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Juan O Savin joins Sean at the SGTReport to give us an update on the Joe Biden clown show.


“The military, in certain areas has already made its decision. We are going to see – you can call it Valkyrie, Seven Days in May – or half a dozen other names but at a certain point, to protect America, they will have to act.

“That’s when the American people have to take a deep breath, pick a side and back our military leaders, as they go ahead and hand control back over to a lawful civilian authority, which – look, President Trump won the election. We know the numbers in reality. If he courts won’t recognize the stolen election, if Congress won’t recognize it, the military does separately recognize it but they don’t run a banana republic. This isn’t generals taking over America. We don’t do juntas, like they do in these banana republics.

“So, what happens is the Military Code requires is that, as quickly as safely possible, while protecting the Constitutional Republic, the American People, they restore awful civilian authority to control.

“If we didn’t know the outcome of the election, if the results had been so skewed that you could never have put it back together again – some bomb had been placed and the materials and the data had been so destroyed that you couldn’t re-figure it out, well, maybe the military would have to have a re-vote, as quickly as possible.

“But the reality is, we do know what the numbers are. It would actually be a crime to do a re-vote, at this point, because we know what the numbers are. We have the data. We can tell you, right down to the individual machines – by serial number – what the change in the vote was and how it was done and where it was orchestrated from.

“So, the reality…if there’s no justice at the Justice Department, you can’t get it all the way up at the Supreme Court, if there’s no honesty in the Congress, then your military court, military tribunals and they’ve got the data and they’re going to have to take action here, shortly to protect the country.

“When they do, it will be lawful. It will be necessary. It will be for our protection. And instead of a bunch of people whining and fussing that the military’s doing something, we need to be supporting that decision and allow this to play through correctly; for the data to be presented.

“We, the American People and the world will see what’s been done; how it was cooked, who the players were. And we’re going to get to justice. When that happens, we don’t need to be hand-wringing and we’re not going to dismantle our own house.

“You know, our enemies would love us to have a civil war, a race war, a gender war, confusion in any way and then to dismantle ourselves from the inside; burn our cities down, do whatever they want to do; screw up our industry.

“That’s THEIR plan. That’s not our plan. Our plan is that we have an orderly disclosure of the information, go to a lawful court. If you can’t get it on the civilian side, we’ll get it on the military side but we will get justice. We will get a lawful leader and then, we’ll begin the process of re-industrializing America, getting back to work; doing what Americans do and then, taking on these global cabals; these Bloodline families, who seek to enslave the whole planet in some James Bond-style scheme.

“We’re going to push back on it; they won’t win, the Devil, himself won’t win. We’re going to save America, then we’re going to save the world. That’s our mission, that’s our job, that’s who we are and we’re not going to shirk that responsibility, we’re not going to step back from it, because it’s the responsibility that’s placed in our generation by God, Himself.

“You want to call it a holy war? Yes, it’s a holy war. You want God to bless you? Well, get on His side. And don’t dither! And don’t ride the fence and then wonder why God’s not blessing and protecting you. If you can’t protect the small children, if you can’t stop slavery, if you can’t stop human trafficking – if you WON’T do that; if you won’t lift your finger to do that – then, if you’ve lost your saltiness, if you’ve lost your light, what use are you?

“From a Divine perspective, get on the right side, be counted and then look for Divine protection and assistance; that’s this moment we’re in as a country. Now’s the time. And we’re not going to do it in an unlawful way, as these next moments kick in, we’re going to support those who’ve had to make very hard decisions; that are not the way they would have liked to have seen it done. We’d love to have seen justice through the Justice Department. We’d loved to have seen correct action through the Congress. But they’re a captured operations.

“We have Manchurian Candidates who’ve gotten into power in these places, that have been pumped-up and puffed and pushed into these positions by foreign money. And it’s cooking the way decisions are made that control our country, control our economy, control who we are, control how we can live and express.

