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    Last night, I joined Daniel Liszt, Joseph Farrell and Walter Bosley to talk about the missing secret Zuma satellite and the many things that don’t add up about the NY Times UFO story. Our conversation is ultimately about the current state of ufology and it really starts to get cooking after the first hour.

    Joseph Farrell believes we’re living in a paradigm shift, noting that the crumbling of the Tom DeLonge-NY Times UFO story marks the last hurrah of this post-war era attempt to control a narrative; that ufology can no longer continue to operate in isolation from other fields; that we’re ready for some mature reflection and interdisciplinary scholarship on the subject.

    I weigh in to say that the main complex of things that’s held back ufology, keeping it ghettoized for so long has to do with the prospect of alternative energy and the complete dissolution of the global status quo presented by non-petroleum-based energy. Viable alternative energy is tantamount to the collapse of the petrodollar and therefore of the dollar as well, without which the US cannot pay for its military empire spanning the globe.

    When you have Saudi Arabia saying that they’re going to “go green”, when you have Russia, Iran and China bypassing the petrodollar, buying and selling petroleum with yuan and with other currencies, you inevitably have the collapse of the American UFO cover-up and its latest limited hangout, the To the Stars-Luis Elizondo narrative.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Hi Alexandra,

      A belated Happy New Year to you and yours!

      I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I hope the comedians who put together this Delonge farce watch it too. Sometimes I wonder whether the whole ET phenomenon is one huge psy-op. Is Delonge himself an unwitting victim of the psy-op, then? So I don’t wish to be too harsh on him; entertainers are often forcefully co-opted. It wouldn’t be the first time.

      One aspect that strikes me about the largely American phenomenon of alien abductions is how closely they approximate Monarch and similar mind control programmes: trauma, fragmented memory, implants, memes, scars on the body, the forced and deviant sexual aspects, with all its attendant cruelty. Coincidence? Not really, not when we know that NASA have bespoke trauma centres, as described by Cathy O’Brien, and others.

      If this whole alien meme rolled out by Hollywood over the decades is designed to scare the world’s population, the CIA better think again. I recall as a child being told by my relations about vimanas in Vedic texts, including the Gita. If ETs landed in India, or some other parts of the world, they would more likely be welcomed as long-lost relatives, rather than malign beings to be feared. Why aren’t people abducted there? Or Africa? Or China? Perhaps because MILAB is real. Project Bluebeam will have its work cut out.

      By the way, here is another possible explanation for the dragon iconography. Please watch, I saw this today on Skywatch Media News. Recommended.



      • We could end up confusing ourselves by doubting everything, but maybe it’s a good idea to question some of the dominant ufo theories, especially the ones that don’t really make sense.

      • Sanjay,

        are you referring to the increasing impact of the growing magnetism of the sun?
        Where all kinds of trouble in nature could evolve to disasters, by the “power” of nature?
        Where this power of nature also overpowers human nature?

        • Hi Aham,

          Try these following YouTube channels who can all explain this far better than I can – and from various scientific perspectives:
          Planet X Physicist (channel); Higher Truth Channel; Astral Traveler (his latest upload mentions magnetism btw); Soul Evolution; WSO; Naughty Beaver. The evidence is compelling..

    • The December SpaceX launch was for IridiumNext satellites (10) … they still have more to launch for their ‘Globe-wide’ coverage. There was a live stream of the event … launch and then release of the 10 satellites. (Unless it was Kubrick staging! 🙂

      Iridium has an interesting history.

    • Aliens, Ufo

      Scientists are speaking over flat or not flat universe, containing 4% known matter, 75 % unknown/dark energy and 21 % dark/unknown matter.

      The known matter is bipolar, as human beings are also by being male and female.
      Dark matter must be also bipolar.
      Dark energy in singular.

      All spiritual beings, as plants, animals and humans on earth are bipolar beings.
      Now I think that inside bipolar unknown matter, so alien matter, there are present also bipolar aliens and bipolar ufo`s. See:

      When there is a search for god or similar issues, now I ask: is such a god being a bipolar being? Inside bipolarity, there is never silence. Maybe some way of being quiet, moreover never silent.
      I experience an energy beyond bipolar matter, where this energy is not-bipolar.
      So I must state that this energy is free of bipolarity and therefore singular.
      When so, there must be some aliens beyond bipolarity. Got is as long an alien until a godly energy is felt.

