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Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters to discuss how she’s discovered the whole lie behind COVID-19.

She says, “the greatest lie that we were told is that the “novel coronavirus”…COVID-19 was caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this mRNA gain-of-function virus.

“And we were told that it could infect people and it was highly-infectious. Unfortunately for people that have been propagating this lie, the body of scientific evidence, scientific experts, government documents and the inventor of SARS-CoV-2, himself, Ralph Baric has clearly stated that, all mRNA viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 are impossible to achieve human-to-human infection.

“And the evidence comes from Ralph Baric, he published in 2016 in PNAS, where he published that he had done an abundant amount of research on his entire database of bat coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which produces the WIV1 spike protein and he said, ‘Look, if we can even get it into a human body, it immediately becomes impotent. It’s weakened and useless, so we need to do further adaptations to make it of pandemic potential.

“The head of mRNA research and vaccines at Sanofi, the largest vaccine company in the world; this man is an expert, this man is Frank DeRosa, has said, ‘mRNA will fall apart if you look at it wrong.’

“In Chemical Engineering News, they talk about this breakthrough lipid nanoparticle technology, because for over 30 years, mRNA was considered and SARS viruses were considered a lame duck invention.

“There’s also a publication from 2017 in Nature Biotechnology – and this is the real kicker, Stew – in that publication, of this peer-review publication of experts in mRNA technology, they state that no RNA viruses, including mRNA can ever infect ANY cell, because o the 4 billion-year evolutionary defense of the lipid biolayer.

“It was always a lie that this virus could infect humans and be transmissable and I have all the documentation to prove it.

“So the question is are the experts that are telling us this is transmissable – are we to trust them? Or are we going to trust the body of evidence that we’re showing your viewers? We’ve been gaslit.

“The greatest stunt, trick the Devil ever did was teaching the world he didn’t exist. We’ve been gaslit and distracted by this concept of a coronavirus that’s infectious and everyone that’s come forward to validate the experts and the witnesses that you’ve had on your show saying, ‘Hey, people are magnetic. People are having weird neurological and CNS dysfunctions.’

“We’re looking underneath the microscope to see these self-assembling nanotechnologies. We’re looking under the microscope of people who have been injected and their self-assembling nano-technologies and we’re ignoring the evil, itself.

“Why are we being gaslit about a virus that is clinically, statistically, evolutionarily and scientifically impossible to infect people and not talking about the Artificial Intelligence nanoweapon that’s been unleashed on the American People?

“And by the way, the spike protein is actually matches up with the CAD file – the Computer-Animated Design files – in three patents for a nanoweapon technology that is made from Artificial Intelligence magnetic hydrogels.”

Stew then asks her if it’s not a virus and it’s not contagious, then how were people getting sick?

Karen responds, “They were getting sick with an Artificial Intelligence nanoweapon…Let me explain what it is, first…If you go through the research for mRNA and Professor Catherine Whitehead from Carnegie-Mellon, head of chemical engineering she had said, ‘Look, we can’t do anything with mRNA technology. We can’t even do research in vitro, outside of the cells, in the labs, it’s so unstable. We have to do the genetic editing technology of the technology inside the cells, inside the animals. mRNA can only be successful if the genetic editing is done by nanotechnology inside the cells, inside the animals.’

“So, what the spike protein is is this lipid nanoparticle; it’s a magnetized lipid nanoparticle, it’s called an MPEG that has the CRISPR-Cas9 technology and something called a ‘cubisome’. And the AI nanoweapon…looks just like the spike protein. And those spikes are actually probes that actually penetrate the cells.

“So, they look like cholesterol and per Ralph Baric’s pitch to DARPA, per the patents, these can be delivered in an aerosol attack, they can be delivered through water, they can be delivered in food. And so what people were infected with was an Artificial Intelligent parasite.”

Stew then asks her if this is why we saw all of those videos of people sticking magnets to meat in the grocery store.

“Yeah. So, it’s in our food supply. People are sticking magnets to themselves. It’s an AI nanoweapon and again, if you take a look at the peer-reviewed journals in nanotechnology and the peer-reviewed journals in vaccinology and viruses, you’ll see that the technology for the lipid nanoparticles is the same as the spike protein. You’ll also see it’s the same as a military-grade bioweapon or a nanoweapon and James Giordano has said, ‘Look, we can use these lipid nanoparticles to infect people and cause disruptions in their emotions and their thoughts and behaviors. We can also induce a pandemic of strokes.’