“This plandemic was part of the take-down of America. We’re going to not turn off the lights here and suffocate ourselves and self-destruct. We’re going to catch a breath, come out of this Near Death Experience, realize what almost happened – and go after both sides, where people were involved in this. It’s not just a Democrat thing. Republicans were just as involved – you know, there’s actually some Democrats that actually are getting it but they don’t know how to – both sides have betrayed us.

“So let’s go get it sorted out, get this back on the right track and save America…

“Our country’s under attack. It was a Pearl Harbor – but it was a digital Pearl Harbor. War by another means, every bit as ultimately destructive.

“If these people won, you’re out, being vaccinated with a false vaccination that results in sterilization of your population, results in mass deaths, of huge shavings of your population from reactions, even if it’s a couple percent but it’s cumulative…you’ve got the first shot and you survived that but now, six months later, ‘B-117’s coming! And it’s way more lethal! Oh! We gotta get another shot! OK, well I’ve already got one, I guess I didn’t have a reaction, now I’m getting another one.’ And then, it’ll be the B-119, it’s going to be, ‘We’ve gotta get another!’ It’s cumulative.

“And all of a sudden, you’re down 15% of the population, 20, 25. They’re roping you off and saying you can’t do stuff, your kids are being taken away because you are a ‘danger’ to kids, because you haven’t got the shot and you won’t cooperate; social services are showing up to grab your kids. That sound bizarre? Go to Canada and ask them how bizarre it is. They’re right next door.

“They’ve done their Georgia Guidestones. They want to reduce the population down to half a billion people and so they’re going to go down the line: ‘You, you’re gone. You, you’re gone. You, you’re gone. You, you’re gone, you, you’re cute. I think I have a brother who’d like to get to know you. You, you’re gone. You, you’re gone. You, you’re gone.’

“Excuse me. You have to wake up before it reaches that point. If you’re going to wait to wake up for another year or two, by then, you might have a portion of the population that’s here to do the fight.

“In some of these global projections that are used for military purposes; these private organizations, they’re saying that America only has a population of 100,000,000 in 4 years, in 2025. What do they know? What are they talking about? These are what’s used for militaries to do pre-planning out into the future.

“If they’re projecting that, are they forecasting because that’s part of their plan? So America only has one in every 4 people still alive in 4 years? That’s not just hyperbole, by me. Other people are saying this. I’m drawing your attention to it. And they’re not nitwits; they’re not corner guys working from Grandma’s basement in their T-shirt. This is a huge military projecting operation for purposes of how arms are bought and sold and distributed. These are real groups. And that should scare the crap outta ya! 

“And who’s buying into this? Who’s in office, buying into this? If we’re under attack at this level, that’s not a policing thing. It now is war by another means and the only group that’s got a prayer of winning in this and saving America is from the military side.

“And while there’s problems in the military, the reality is, I’d trust them in a heartbeat. I know plenty of these guys and once they understand the mission, once they understand the threat, they will do what is necessary to save America and to save their families and to save their homes. They’re fighting for Mom, apple pie, peach pie, Ford and Chevrolet, in some cases. Whatever it is, they’ll show up. I have great confidence in that and I also believe that there’s a Divine aspect to this. There’s a spiritual aspect to this.

“The reality is, in a perfectly-executed plan to do a military operation there’s always minutiae of unknowns and it can turn the whole battle on a dime and change an outcome, just from one miscalculation.

“God, Himself will not share the victory, the glory of that with anyone else. If His people, out across America are calling on Him to help save America, to find some reason not to judge us and destroy us, like he’s done with civilizations throughout history, because they’re become so corrupt, so evil, so Satanic, if we’re going to get that kind of help from God, in Heaven, some kind of Divine spiritual assistance, it’s going to be in a way that it has His signature on it; that shows that there was a Divine aspect to our protection, our recovery, overcoming – I don’t know what it’ll be but it’s out there, somewhere…

“These monsters have tried to take over America. God’s intervention for America will be…dramatic and even though there’s stuff in play to do a military operation to get America back from these monsters, the reality is, key aspects of that will come from some kind of a Divine intervention, is my belief. We’ll see. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think so.

