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    A mysterious website has come to the attention of vigilant observers. It describes itself as a cross-reference of openly-available thank tank predictions from numerous branches of the US military, the IMF and others.

    In October 2014, there was a spate of amateur YouTube videos, which showed openly-available pages on the website, predicting everything for every country, including the collapse of the Western banking system and an attendant decline in the US population from 318M to 78M by 2025.

    The Deagel Report also said that by 2025, the US economy would go from ranking #1 to 13th in the world.

    The new #1 would be China and #2 would be Brazil, with a sudden gain of 20M+ in its population, due to migration, presumably because its current population growth is likely lower than that of the US.

    Being half-Brazilian, I found this information to be particularly interesting and I checked back on this site over the past several weeks.

    Recently, I saw a revision of their prediction, with 10M less of a population reduction in the US and 5M less of a population increase in Brazil – but when I went to check on their site, last Saturday, to gather information to run a story about it on FKTV, I was shocked to be met by a screen that told me that my IP was on a list of those who’d been barred from viewing the contents of their website, with the presenter of this video!

    Luckily, I was able to access an April 16th archive of the pertinent pages of their site, from

    Whatever Jade Helm is, I think that more than likely, it is a preparation for an imminent financial collapse, in the Western economy, where people are going to be “wilding” in the streets, for lack of work, money, water and and food…

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