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I wish there were a place to escape this psychological warfare that calls itself a culture or a “civilization” but the only way out is through.

Sean at the SGTReport does a great job of parallel editing here, intercutting between elements of the JFK assassination and the Las Vegas shooting. Meanwhile, the prevailing narratives for both persist in perpetrating the most stark-naked cover-ups in US history. Plus ça change!

The JFK assassination featured the textbook “Lone Nut” seen in so many other events in mass consciousness that preceded and followed, including a more recent one starring “Lee Harvey Paddock”.

Between the Harvey-meme onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, Harvey Weinstein and Lee Harvey Oswald, I’m reminded of Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy, which began their 5th anniversaries this week.

Happy Halloween! ?

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  • Ah, who believes them anyway. Years ago I had my cable tv shut off and I made it known to the cable company that I was sick and tired of having to pay a hefty fee each month for the privilege of being lied to. Boy, they sure didn’t want to hear that, and dragged their feet in turning it off, sending me a bill for 2 months after my request. They actually thought I was going to pay it and hired a bill collector to ring up my land line every day for two years after that, which made me disconnect that useless service too. Ma Bell didn’t like that either, but after the land line was shut off, they couldn’t have a collection agency harass me. Screw the Network of Global Corporate Control. There isn’t a damn thing they sell that I can’t live without.

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