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Many of us noticed the incredibly crappy quality of the UFO footage released by Tom DeLonge. It looks less realistic than the most primitive 1950s SciFi portrayal of an alien invasion.

Well, this video demonstrates how Tom DeLonge’s footage contains very common artifacts of both a Gimbal camera mount and of infrared photography. Had New York Times reporters done the slightest bit of due diligence on the gun camera used, they would not have published the video, unless the whole point was to have the footage ultimately become discredited, something which this presentation soundly does.

Moreover, this footage has repeatedly been run while military witnesses and disclosure proponents describe a totally unrelated sighting from the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, creating an association between the two events which is nonexistent.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • A great video for giving an Earthly explanation of very dubious military UFO chase video that was released to the public via NYT. Even, if the Times never claimed it was a UFO, by posting the articlle, they were inferring its extraterrestrial origin!
    For anyone who knows their UFO history, this NYT news release coming from a former Pentagon official was bogus from the start, I knew this as soon as I heard the story, history is my thing especially when it comes to the UFO phenomenon!

  • This piece objects to a claim that was never made by the Times article. No one ever claimed the craft in the video was extra terrestrial in origin, only that its nature was unknown.

  • Could be a phony but it doesn’t look like a jet to me and the angle is off anyway. Like you said, there are better videos in old sci-fi movies. There’s lots of speculation in the video’s explanation so not really definitive. Only watched this posting because it was short.

    Also, imo the attention given to this so called “disclosure” is, as you and Dark Journalist have pointed out, not merited and very suspicious anyway. Thanks for at least posting a short one .

  • Rotation Flare has NOTHING to do with this footage. It may be disinfo, but these vehicles do perform this way. The debunking is incorrect on many points. Not a fucking jet!

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