives, where they became stored in a spiritual way and became reincarnated on earth again.
    All these emotional pains have a chance for becoming transformed into love energy of the soul.
    I guess, this is the only way for becoming peace on earth.

    I meanwhile know that it is possible to communicate with the own pains, where these pains tell a story and where is found why did this happen.
    It is a process like an aware communication with the own sub-consciousness, where self-healing can be the result and a love consciousness arises.

  • This is powerful! We must support and protect him and fight all immoral evil in this world if humanity is to survive.

    • Couldn’t agree more so be aware of this information, if you are not already.

      Big Brother in Little China — New World Next Week 10/27/17

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