“And if God doesn’t intervene, if God doesn’t bless it, we’re probably toast, anyway. And all of this conversation won’t mean a thing. If ever there was a time to be prayerful, understanding what’s at stake, our own personal faiths, the family; if you never prayed, you’ve been complacent about it, it’s probably a pretty good time to start because there’s a lot at stake and it could go a lot of different directions that you don’t want.

“I know I’m repeating myself but maybe it needs to be repeated. I’ve said this in other shows. It’s not wrong. I’m telling you we’re in a very dire situation, it’s a Near Death Experience.

“‘Please, God, don’t let it be a death experience! Bring us back, we’ve seen what Hell would look like, with these traitorous Republicans and Demon-crats in power. Now, lets come back. We saw the future, how it could be under them, what they had in mind for us.’

“You should be well-motivated now to go fix it, get it under control; be salt and light to the world, get our country back under control and then go out and be our brother’s brother, not our brother’s keeper.”

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  • Professor Dolores Cahill: Why People will Start Dying a Few Months After the First MRNA Vaccination:
    It is called “Slow Kill”. These mRNA vaccines all contain mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. The mRNA puts a virus in the messenger (RNA) of the DNA which is forever implanted and can never be removed. Never allow them to vaccinate you with this mRNA poison!!!

  • Who are the real monsters? Who are the puppet masters many call the ‘elites’ which also entails the minions or ‘useful idiots’ as the real puppet masters call them. Who are the real puppet masters?
    I have done a lot of historical research of their own documentations and bible study to find out who the people are who have been controlling this world in wickedness; creating this free slave world in which we all now live in a debt based, fiat economic system and you can read about them here; if you care to and if you do, read to the end to learn all of the truth. It is slow going in the beginning because the ground work had to be laid so you will understand how it all ties together; be patient it will be worth your time.

  • First time viewer. More opinions about veracity of the election. How much evidence is needed? From Yorkshire. Regards ☮️ Wobbly.

  • Let’s get this straight…. first it was January; nothing happened. Then we were told wait until March; nothing happened. Now it’s May!?! Seriously wake up America!!!🤦🏻‍♀️Smh surely Im not the only one that can see the lies

  • I really don’t get being enthralled with this guy, or Robert David Steele. In Steele’s case, it’s once in intelligence, always in intelligence. He also backs Fetzer’s BS theory that no planes hit the Towers. I can believe that about Pennsylvania and DC, but there is no way that holograms were filmed by multiple independent people flying from miles away right into those Towers.

  • I have a question. 107 says that the White House replicas we all know about (Castlerock Studio in LA and Tyler Perry’s Studio in Atlanta) are not the only replicas. He says some in foreign countries and some on military bases. Tell me, please tell me, where are all the cabinet appointees going? Are they all in DC being told they cannot go into the WH because of corona? Are they at the replicas and being given some BS story? Many people from my state are in the fake administration and have been appointed to the cabinet. Are they all in on it? Are they being kept in the dark? Thoughts? Comments? Does anyone actually know?

  • Hey from London UK, Brilliant interview. I have been awake since march last year, instantly felt this is not right and knew instantly this has another agenda. I happened to come across #SaveOurChildren marches that was in May and that opened my eyes to all the the corruption and grotesque utter evil things that are happening to children for century’s. I have not stopped marching and been on most of the protests. I need to do more to try and wake people but its almost like people are hypnotized, my family and friends think I am nuts. I trust in GOD, we fight for the love of God and our children against this evil that is happening. I will not give up. God bless you Juan and all my brothers and sisters out there Worldwide. We will get through this.

