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    Was there a connection between Donald Trump’s December 22nd Executive Order and the rapid departure of Alphabet CEO, Eric Schmidt? Prepare to have your minds blown in this Lionel Nation interview with “Thomas Paine” from American Intelligence Media.

    This stream-of-consciousness marathon with these two men elucidates so many pivotal but unheralded moments in our recent history, particularly in the tech world of computer/Internet/social media, the massive military/intelligence control behind all of it, the fake boy wonders fronting all of them and so many incredibly granular details about how the world really works. THIS is what you’re looking for if you love the alternative media – answers. FINALLY!

    This talk delivers on a scale seldom experienced. It’s the first many more Holy Grails of its kind, I hope from “Thomas Paine” whose YouTube channel is not yet one year old.

    You just have to watch this, if you want to have the scales removed from your eyes. Lionel is the perfect foil, too because everything becomes light and funny. Make time for this.

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    • conspiracy is when two or more people conspire secretly, (like CIA or FBI) to keep something quiet, to disinform to do actions that are illegal.

    • Thank you gentlemen for the “education” as to some of the “inside” information guiding the POTUS … I sure hope that helps our sad situation otherwise. I had been hearing things about that and hoping that there was something to it. My optimism level just went up a notch or two.

    • Some of the detailed laid out by Thomas Paine were interesting and enlightening. I don’t really understand all the back-slapping congratulatory talk between the two of them with regard to the information but–whatever. (No one I know would be shocked by any of the info.)

      No, the interviewer is not the only person who knows that AI, first and foremost, wants to replicate. Among truth researchers it is common knowledge. Government funded top tier universities found out a loooooooong time ago that AI was dangerous which makes the technology require extremely responsible stewardship, if that was/is possible with corruption and profiteers–NOT.

      The talk about Trump’s accomplishments to date and the reasons why he made certain moves was a POV I’d not heard. Although I don’t see a lot of effect so far from those choices. If his choices are having a grand effect it must be hidden. If hidden, of what use is it to anyone?

      I remember Cisco in the 90’s, “We are the dot in dotcom.” The words that flew above their corporate headquarters outside Boulder, CO.

    • Interesting, but just another peice on drilling fear mixed with truth to upset the masses but not a word on your whole website about the real forces behind the madness. Sure you use buzz worlds like the Illuminati, Rothschilds, bankers, Lizards and all other genaric terms but never drill down and write/show videos about the groups that are pulling the stings pushing the ajenda.
      Your website simply serves the ajenda by adding to the confusion. Start publishing information about the connections between Jesuit trained politicians, secret societies, knights of Malta, the Jesuit order and Vatican.
      Alexandra, your just adding to the shit with what your doing.

      • Apparently you’ve not been through the archives on the subject matter you noted in your comments as missing. Nevertheless, please enlighten us.

        You should know, if you do not, that a great number of subscribers are educated in those subjects and quite aware of the complexities that exist where secret societies, the Jesuits and the Vatican are concerned. The scope of this video did not address such. That would be another 2-hour video.

        It’s YOU’RE (you are) not YOUR (possessive pronoun), please!

    • Maybe there arises a conspircy for doing it right?
      Doing it right, has nothing to do with good or bad, moreover is just in between good and bad.

      These old conspiricies survives for such a long time.
      This even can be seen, where a group of wolves wants to eat a new born animal, where its mother tries to defend it. This is the power of survival nature on the globe.

      It seems to be so that the personalities of human beings, act the same as animals.
      It is all about emotions and emotional feelings fighting each other.
      Inside any culture this is present.
      Maybe by waking up and perceiving these attitudes, there is a possibility to discover what love ist?
      One thing is for sure for me, the awakened ones does not wear glasses.

    • See the film ‘Get Out’. Makes you think about those scars on Barack Obama’s head that some say could be the result of extensive brain surgery.

    • Amazing information! The more I learn from your amazing site Alexandra, The more energised I feel. I don’t really feel fearful anymore because I know why things are so f’d up.

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