“So this is what the nanotechnology is. And maybe because it’s so unbelievable, I think people really found validity in patents. Would it be OK if I went to one of the patents right now to explain exactly what this is? OK, so I’m going to go to this patent. It’s one of three patents for the nanoweapon technology and it’s called Intelligent Sensor Platforms and in the abstract, the viewers can see on the cover something similar to a spike protein image.

“So this invention is ‘…embodiments that are directed to self-adapting, scalable, and communicating sensor platforms that are further capable of autonomous and/or cognitive action. The invention relates to a multifunction sensor platform, such as a biomedical sensor platform, bio-molecular sensor platform, electronics sensor platform, communications sensor platform, information processing sensor platform, and the like. In another invention embodiment, one or more sensors improve the efficacy of a healthcare.’

“So this can be used as a bioweapon and it can be used in healthcare. Now, as long as there’s no FDA approval of a product under a pre-market application, a medical device does not need to be disclosed to the American People…That’s why the August 23rd approval was so important. We could have changed the rules of warfare.

“But let’s go through this patent to go through what people have bene inoculated with. Essentially, the new AI nanoweapon is a new AI species. Those spike proteins are parasites. And those parasites do gene editing inside of you to spawn viruses, diseases, biosynthetic structures, as well as to host the development of these new species that are being developed.

“So, I’m going to read it from the patent. So, it says here: ‘In one embodiment, the instant invention teaches one or more elements that in whole or in part execute one or more types of actions for creating, spawning, comprising modifying, repairing, regenerating, reassembling, and or control and regulation of one or more cells, cellular elements, cell organelles, including like action and behaviors involving cellular processes such as endocytosis (so things being exuded from cells), exocytosis (being extracted from cells, such as DNA), mitosis, trafficking and signaling (so completely controlling your cytokines, your signals of your immune system, the signals of your central nervous system, your nerve cells), communication between cells, receptor upregulation and downregulation, other behaviors, and the like.’

“So it truly is to completely control the body and now, we know COVID-19, there’s all these CNS symptoms, fatigue, emotional disruption and that’s because this does hijack the central nervous system. So, in one other section here, it says, ‘In one invention embodiment, one or more elements, with or without additional elements, and in some embodiments with minimal functionalization, enter the central nervous system, including passing the blood brain barrier (BBB),’

“Again, I warned the nations about this crossing the blood brain barrier in May of last year – on your show and July of last year – and that these were lipid nanoparticle technologies that were meant to hijack the central nervous system. So here is one of the evil master patents that talks about that.

“An, now, this part’s really important, as well. It says here, that, ‘the invention enables post administration delivery of one or more types of agents into the CNS in 30 minutes or less.’ So, you’ll see sometimes when people get injected, there was that nurse that was injected and you’ll see them automatically go like this [put her head in her hand].

“Well, that’s because this AI nanoweapon is designed to hijack your central nervous system and go straight to you brain within less than 30 minutes. Some of the sequences that are in there are designed to do that.

“So when we were told that the vaccine contained the full mRNA sequence for SARS-CoV-2, we were under the assumption…[it was] this synthetically recreated virus that was encapsulated in the lipid nanoparticles. No! It’s actually a computer sequence. It is a computer program sequence.

“So that’s what this is. These are nanotechnology…1/100th as small as a virus. So the masks don’t do anything. Nothing does anything. A biohazard suit doesn’t do anything…they can get through nearly anything.”

Stew comments that these are biosynthetic parasites and that’s why they were responding to ivermectin.

Karen replies, “Thank you for bringing that up, because I want people to have hope. This is not just technology. It’s part technology, part biology. And as you go through the patents and the peer-reviewed publications, most of the biological sequences for this nanoweapon are from parasites…That’s why the ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine and the anti-parasitical treatments kill it and/or at least slow it down.

“Now, the other thing is it’s part technology…It clearly states on one of the patents that this based on Quantum Dot, it’s based on the Bohr particle, which is based on frequencies – which means that frequencies can also disable the technology and there’s a peer-reviewed publication in Science Magazine that actually talks about how there are specific electromagnetic sequences that completely disable the spike protein.

