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Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has an urgent news announcement based on reports from her sources that violent terrorist attacks are being planned for Mainland China which will be blamed on Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang region. The ultimate purpose of this violence is to justify a Chinese government crackdown against the Uyghurs.

Edmonds’ sources have just intercepted an action order from the Gulenist Movement to their senior lieutenants in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Latvia, instructing them to report to their local US embassies and/or consulates to receive their pre-approved US visas and to temporarily relocate to the United States. Once in the US, they are to marry pre-selected Chinese women, obtain spousal visas from the Chinese Embassy and/or consulates then, as quickly as possible, relocate to China and await further instructions for a coming series of back-to-back terror operations within China.

Edmonds says these agent provocateurs are followers of Turkish cleric Fethulleh Gülen who lives in exile in rural Pennsylvania. Although presented in the Mainstream Media as “moderate” and promoting education and “interfaith dialogue,” Edmonds insists that the Gulenists are a global $35 billion drug, spy and terrorist organization long used by the CIA as a proxy for “Gladio B” false flag terror operations. “Gladio B” is a codename used by the FBI since 1997 for ongoing relations between US intelligence, the Pentagon and Al Qaeda. Turkish President Erdogan blames the Gulenists for the July 2016 coup attempt against his government and has been demanding the US for his extradition.

Edmonds’ Newsbud organization is disseminating this urgent announcement now in an attempt to prevent these planned terror incidents and carnage. They ask all viewers to please help to get this information out.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This just PROVES that China is a “Proponent” of the NWO group, because REMEMBER it too is a “Vassal” State of the FAKE JEW banking system
    The dead give-away is they had planned to blame the attack on the old extremist “Muslim’s”…JUST LIKE on 9/11?!
    The more these NWO folks keep trying sell their BS to the world…THE MORE THEY ARE BEING EXPOSED….SOON The whole show will be closed down…including their SSP (SECRET Space Program) program (Elysium/Chimera group) too.

    • I thought the same until I read this article, which explains Sibel Edmonds’ report about CIA creating a crisis in Xinjiang to be blamed on the Uyghurs:

      “In the past, Western capital was cautious about entering China’s stock market. A key reason was China’s strict foreign currency control: you can come in freely but you can’t get out at will. After the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, they could invest in Shanghai’s market from Hong Kong and leave immediately after making a profit. Therefore, over US$1 trillion stayed in Hong Kong.

      “This is why the hand behind “Occupy Central” has kept planning a comeback and has not wanted to stop. The Americans need to create a regional crisis for China, to get the money back to the U.S.

      “Why does the U.S. economy rely so desperately on capital flowing back to its market? It is because, since 1971, the U.S. has given up producing real products. They called the real economy’s low-end or low-value-creating manufacturing industries garbage industries or sunset industries and transferred them to developing countries, especially China. Besides the high-end industries, such as IBM and Microsoft, that it kept, 70 percent of its people moved to finance and financial services industries. The U.S. has completely become a hollow state which has little real economy to offer investors a big return.

      “The Americans have no choice but to open the door of the virtual economy, which is its three big markets. It wants to get the money from the world into these three markets so that it can make money. Then it can use that money to harvest other countries.

      “The Americans only have this one way to survive now. We call it the U.S.’s national survival strategy. The U.S. needs a large amount of capital flowing back to sustain its daily life and its economy. If any country blocks that capital flow, it is the enemy of the U.S.”

      • thanks for that insight, Alexandra
        It begs the question, what can we do now, to stop this cancer? It’s mainly centred in America and London now, but with the laissez-faire attitude most of us have towards usury and obscene wealth, it can go anywhere, and last indefinitely

  • I’ve long been an admirer of Edmonds.

    It’s obvious to me that the CIA has long ago exchanged it’s national identity for an international identity thus making itself a subversive agency within the USG. Their mission is clearly world dominion at any cost, including the loss of US identity and sovereignty. That is globalism irrespective of the collective will of the American people against it.

    Who are they accountable to? Most certainly not to the representative government of the people of the united states, but to a cabal of elitists in the US government and likely other’s as well! Any of us can speculate as to their identities, so I’m not going to.

    • Oooooh I almost forgot…The VATICAN is the REAL Evil behind ALL the world’s agony…IT being “The Mother of ALL “Corporate Governments”…Remember she is described in bible as “Having A KINGDOM over ALL the Kings of the earth” (Revelation 15 – 18)

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