      Therefore, I am not interested in bipolar aliens, because they fight each other all the time.
      I call this as a gender fight.
      My interest is in the ONE, in the singular energy of the ONE.

    • One of best gatherings of minds, and opinions, and data I have heard in a very long time! THANK YOU ALL!

    • I came late to the alive presentation and I am now reviewing it all and trying to catch up. In doing so I am inclined to often backtrack to solidify certain info that strikes a new cord in my mind. One that came out very powerfully to me was the question on who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad ones”?

      When it comes to religion/spiritual matters (and non-matter), we have established religions that claim “authority” in knowing “truth” and the answers to those questions. Then it comes down to who is lying to us all. I consider myself very spiritual due to a late life “awakening” the result of a life-long pursuit of truth, higher or highest truth I might add. I now believe that truth is rather subjective and to the believer it cannot be much more than what we believe it to be, and of course, subject to change at all times as new information becomes known.

      Point being, at the extremes, liars lie and could just be perverted enough (by the opposite view point) to actually believe that theirs is the higher of available truth(s), especially when they are on their “preferred path” … maybe what “we” would call “demonality” (satanic/luciferian/dark) … especially if they were the one’s, who in the distant past, that turned natural spirituality, which in it’s purest form is light/love/truth (all the same thing), into “religions” with it’s “perversions” that just “muddied the waters” to the degree that most people have become confused enough to never really know what the truth is, most satisfied with some dogma.

      It all comes down to what we relate to in our sources as to how we define such things for ourselves. I, based upon my personal transcendent experience, have found my own best source of truth to be my INtuition, higher Self, my INternal Soul, the Spirit withIN, that which through my “Awakening” to be the experience of transcendent Love … thus in comparing that to the actual life examples of those in the world who claim to be “religious”, some actually show much more love/compassion/and light than do others.

      Our Dark demonic Luciferian Elite, may well think themselves on the higher (higher intellect anyway) road, or at least, on the only road/path that is any longer available to themselves, the latter I believe, and they have perverted and propagandized religions into producing hypocratic liars with confused followers. We all being just useless eaters to them.

      So now, as we all become aware of a nearing reality shift, “They” will claim “the other” as Demonic and themselves as the sought Light/Leadership that all have been waiting for. Those who fall for it will follow them into a more materialistic future of AI and claimed bliss for the common man that conforms. Then it stands to reason (the intended reason) that any “visitors” will be Evil, most religions already teach that, especially the ones that predict a particular “Saviour”. BEWARE!

      IMnsHO and E.

    • I suggest that the millions of sociopathic personalities and the educational doctrines of scientism need to be understood.
      My studies suggest the unknown areas of our world are underground, inside the earth, beyond the ice wall, and on the other side of the firmament. The ‘stars’ are lights in the sky as are the “planets”. I suspect these modest proposals will be rejected immediately.
      Please look into the Flat Earth hypothesis that is still a work in progress.
      Hear me now and believe me later.

    • WW-3 was supposed to be underway January 13, 2018 with a False Flag attack on Hawaii. In the midst of the chaos and MK Ultra level of fear, the alien invasion is supposed statart and unite us to then fight a third enemy (the aliens) and loose. But the White Hats keep pulling our fat out of the fire. We keep getting another chance….and we seem to be making good on it in spite of ourselves.

    • I’m sceptical about Phillip Corso’s story to be honest. The idea that after less than 50 years of back engineering scavenged technology, they managed a stalemate is unlikely. It’s more likely that they capitulated and then collaborated. The statement ‘we can take ET home’ could be nothing but propaganda. The vast black budgets could be as much about propping up a dying regime and fighting with each other as it is about forging into space having bested ET.

      • I was also skeptical at first and remained so even after reading his book, which I read as soon as it was published in the 1990s. As I’ve sat with it and seen corroborations from others, I’ve come to believe Corso.

        • It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve faked a space program though would it. The people working on the Apollo projects no doubt thought they were genuine.

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