“Why is that? Because it’s not a biological spike protein. It’s a nanotechnology. That’s why frequencies will disable it…and this is also in SEC filings.

“The 5G towers are part of the energy source for this AI nanoweapon. This AI parasite. Which, again, keep in mind, we’re all being infected with it to – as the patent says – to spawn nee genetic species. That’s what it’s for. So if the 5G towers are taken down – and Starlink was not built for our protection, it’s not a military operation for our protection. It’s a military operation to take down humanity.

“So, the Starlink network and the 5G are needed to basically provide the fundamental energy source for these Artificial Intelligent parasites…genetically-engineered magnetic hydrogels are self-aware. They have cognitive ability and that’s what they are. It’s in the patents, it’s in all of the documentation. They are what is called a smart technology. There’s no real gray area around any of this.”

Explosive Part Two of this interview is HERE. You can also read more on Karen’s Substack.

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  • I caught some of the shedding from my mother. This is a weapon. 🙏 ✝️ there’s so many problems. Good help us.

  • Coincidence? I use gmail and Google. On “too many-often occassions” things I was thinking appeared on the computer screen before I completed my computer typing key-in request. Often. this happens as I am “thinking it”, and even before I start to use the key board. I sense the likelihood we have already been phased into the Artificial Intellegence mechanism.

    The latest happening like this occurred yesterday when I was about to write “VRRROOM” as in the noise a motorcycle makes. The computer email wrote VRRRM even though I had not! It got my attention! I think this is significant. And I hope to hear some responses.

    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

    • I think this has happened to me a few times as well. I’m going to pay more attention to this going forward to see if it really is the case or not. Very weird.

  • I’m totally confused. I did not get the injection–not one, two, three, or four. I live with an uninjected person. I got the “coronavirus” last summer when I was in a crowded airport. For two years I had avoided getting sick–and I was not particularly careful. I was pretty sick for about five days with aches, no appetite, incredible fatigue, a dry persistent cough, and a positive test. I also infected my husband, who was less sick but still sick. Since I was not getting the injection under any circumstances, I had a good doctor who gave me IV vitamin C and other known off label medicines. Then when I had recovered I took a blood test that showed I had antibodies. My daughter who is also uninjected, also got the virus recently, was quite sick also, ditto for the treatments, same doctor. Also, had a positive blood test for antibodies. How is it that municipalities test sewage water and monitor the rise and fall of different variants. Municipal water people are pretty straight, and so are water monitoring geeks. So… I have an itchy doubt about this, even though I adore Karen Kingston.

    • Kapoore, and how is it you and your family getting sick any different than any other year prior to 2020……
      Don’t want to hear about a test you should Not have taken…..
      So you were sick!

  • Then what killed my husband last February 1st, besides the fact that my husband I refused to get vaccinated and they would not treat him when he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and let him suffocate for eleven days. I had Ivermectin and I asked them to just follow the Chetty protocol. The ass of a doctor did it for one day and refused for me to give my husband Ivermectin. I had COVID-19 at the same but not as bad and took the Ivermectin and survived. The last doctor told me a day before my husband died that the protocol was stopped the second day in ICCU without cause. And my husband was a very informed Chiropractor.

    • I’m sorry for your loss.
      The cause of the symptom could be from anything such as pollution, chemical, radiation, parasite, food and water poisoning or the simplly the mind making body sick because of excessive stress.

      • Its NOT the mind. THEY SHED. My husband CONTRACTED it in August of 2020 from a man who got the nose swab and was SHEDDING whatever this weapon is. He died from the CLOTS it caused in his lungs. BOTH the test and the shots make people SHED whatever this is you are SO offensive to say to this widow that it might have been her husband’s mind. I know for a fact the man who worked alone in our shed with my husband GAVE it to us, he was feverish the next day and 3 days later WE were FEVERish. I get SO sick of people pretending this isn’t contagious.

