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This is an excellent podcast by Tyla and Douglas Gabriel about the multidimensional aspects of the epochal change and the mass genocide that we are living through, drawing from Christian and Eastern theology and the work of Rudolf Steiner.

It’s both extremely interesting and important to have a higher perspective of what’s now happening, which is akin to the Great Flood of Noah. Whereas it said that Atlantis was destroyed by Water and the age previous to that, referred to as “Lemuria” was destroyed by Fire, our current world is in the process of being destroyed via the Element of Air; through 5G, chemtrails, psychotronic warfare and the spread of bioweapons.

Douglas goes into a detailed description of Ahriman and Lucifer, which I won’t get into here.

As Tyla says, “We’re going through hyperinflation, the veils are being lifted, everything that can’t be tied down to Earth has been shorted. The banks are short, the stock market is short, silver’s short, all of the lies – everything – is being exposed and it’s all going to collapse. But we’re trying to nudge it so it collapses on the Evil Ones.

“And those of you who’ve been listening, paying attention, you’re been fortifying yourselves, both spiritually and around you, physically with the things you need to survive as we go forward.

“And I don’t want to paint a doomsday picture, because we know that those who’ve prepared, we’re going to be fine, we’re going to make it out. But you’re going to be on your Arc. You’re going to see the people out there, in the water drowning and there’s nothing you can do.

“If a loved-one has already taken the vaccine, you can’t un-do that. So, we’re just going to just have to come to grips with what this means for our future incarnations and our evolution as a species and stop looking at it as these individual losses, because there will be so much suffering, to have to watch this.”

Douglas agrees. “It’s like the image of Lot and his wife and children leaving the city, as hellfires [rain down].”

Tyla continues, “I’m so glad to see so many Trump supporters, who are saying, ‘Hell, no, we’re not taking the vaccine and we don’t care what Donald Trump says at his point. We don’t see that he is free to speak the truth. He could be handled. His kids could be in a hostage situation, he could be threatened to have to come out and say these things.’

“So, at this point in history, Fellow Citizens, we have to follow the path of truth and not follow anyone in particular, like a Jim Jones at Jonestown and drink their Kool-Aid.”

Douglas finishes by saying, “Vaccines, vaccine companies, Big Pharma, they are not trying to help you. It’s like the hospitals. They’re just there as a business. They want to do procedures, they want to make money. They want the next test, because it’s all part of the flow of money. But when it comes to Big Pharma, when it comes to the National Institutes of Health and the Centers of Disease Control – no, no, no – they are outright – this is a pogrom. This is genocide. This is a global genocide, literally run from the World Health Organization, from the United Nations and those two organizations –”

Tyla interjects, “– And the World Economic Forum. Don’t forget those evil people!”

“Oh, they planned it, remember, they’ve actually had meetings to prepare for this, begged for it – Fauci threatened that it was going to happen, threatened when it was going to happen and then brought the hammer down.  They knew that it was the only thing they had left to create the Big Bang for the ‘Reset’.

“And the Reset is America no longer exists. We are taken over by global forces. And America will probably be paired-up with Canada and Mexico, in the way that the United Nations plan wants to work. They want to have these economic zones. So, there’s going to be no more nations.

“But before that, there has to be this war of All against All. So, what happens? Syria gets bombed. As soon as Syria gets bombed and Damascus, that’s it, Folks. It’s the rain coming down on Noah. And remember, even in the Fatima letters, with Noah or with Lot, they didn’t get to take everybody. A lot of the people didn’t make it.

“And so, when we’re talking about consciousness, are people going make the leap of consciousness that is coming in because of all of these things that we’ve mentioned, the Maunder Minimum, the cosmic rays that are coming in from the stars, stronger now, probably than at any time that they can remember in history? There’s just about the greatest number we’ve ever had of earthquakes, volcanoes, strange storms and so on and so forth.

