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    Former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp was the presenter of one of the most popular videos in the history of Forbidden Knowledge TV. He joins Greg Hunter here to discuss the civil war occurring within the US Government with a succinct clarity that’s rare.

    As anyone who is unbiased can tell, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged “Russian Collusion” is based on the massive lie that is the “Peepee Dossier”. The DNC paid $12 million to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who in turn hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, who gathered information from paid second- and third-party sources in Russian intelligence. John McCain was the courier who delivered this to the FBI and to the CIA. CIA Director John Brennan proceeded to leak the dossier, calling it “intelligence” and the FBI used it to get their FISA warrants to spy on the Trump cabinet and transition team via the NSA.

    So, while the FBI colluded on the inside to cover up Hillary’s numerous crimes, they used the bogus dossier to promote the false narrative about Trump’s “Russian Collusion”.

    Shipp says Trump is being mercilessly character assassinated in the CIA-controlled media because he is not controlled like recent presidents. Says Shipp, “When Trump was elected I said, ‘We’ll find out whether he gets co-opted like other presidents, by the Shadow Government/Deep State or not and [the way] we’re going to know is if he continues supporting the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) attack against Syria…

    “Most people don’t know [the FSA] have gone into entire Christian villages and massacred everybody in the village. This is the Free Syrian Army; trained and paid for by the CIA from the Obama Administration. I told my wife, ‘We’ll see what what Trump does about the Free Syrian Army,’ because not only is most of that done without Congress knowing about it, 500,000 Syrian civilians have already died because of this mess. What did Trump do? He just removed funding for the Free Syrian Army. Just yanked it away and I looked at my wife and I said, ‘Boom!'”

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    • Interesting interview. Hopefully, Trump’s 12/21/17 Executive Order will be used as Shipp suggests–to go after the influential/asset rich top level pedophiles worldwide in all sectors of the media, military, politics, corporate et al. Fingers X’ed for that one. If that happens, it would mean Cliff High’s predictive language data sets reported back correctly. Cliff noted that the data sets for 2018 showed a pedophile round-up leading into 2019.

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