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    Jessie Czebotar joins Sean Stone to discuss her experience in the “Illuminati”, how she was saved and what the spiritual war is really about…which is to steal your soul.

    Czebotar says she was raised since earliest childhood to become a Mother of Darkness, a Satanic priestess at the highest level of the Illuminati, or as she calls it, “the System”, a term that is interchangeable with the “Deep State” or the “Cabal”.

    She says, “Satan intends to use people to usurp that Throne of God, so he can sit on it and that’s what the agenda is and that’s the agenda of the Mothers of Darkness, the New World Order – it’s all the same agenda – to raise up the Antichrist to usurp the throne of God.”

    Even if you do not believe any of this, these people do. Without understanding what they believe and how they operate, it’s impossible to understand why they do what they do and how to dismantle and neuter their grip on society.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • What I don’t understand is how she can share this information without being attacked by the dark side. Why would they let her reveal all this? I don’t buy it. She may have some involvement, or perhaps she is there for disinformation? I can’t trust anything coming off this interview.

    • Within the first 3 minutes she says her Key words, “nazi & Hitler” LOL, not worth the energy it takes to listen to such programming.

    • I noticed several things that bothered me. I’ve listened to so many testimonies and for her to witness that level of evil and have the demeanor she has just doesn’t fit. Those at the top are subjected to horrific evil and it’s like she was just reading some book. She quoted scriptures artificially and was so vague about “spiritual realms”, minimizing the sadistic acts of evil of children. There are many who get off on sadistic torture, not just as a means to “get into the gates of heaven”, maybe that’s their motive at these ceremonies but I know many who get off it and it was like she was ignoring or excusing it. And what also doesn’t make sense was, they were acting as if they were keeping her ‘private’, but her face was on there so it’s not like they wouldn’t know who she was. Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse like Cathy O’Brien, Sue Arrigo and Fiona Barrett had the courage to name people, be more specific about their crimes and put their lives on the line for it. She was giving a generic, artificial interpretation, as if she was reciting what others have already said, not an honest account of redemption. I don’t buy it.

      • I feel those born into the top families who run the system are programmed to do the will of the System. It’s not always their own will, as she says, only 5% are of a mindset to do evil. It appears she determined at age 3 that she would not kill, was thrown into a cellar and Jesus led her out. I admire her determination at this young age (*this was revealed on her website, not in this interview). In order for her to disclose the Satanic agenda she needed to heal and then give details objectively, without emotional involvent. She mastered ability to do so. Give her credit for the strength she demonstrates to walk this fine line.

    • First and foremost, Jesus Christ is Lord and savior! Yes, Satan is real and powerful but nothing like our God! Read his Bible, his living word, pray like you’ve never prayed, and when you’re done, PRAY SOME MORE! He tells us in his Word, put on the armor of God and stand firm! We don’t even have to fight, just stand firm! But we do need his ARMOR… HIS WORD SO WE CAN STAND FIRM! May God bless us and the united states of America.

    • She did not once mention Christ and the Power He has over satan and its demons. Not even sure she mentioned God in Heaven. I do not blindly trust anything she said.

      • Frankly to me, her voice drips with evil. I don’t know if she is witting of this or not but evil clings to her every word (to my ears).

        • Yes, I agree with both of you, Jules and Alexandra. Something very “tricky” going on. We call it”truth” with “lies” attached. The truth of what is said reals one it to their tangled web of lies. Plus, I always question the trueness of the interviewer.

          My sincere desire is that most people have been and are working on their awareness since our Wise Discernment is required as we traverse the 4th Dimension. It is vital since it determines the outcome of us returning fully in the 3rd Dimension or evolving to the “deeper” dimensions—the word Deeper meaning doing the work it takes to evolve.

        • Alexandra, I’m very sorry you feel that way. Especially as it’s you I have to thank for finally spotting what I feel is the last piece of the puzzle I’ve been working on for most of my life. Which is Jessie’s story. As you infer in your cut, copy and paste of Sarah Westall’s usual introduction to Jessie, how are we ever going to get the full picture, unless we have the bravery to hear the other side of the story? Which in this case, is from the most unfortunate and the most unappealing of all places- Satan and those who follow him.

          So yes, of course evil clings to her every word- she’s clearly haunted by it! She was meant to be Satan’s bride in his end time ritual! She saw the wretched creature in multiple guises and was forced to speak with him and relay his wicked words many times- as a child! Can you imagine how that would haunt you? Cling to you? Like the stench of death? Or ultimate corruption? None of that means she did not find God 1st. And that consequently she remains mostly un-corrupted and is still trying to do God’s work by relaying this information to us, in what I hope most of us agree, is this highly critical time.

