This is Jeffrey Prather’s Chaplaincy with a healthy helping of profound insights.

Referring to how the Chinese and other enemies of the United States have exploited our open systems, Prather says, “The sins we committed to the native tribes, who welcomed everyone initially is the same thing that is being done to us now; that karmic sin is coming around…Russell Means talked about that greatly and his stuff is still up on YouTube for that.”

He says, “I talk to old folks, including my World War Two dad, ‘Wow, how did we get here?’

“So, we got here because our culture got infiltrated slowly, gradually. [Andrew] Breitbart…He talked about this; how a lot of the disaffected intellectuals – and a lot of Jewish intellectuals – came over here from Hitler’s Germany and a lot of them went to the East Coast for the Harvard-Yale stuff and that’s why you see all the CIA guys and State Department guys – and the officers of the military; Annapolis and West Point – those are – that’s Blue stuff. They have bought into it.

“But the Working Class, the soldiers, marines and sailors, they guys and gals that make it happen; that’s Red Team, that is classic Americana; people who build the roads and fight the wars.

“And, so all three branches of our government have finally become infiltrated, as well.

“The Presidency – Biden can’t walk up the stairs without falling down. The Judiciary won’t even hear the evidence, the news media; the FBI is a joke – all of that.

“That is because we have been infiltrated by our culture and our culture – the most important part of our culture is our ethics and our ethics come from our morals and our morals come from our spiritual center.

“This is actually what I’m going to be talking about…in Tulsa, which is restoring spiritual resiliency in America…I can talk about that in detail – not in generalities, not in symbology – but actually what that is about.

“And so, what is happening, once they’ve diminished all the branches of government is first, they begin to diminish all of our protectors, our local protectors, which are the police and the police are totally diminished.

“And now, I told you – I predicted, if you look back at my stuff – they’re going to diminish the military next and that is well under way. The National Guard’s still deployed when they’re not poisoning them and they’re going to make them take all kinds of new loyalty oaths and the focus of the new civilian defense minister is LGBTQR – wharever it is – rights, as opposed to winning wars, which is why we don’t win wars anymore.

“Trump won the war against ISIS, because he unleashed us. But as soon as World War Two was ended, we started losing. As soon as the CIA coms on the scene, Korea is a stalemate and then Vietnam is a loss.

“And until Trump comes around, the military lets us win, because war is terrible. It is cruelty, as General Tecumseh Sherman said.

“So, the next thing to diminish is God…”

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  • Would like to add to Victoria’s comment. Jeffery Pather here worships the God of war. A blood thirsty God. He not only glorifies the wanton massacres & burning alive German men, women & children, & of course the burning alive of the Japanese in Christian cities of Nagasaki & Hiroshima. He doesn’t get enough of war. He states “we have to start winning war again.” Jeffery is disappointed with not being allowed to slaughter more Vietnamese & Koreans. Jeffery, I believe the things that are going wrong for America & the not so great, Britain, is because you all laid a hand on your brother, the Germans, instead of listening to their warnings of Bolshevism.

  • “Our ethics comes from our morals” listen to this clown. If you cannot expose the War Crimes the United States & Britain (with her commonwealth, Canada) & USSR did to win WW2, then you are the ‘Deep State.’ America was infiltrated way before 1930’s, that’s why they got ‘The Federal Reserve’ & The Federal Reserve gave ya the (staged) ‘Great Depression.’ Besides Your naming the wrong infiltration of the jew, it was indeed the ‘Sephardic’ jew. The Sephardic & Marrano jew after their exile from Spain 1492, immigrated to Amsterdam & North Africa & Middle East. Amsterdam is where they came out of to take over ‘The Bank of England’ in 1688. These are the same jews that had King Charles executed in 1648. King Edward abolished these Spanish jews ‘Usury’ in 1290 for a good reason. & This whole cycle of this further one sided view of the “Natives” is annoying. Ya had the ‘Aztec’ that loved eating a beating heart for lunch & sacrificed as many as 20,000 people in a year. Blood thirsty, I guess. Then there were the ‘Potawatomi” tribe that sided with the Brits & massacred American men, women & children in ‘Fort Dearborn’ in 1812. The list goes on…

  • I LOVE your rebellion ideas! They made me feel very stupid because I hadn’t thought of them. I constantly learn and love to learn! Thank you. I had the idea of buying some black or very dark navy blue netting and making a mask out of that but haven’t found the right material yet.

    You are new to me and it sounds like you know what you are talking about, so I will be glad to join your forces. I LOVE AMERICA! I also love President Trump and want him back in leadership. What we have is totally pitiful and completely unacceptable!

    I’m 72 years old and still quite feisty–that according to some law enforcement individuals I’ve worked with. I want to do whatever I can to save this country.

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY. I totally appreciate you and all our vets.

  • I believe, but, I don’t believe in religion.
    I have been there, and sent back and told it was not time yet.
    Now what that means, I have yet to know for sure.
    Time is reveling things of truth, and lies.
    Thank you, for the help with the guidance.
    We must all find the way to go forward within our selves.
    And act on it.

  • Jeff Prather makes more sense than anybody I’ve listened to so far, regarding our current situation. I also believe there is a little karma going on. He and Dr. Joseph Farrell seem to have the best take on things. I listen to Mr. Prather because he has been in the lion’s den. Thanks for sharing this Miss Bruce.


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