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The ‘Eyes of the Devil’ is a documentary by successful Polish director, screenwriter, writer and film producer, Patryk Vega, which reveals the horrifying industry of babies sold for their organs or to child brothels in Germany.

The buying and selling of children and their body parts is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, catering to the very rich. The US is the #1 destination for sexually-trafficked children, most of whom are brought across the Mexican border. This business was severely disrupted by the Trump administration and as we now see, it is making up for lost time.

The film begins with Patryk explaining that he was tipped off about a pregnant woman in Poland who was trying to sell her baby. A child trafficking agent was brokering a deal for her that would bring in a large sum of money if she carried her baby to term and allowed him to sign the birth certificate as the father, so that the baby would not be reported as “missing.”

Patryk’s goal was to save the baby, and in the process create a documentary about the child trafficking industry. The documentary films his conversations with the mother selling her baby, the agent handler and the child trafficker. The voices and faces are altered but these conversations reveal for the first time how these businesses operate.

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  • giving child to Catholics how utterly stupid when they are child molesters and the organization is based on the evil energy of their doctrine written on the skin of a sacrificed child.


  • This woman being interviewed is NO Mother,and should NEVER be referred to as a Mother. She is a psychopathic killer, .literally lacking empathy COMPLETELY.

  • Yes, I have been researching this for quite some time, but this has put it all into a horrific nutshell…I am sickened, and distraught as I know of no way to personally help these children…I will weep today, and pray…

  • Alexandra thank you for broaching this subject. Many of us know that this segment of the underworld exists but to look it directly in the face like that is truly dreadful. I hope the spirits of all of the children who have been killed are being taken care of by beautiful and loving spirit beings. They certainly did not experience love in their short mortal lives. I also pity the souls of the perpetrators because they are in an extremely dark and evil place and may be there for thousands of years.

  • Be it from what I’ve seen in this video, I am truly grateful for the life I have lived and one in which I continue alive. For this moviemaker has shown me something no amount of “research” of accumulated facts and disjointed metadata is able – the true state of our collective condition. It is not others who are being trafficked and “ripped apart” by genitalia. It is not onto someone else that punishment is being dealt from which satisfaction is reaped. No. It is unto myself that each punishment is felt, satisfaction enjoyed – life ended pre-maturely and even worse, perpetuated to live destroyed. And you know without knowing that our temporal prison; this collective cycle someone called a Yuga – WILL NOT END – as long as we can’t forgive ourselves for whatever it is we don’t remember doing. Yet, this forgotten crime must exist because we can see it clearly in each mom who pumps life into a child for 9 months yet find all paths to love barricaded beyond recognition. Clearly it is the feminine part of our together soul who is in greater jeopardy. More than anything else, this gifted moviemaker and brave spirit has shown beyond any shadow – Whatever it is that we did to find ourselves within this unreality in a together-dream of self realized separation – it will never end, and we will never wakeup .. not ever.. if we can’t forgive ourselves – and that tantamount to forgiving all who are portrayed in this movie. Until we can forgive the devil, we will never see that the devil is in me and I am in all of you. … or something

    • Difficult to encompass what that woman had happen to her to cause her to be so lacking and cold and confused. We have to realize that what horrifies us, has a cause. Even those who do these abominations for money have come to that stance due to some ideas about the nature of their survival based on need and support. At what point do people consider themselves mere meat acting without any intent other than cause for effect of their desire?

  • I am horrified by what is happening to children, it’s absolutely appalling and pure evil. I really hope the Police can do more to stop it. The filthy rich people doing doing this should be strung up by their balls and gutted with a blunt knife. The people who work for them should also be shot. I am so shocked by this. Why isn’t it on mainstream media?

    • Diana the police do nothing to stop the evil practices of the filthy rich. In fact they enforce the directives of our despot politicians to keep the rest of us “in our place”. In the case of Epstein he was in a situation where he knew too much about the habits of the beasts who rule this earth and he was disposed of.

  • Questions/Observations:
    *Why ask Psychotics what they Feel about anything?? They don’t have a conscience!
    * Ayone can have a child… It just takes fertility… Many infertile women would give their right arm to have a child!
    * Who wants an infant’s tiny organs?? This is a rather ridiculous …
    * 3 out of the 3 Polish women I’ve known were complete idiots…

    • Jo I thought that about the organs as well. It doesn’t quite add up. There are plenty of adult organs available in refugee camps and Chinese prisons. The infants’ bodies are probably used for other nefarious purposes.

  • Absolutely Heartbreaking until the end; Then jubilation. Praise God that this child was saved. These people are SICK!

  • Always remember, Germany is an occupied Nation/Country since the unconditional surrender in 1945. That makes the occupiers responsible for allowing the brothels back in business after Adolf Hitler put them out of business 88 years ago.

    • Hitler may have tried to eradicate brothels but they exist in every country on Earth. The only way to get rid of brothels is for humanity as a whole to lift it’s game. Unfortunately as we can see from recent events, 90% of humanity are ignorant gullible minions who believe what billionaires tell them to believe then bow to the directives of said billionaires. Spiritual awakening is a very slow process and I think a good chunk of humanity are not going to survive in mortal form. We can only hope that all the evil psychopaths depicted in this film perish with them.

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