“So, as this Minimum is happening, we can expect all these things; magnetic anomalies. People say that Earth’s axis is going to shift, North to South, South to North. This is has happened before; paleomagnetism proves that. Well yeah, it is is. I’ve been watching the gigantic hole. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

“So, where are we headed? Consciousness. No matter what, humans are a precious thing to the Divine. And they are not going to let a single person be wasted. Even if you are in the lower third and you become an animal-human and then it takes you a little bit longer to become a human…that’s OK. It’s all made in the big plan…

“Just wake up, look around. Look inside, look outside and create a coherent cosmology. And if you can do that, then no matter what is happening, you can understand it, you can put it in place. You can eventually digest it; that right now, the things that are being stuffed down our throat are just about the worst that I’ve ever seen in my life, just as the four years before were the best that I’ve seen coming out of the White House and Washington DC.

“But now, any evil you can think of is becoming a law…”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Actually most of her explanation of ADE is technically wrong. And there is no way the RNA construct integrates into human DNA. Bold, untrue statements. Exogenous mRNA is degraded by natural processes, so it’s not an “on button with no off button”, as she claims. Very misleading statements soley to support her view and unsubstantiated opinion.

  • Dealing with wokesters…
    How to deal with a narcissistic gaslighter (AKA militant ‘Anti-racist’):

    1. Learn to trust your own opinion about yourself: if you don’t trust your own judgement about yourself then you will depend on others to tell you who you are. A narcissist can realise that you care a lot about other people’s opinions then decide to take advantage of that by putting you down to make sure that you never feel good about yourself.

    2. Play indifferent: Gasligting may also involve the narcissist trying to get an emotional reaction from the victim by harshly criticising them or being verbally abusive. When the abuse fails to get the emotional reaction from you that he was looking for, it can demotivate him to keep the gaslighting.

    3. Don’t be defensive: one of the mistakes you can make while dealing with a gasligter is to turn defensive and start giving explanations for your actions or behaviour. Being defensive only gives the gaslighter strength to keep gaslighting you because that’s exactly what they expect. Instead understand their intentions and show them that you give no weight to their opinions, criticism and judgement.

    4. Confront them: confronting a narcissist and telling him that you understand his bad intentions behind his gaslighting behaviour can put him on the defensive. Most narcissist usually try to prove you wrong by not repeating the behaviour. Although this should be your last option and you will need courage to do this because narcissists don’t take confrontation well.

  • Thank you very much Ms. Bruce for your continuing effective effort in bringing important information into Consciousness. Particularly appreciated this transmission and related podcast in dealing with the currently pertinent Rudolf Steiner teachings.

  • Thank you, AB, for posting this. This was a great summary of what I have been intuitively putting together myself. The information from the Douglasses will resonate or not. Probably five years ago I would not have been able to accept all of their theories so you may have to keep an open mind and allow yourself to keep growing. Don’t know how accurate they may be, but right now I align with what they are saying.

  • Do not comply, and buy silver.
    I’ve been following A.I.M. for a while now.
    Don’t take an experimental vaccine and become GMO!

  • Can’t believe it, I just listened to this! It’s what I have come to understand in my own situation. I used to think it was my job to wake people up, but no one is listening. So I decided awhile ago what the Gabriels say here—I must be one who will be on the Ark, a survivor, and all I can do is stand back and let God’s plan fall out the way it’s supposed to, and mourn the ones who blindly followed, or did not Search for the Truth. God gave us a mind and free will, and some people will not put either to good use. A hard sad road ahead.

  • The Douglas’s are fine people. But they like most DO NOT address the Jewish influence in our society.
    We cannot win this war if we don’t know who are our true enemies.

  • “Animal Humans”😒I don’t know what that means but it applies a set of humans that you feel superior to..✋ Now,Bible does say some are written in the Book,some not,some written that WILL be blotted out of the Book of Life!It is NOT from taking this vaccine however,as I assume you rambled about “mark of the beast”that would be a compact willingly taken knowing it’s evil!!Now about the big big hole you refer to watching CLOSELY,the ozone hole is smaller than any time in my life.You letter gives fear and no solutions which is pretty much like MSM and the fascist around this world so you might as well be that spit shined preacher on TV!!Don’t be these reason people are confused..p.s. Don’t take any vaccine,especially the covid dRNA,it could kill you and probably sterilize you and ALWAYS BE PREPARED this is a War on human life by TECHNOCRATS who dislike you/me..goodluck fellow beings❤

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