    • He wasn’t referring to the vaccine. When he said the military will distribute the vaccine, he was talking in “comms” or hidden meaning.. What he meant was that the military will be arresting the criminals and distributing justice to free us and American from these tyrannical traitors…

      • Wrong! POTUS’ don’t tell ppl to get that big, beautiful vaccine that HE created at “Warp Speed” unless he’s promoting death jabs to everyone. There are ways to speak in code or hidden meanings without telling ppl to go and kill themselves. Trump is taking credit for the quickly-made vaccine which is a death jab. Vaccines need years to study for safety and efficacy. Trump was wrong to promote and allow big pharma to produce a death shot while he was still in office. Quit following Q. Can’t wait for JFK Jr to come back and Trump’s VP, right? LOL!

  • 💥🌟💜🙏 I Am Here in the US ready to serve the Light 🙏💜🌟💥
    55:55, 564:564,121:121

  • I hate to think about it, but I think DJT is complicit with the MIC, Big Pharma, the WHO, and other evil organizations in this arm-twisting vaccination effort. I think DJT’s return is delayed in order to accomplish most of this prior to his return, preserving his good guy image. How can he be so gleeful while we are all being coerced to comply with these vaccinations for a non pandemic? If you think there is a pandemic, you have not seen the death stats published by the CDC itself showing virtually no significant change on the death rate from year to year. MSM pushed stories of overflowing ERs, hospitals are just that, stories. Alternative reporters have been posting videos of empty hospitals pretending to be “so swamped” with CV patients, but they are taken down as fast as they post them. If you don’t read as fast as I do, you will miss every single one of them. This is so heart-breaking. This is probably a good time to be an idiot and not know what is really going on. I guess stupidity can be comforting in some instances.

      • Then DJT is also an illusion. Think about your words before you type them.

        Code for NOT taking the jab would be: “DON’T TAKE THE VACCINE!”

        • Amen! Just say “NO” to the shot and stand firm!

          Many people have had their “free will” or “free choice” hijacked through lies, deceit, bullying, propaganda, or laziness, or ignorance, or naivete….or “fill in the blank”.

          We need to speak the truth in love.

    • Good comments. It is frustrating about the vaccine and being coerced…it is amazing how easily people put their trust – don’t even pause in their thinking or question at ALL – just trust in so called ‘experts’. I truly believe many don’t see all that we see, like this video. I am realizing more each day, however, that God’s timing is PERFECT and the frustration will eventually stop as I see/understand that Perfect Timing. We have a purpose…to help others…think we are being prepared and we will KNOW without DOUBT how to move forward within His plan.

    • @Cecille Chan > You are RIGHT ON! Glad to see someone at least be awake and seeing through the Trump deception, DJT is part of it ! There is no one coming to save anyone, he is part of it! There is NO JFK Jr Either! People ! That is what they want, they want you to WAIT and DO NOTHING! TRUMP and Q are the two DECEPTIONS THEY WANT YOU TO SWALLOW TO SLOW DOWN ANY WAKING UP OF AMERICANS., SO MAERICANS DO NOTHING UNTIL THEIR JOB IS COMPLETE. WAKE UP! TRUMP IS NOT WITH YOU! IF YOU WANT FREEDOM FROM THESE PSYCHOPATHS YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, FORM GROUPS, COLLABORATE, GET STARTED, DON’T BE STUPID AND PASSIVE, OR YOU’LL DIE SOON. ACT NOW!


  • Proud of you Juan O Savan, Stelle, Mack and Mekinney. Been listening to you all since 2012! Dr. Sam Muguzzi, Kent Dunn, drake Bailey (taken notes) David Wilcox, Dr Steven Greer,
    Alfred Wiber, Corey Good, X-22 report and maney others.
    Please let my military know that I trust them!
    I’m living in San Miguel de allende Mexico..Heart…very beautiful since July 2018.
    Tell my military if they need me back in the states I need help getting back. I have no current license to drive or current DOD Air Force 188-07 Recreation Specialist.
    Just walking and singing to lift up High Hearts! Love and light to your spirit heart and soul!

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