          It’s a pity we’re so prone to being so simplistic. It’s hardly a wonder that as a result we’ve so seldom got beyond the surface of things to the unsurprisingly more complex things that are really going on underneath. Most of your viewers expressing a similar reaction, don’t seem to have actually watched even all of this interview, let alone watched the many, many hours of explanation Jessie has tried to give elsewhere. Again- if you’d lived through what she’s lived through, can you imagine how much you would struggle to try to get that across to anyone? I think she’s done incredibly well just to still be alive. And sane. And coherent. And on the whole, I think she does pretty well to explain what has got to be THE most difficult thing to try to relate. But obviously only if you give her a chance.

          I really hope you and those viewers will try to give her another chance. Mostly because I believe it could well be of the utmost importance to you (eternity and stuff like that!). I appreciate it’s seriously uncomfortable and difficult to listen to, but if it’s the real thing, it would be- wouldn’t it? And yes, I do struggle regularly with various bits of it, but it’s an overall assessment we have to aim for. If we allow ourselves to get thrown completely off by the 1st thing we struggle with or don’t like, we’ll likely never get anywhere interesting, useful, or worth being.

          • I don’t discount her information. I can just hear and feel the evil dripping out of her every pore.

            • Oh, Alexandra. I’m still really sorry then. I can’t deny what you feel, or know 100% whether you’re right or wrong about Jessie. We all have to do our best in this deliberate minefield of confusion.

              I will ask one last thing. Why did you choose a picture of a distinctly ‘dripping with evil’ looking Madonna, who doesn’t try to hide she’s an ongoing Satanist, as the picture to illustrate an interview with a woman who claims she’s trying to fight Satan?

            • The photo was meant to represent a “Mother of Darkness”. I think I entered that term and that was one of the images that popped up

        • Perhaps you’re the one “dripping, clinging, oozing evil?? Revisit her sworn affidavits naming names, dates, GRAPHIC evil she watched and lived as a small child. 1-1/2 years in the cabal, Deep State, Luciferian System- a whole lot can happen when Jesus Christ keeps his promises. Go ahead. Have a listen or read Lifting the Wool blog by Veronica Swift since you get so persuaded by the sounds passing through your itchy ears.
          ⚠️ It’s graphic, raw and real. You will know 80-100% of these political, military, celebrity, business tycoons, banksters that delight in extreme torture, rape followed by cannibalism while the child is alive and aware with out pain meds they are being eaten alive.

          Just because WE CANNOT Fathom or imagine such evil and depravity doesn’t mean a damn thing because these Luciferians do. Jessie Czebotar’s live is protected by the hand of God. Her days just as ours are numbered and ordered by God Alone.

          My observation with the level of dramatic ridiculousness show your blatant disrespect for all survivors. Only until you track with them long enough to measure consistency in their character over time and who they give glory and honor to (herself? Satan or Jesus Christ and him crucified, dead, buried and rise again?). Is she chaotic or consistent. See- when God gives you an assignment- God’s law of free will Could Grant Jessie and the Other survivors the right to Never speak or think of the horror again OR- you suit up Eph 6 and with the help of the living God Almighty you take on the beast system at its EVIL core to dismantle every DUMB, tunnel, Statue, church, orgs and clubs and obliterate it and everyone in the system.
          But- what does Jessie’s dripping,griping, oozing heart for humanity do? She with God’s help and Christ’s resurrection powers walks ALONE into the den of theivesWhere they hide in darkness and calls them out. She understands through the scriptures WE- everyday ppl Surrendered to Christ have THE SAME supernatural gifts (& more) per Jesus to. Heal, teach, Raise the dead (in spirit and in truth) .

          So see Alexandra??- this has little to actually do with Jessie Czebotar now that you know the truth not just random dramatics oft seen on truther channels.
          Her history and story have been vetted to date.
          If you are unable to believe what you have heard as truth , I propose it’s less about Jessie Czebotar’s truth and more about your faith and relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord (or lack thereof)
          Ask God to speak truth to you and in a way you can revive it.

          ⚠️ Once you encounter Jesus then the Family of body of believers in full, Alex you personally will never be this short-sided is discernment of other ppl.

          You will Want to choose kindness, compassion, grace and even “greater things” to focus On.

          I wish and pray for souls Like yours (so so close) at this center of your heart- where God abides.
          God bless your journey.

      • I understand EXACTLY what you mean. It was like she was reading a script, I don’t buy it …….

    • Thanks so much for giving insight into that world that many of us have spent our lives trying to understand and protect ourselves against. Great interview! God Bless you both!

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