  • My Fellow Ladies & Gentlemen Test Subjects,
    As I have no desire to be an in-vitro biological culture dish to “spawn new AI genetic species” in, I am developing contingencies against “COVID-19”.
    Ms. Kingston’s theory does gain credence by the fact that anti-parasitical drugs defeat this “virus”, which should not be true if it were a “Respiratory Virus”. I have never contracted “COVID-19” despite having taken none of the promoted contingencies, My blood has been lab-tested and contains no traces of “COVID-19 Antibodies”. I have a theory, and despite my “evidence” being thus far only anecdotal, something seems to be protecting me from “contagion” besides my Superman suit.
    In the video “Watch the Water” we learned that Nicotine Sensors in one’s brain blocked transmission of “COVID-19” due to one smoking Tobacco. I have smoked a Pack of Pall Malls every 24 hours (average) since the age of 14. My theory is that my adherence to a “Socially-Unacceptable” practice that has been derided and discouraged Socially as a “Nasty Habit” (which it indeed is) for decades has been my “Kryptonite” against my “infection” by the “COVID-19” Bio-Nanoweapon.
    Since it’s nano-size precludes most accepted contingencies against “infection”, this agent can easily be rendered into aerosol form and applied to unwitting subjects simply by spraying it into our atmosphere (Chemtrails), I have yet to determine the purpose of an application of the “Vaccination” injection program other than being a simple apocalyptic “time-bomb” or a 5G-stimulated “Death Shot”, but I am sure that there must be a greater purpose to them.
    The few scattered worldwide survivors will become the “First Wave” of Supersoldiers or AI-driven Transhumans, perhaps?
    Despite my risk of old-fashioned Lung Cancer, I’m gonna have a smoke and think about it. Happy Adventures in Experimentation!

    • I like your theory, of course I have a bias, as I too have been a smoker for more than 50 years.
      Just one more little medical tidbit to consider, search “Ivermectin and cancer”, as it may just be a miracle drug, that, or cancer too is also a parasite and we have again been lied to!

  • Hello Alexandra … I too am so very grateful that you work so tirelessly at bringing out the hard to hear conversations that are a must know! I am involved in helping people use mobile frequency devices for health. I would love to get Karens contact info to find ou
    t what frequencies kill the AI. Please steer me in the right direction if you are able. Thank you!!!!

  • Hey Alexandra, we just wanted to give you a hug for all your dedication to bring out the needed details of this endless morass.
    Krys and Steve

  • Once again,I repeat myself. The reason the evil ones have backed off with the fake wombatpox death jab is…………they are waiting for Elon to get the sattelites up there. Remember,there’s about 12000 sats up their and another 6 or 7 thousand broken ones.
    Elon, without any public international discussion ,has been given permission to launch up to 40000 low earth satellite s! Because they are essential to the bioweapon. Destroying any data links for Starlink should alleviate the new holocaust but the enemy will resort to using the mast system of 5 G.
    Looks like we must all stop using our mobiles, or change to different frequencies. Not using ANY current tech wireless system would help ,as would turning off the power grid.
    It does look like the cccp and Russia and most nations are in on the scam. A Freudian slip……of many is the focus on Australia and Canada . They will be the first operational Test of the bioweapon.
    In the UK it’s traditional to experiment in the colonials first. They think they are Independent from the UK……haha….Canada and Australia…..socially and economically gutted and hollowed out by the city of London! Hey … much is your house worth? So……how much is your currency worth…..after massive unacknowledged house inflation?
    You will find stargazing much harder now Elon has polluted the night skies for generations.
    Elon s satelites are steerable. They cannot maintain position on their own . They are constantly having to move position. They could be used in a strike against other satellites… effect each satellite is a steerable anti satellite weapon.

    • So then, it is immaterial that unadvertised Globalist Elon Musk purchase Twitter, as he will be a scourge upon the Earth nevertheless, using SpaceX and his Starlink satellite program against us? I suppose that his Microchipping program is therefore rendered academic. Step right up for
      I might point out that the Antichrist position is thus far unfilled.
      Perhaps the only Christians left in existence will be living in an isolated Colony on Mars, thanks to SpaceX.

      • Wolf Faris, there is No Space Junk/Satellite flying around.
        “They” have already admitted this decades ago.
        Remember Nye the “Science guy” quote: “We Live in a Fish Bowl”
        In other words get out your Judeo/ Christian Bible & read it & stop depending on the “Pastor’s”
        The Firmament/Dome, already physically proven when the United States chased the Third Reich in 1947 at the Antartica, & got their butts kicked.

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