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HBO recently acquired VICE and they’re now producing news shows. Today, they shot an episode with Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt in anticipation of the final release of the JFK assassination records. I was invited to come on as a sidekick. One segment included this raw livestream discussing some of the more interesting documents released through FOIA requests and by the National Archives in the past.

As of the time of this posting, new records have not been released.

According to NBC, “By late Thursday afternoon, the memo specifying which material the CIA, State Department and other agencies still want to keep under wraps had yet not made it to Trump’s desk, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

“‘There’s a mad scramble going on in the executive branch to get this done,’ one official said.

“The CIA is asking only for some redactions, not for all the documents to be held, the official said. But the other agencies involved in the process had not yet finished their submissions.

“Trump, who is no stranger to peddling conspiracy theories about the Kennedy killing, had appeared to be especially eager to get the latest JFK documents out.

“This is likely to be the last JFK document dump, and it remains to be seen whether it finally satisfies people who still dispute the finding of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he gunned down Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963.”

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      • Great, thanks for the link. Are you worried this movement will be attacked by false propaganda? As more organisations pop up to support new energy we need to spot the ones that talk about ‘affordable’ instead of ‘free’ energy. And be wary of talk about the energy market being ‘worth billions’ when it should be about transforming restrictive paradigms. The link I found above looks great with convincing credentials (note the govt backing) but it misses the point that new energy shouldn’t be about monetary value in and of itself, but rather about creating opportunities for local wealth creation. Your link is the real thing 🙂

  • Why have they records sealed for so long?

    Who is being protected by such concealment?

    Who do you think had more money the Family of JFK or the Family of MLK ?

    The Family of MLK spent so much money, with the help of friends to pay investigators, that it almost bankrupted them. If the truth is important to you, that is what you do when a loved one is murdered unjustly.

    How much money did the Kennedy Family spend to investigate the deaths of their loved ones. Why was none of their big money used to investigate the deaths of JFK or RFK?

    Maybe they knew whom they were up against and knew that it would be not only a waste of time and money, but also a very bad investment in, if not an invitation to even worse consequences?

    What is the big secret? Who is being protected? Who could be that vital and have such effectively massive strength yet need its movements to be hidden, while its diabolical influence can span and grow for more than 50 years?

    It cannot be a Human entity, because most Humans who were adults in their twenties at the time of the assassination, would today be older than 75. Very few people over 75 years old have that type of influence and power.

    It must be some entity that has a very long Life span. A very vulnerable entity, that is tangible, has needs, is accessible, requires feeding, exercises power with a long reach, is beyond the law, because it influences the making of laws that oppress all in its domain. It uses confusion to gain allies and distract the inquisitive. It induces fear to protect itself with a reckless abandon as it hides not in the shadows, but in plain sight.

    It is not a person. Yet it can influence the three branches of government to declare that it has the rights of a person, it operates with impunity, while it violates any Human Rights of any Humans it chooses.

    It violates the rights of learning, speaking, thinking, breathing eating and even drinking.
    It violates the rights of mineral, vegetable, animal and even Human seeds. It is like a con artist that generates lies of scarcity while exploiting Human needs.

    Who is this oppressive entity? That rattles your nerves till your chest feels tight?
    Why of course, it is the same entity that diverts your attention from the fact, that a Human need is a Human Right!

    Corporately Connected Mercantile interest you see, distract us with things and concepts that enslave you and me.
    All the Earth is the custodianship of every son, every daughter.
    Unanimously it only proper, that it is ALL Humans, who are the only best qualified, to design and implement a New World Order

    Now, that you know the nature of your competition. Let us Alas! Come together and use our compassion, reason, intuition. Most of all, exercise caution. Be not too poor, to pay attention!

    Together we can concoct unselfishly, many a great plan.
    Please understand that this is Earth, Humans . This is where we must make our great stand!

  • 25-yrs to do their so-called redaction (lying) work and they are in a “mad scramble” right now. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Sounds like every high-level corporate hotshot I’ve ever had to work around. Can’t make a deadline because they didn’t intend to do so anyhow. Not just alphabet agency criminals but incompetent criminals at that. It’s sickening.

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