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Why did the US invade Iraq, where 4,486 US soldiers were killed and an additional 2,345 US soldiers died in Afghanistan, with 1 million US soldiers wounded in both wars?

Iraqi casualties are unclear because of the different kinds of types of casualties (Iraq military, jihadi insurgents, civilians, etc.) and because of US policy to studiously avoid tallying civilian deaths. According to, between 2003-2013, Iraq had 270,000 documented deaths (combined military and civilian), however, major casualties there continue to this day and there’s at least one estimate that 1,455,590 Iraqis have been killed since the US invasion – and growing.

The public reason given for the invasion was that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), which was proven to be false by the US military, after razing Iraq to the ground. There were also false implications made by members of the Bush Administration that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. These lies were successful. In a USA Today poll taken in September 2003, a few months after the Invasion of Iraq, 70% of Americans believed that Saddam was involved.

The real behind-the-scenes “excuse” to invade (which was still not the real reason) was because Saddam Hussein was threatening to sell Iraqi oil in Euros, which would have circumvented his OPEC agreement. OPEC member states can only accept US dollars as payment for their oil.

OPEC is what keeps the US dollar strong, despite America’s unpayable $21 trillion national debt. It also forces the US to wage illegal pre-emptive and proxy wars on oil-rich countries, to protect the debt-based US dollar, to which the US does not own the right to issue. The right to issue the US dollar belongs to the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank, which is part of the Central Banking System, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

When the Dubya Administration threatened to invade Iraq, Saddam said he’d do “anything the US asked” to avoid war. Saddam promised to buy 1 million American cars yearly for the next decade and to give favorable contracts in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

But the NeoCons who were controlling President George W Bush were also members of a think tank called the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Prior to Dubya’s even taking office, PNAC already had a plan to topple the Iraq regime and all other Islamic oil-rich states, as laid out in their position paper, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century”. Read it, here.

There have been several successful coups and less successful coup-attempts, some incredibly violent, since 2001 in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria – basically, in all of the countries involved in the US-manufactured social uprisings, known as the “Arab Spring”, which capitalized on the disaffection among the peoples of these repressive regimes.

The ultimate beneficiary of all of this carnage is the Central Banking System, which controls the money supplies of virtually all nations on Earth (including the US’), with the exception of China, Russia and Iran. This is why you see these three countries constantly being demonized in the Western Mainstream Media.

Of course interests which are not at cross-purposes with the Central Bankers, including US weapons manufacturers, mercenary companies like Blackwater (aka Xe Services, aka Academi), infrastructure construction companies, like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and all manner of war profiteers and disaster capitalists all continue to benefit from these pre-emptive and illegal war policies, as did the newly-formed US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and all of their suppliers.

Big Oil was also supposed to benefit from the destabilization of Iraq, which has the second-largest proven oil reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia but the chaotic situation in Iraq has so far prevented this, although it appears that President Trump is planning a historical Blitzkrieg against ISIS and that,according to one of my subscribers, may make him look “like Bush/Hillary/Obama on steroids by the end of next week”.

Most people don’t know any of this because the Mainstream Media is controlled by the CIA, as laid out by the now-declassified CIA Project Mockingbird documents and as admitted by 25-year German TV news anchorman, Udo Ulfkotte, in the video above and who was found dead of a heart attack two weeks ago.

Many (if not all) of these Islamic countries were also members of the North Africa Union. They were either not yet part of the Central Banking System or they were attempting to break free from it. This effort never got off the ground.

You can learn more details about all of the above in my interviews with William Calder: here, here and here.

You can also read the eBooklet by Calder about how our unsustainable financial system works and has the world in its grip, ‘The Right to Issue’.

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  • I’m trying to buy his book it’s on back order or not available in US yet.I don’t believe he died without assistance. After 9/11 I don’t know what to believe…Fake news-false news
    Propaganda…Wtf is going on.
    Is this what Trump is referring to with his paranoia or, is he the latest sly devil cloaked in red,white and blue.

  • Not many days (weeks?) after the Iraq invasion, DOD not only banned cameras from photographing flag draped caskets at Andrews AFB but they changed how KIA were tallied…a troop was only considered in the official count as KIA if that troop died before receiving any medical attention. If the troop died from the point of first medical administration or anytime thereafter they were not allowed to be put into the official KIA count, but only considered as wounded…so the 4,000 and whatever number is waaaaay far off from the true number of young men killed mindlessly and needlessly in Iraq.

  • Afghanistan has suffered terribly with the previous war from 1979 – 1988 with democratically elected Afghan government supported, funded and given military support by the USSR as requested by the Afghan government to maintain power.

    The Afghan government fell to US C I A backed funded and trained Islamic Insurgent fighters led by Saudi Osama Bin Laden (who was reported as dying of kidney disease in 2001 and then being killed in 2006/7 and again years later by the US military).

    These military insurgents were trained in US funded military boot camps on US mainland part funded with Saudi money to create Al Qaeda (The Base).

    The war (1979 – 1988) has been previously reported as resulting in one million Afghan’s dead and one million Afghan’s left disabled. After the war in 1988 the USSR (Soviets) did not surrender to US Insurgents but left. Afghanistan was then abandoned by the US who failed to demobilise their Saudi backed Wahabi Salafist Islam indoctrinated Mujahedeen insurgent forces some of whom joined the Taliban.

    Afghanistan is also unfortunately one of the countries on Earth with the largest numbers of landmines.

    Afghanistan is a strategic asset to the US for precious gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli (Sapphire), minerals and US strategic interests for neighbouring Pakistan, China and Iran.

    Reports suggest Afghanistan is also vital for its strategic location for possible routes for pipelines.

    Now in 2017 after 15 years of war by US and allies since 2001 Afghanistan has become one of the most heavily contaminated countries on Earth with military waste, depleted uranium, uranium alloys and plutonium and catastrophic loss of infrastructure.

    Iraq has been reported as having over two million dead and millions disabled with millions of homeless. Fallujah in Iraq is a zone where prospective parents are warned never to have children as less than 1% of children born are viable due to intense radioactive pollution by extremely high levels of depleted uranium (DU) in the environment. The radiological damage is equivalent to effects from atom bomb tests reported within 12 months of the initial nuclear testing.

    Bringing peace to Afghanistan and Iraq will require immense effort and vast funds including full reconstruction and support for decades.

    • So sad, Safir. So sorry. However, much we all want peace I don’t think peace is what TPTsB have in mind for any one of us.

    • Well Jon, maybe that is her life…. Does not sound like a fun one. Remember, it’s all about distractions, watch this hand while the other one takes everything you still have. LOL! Gotta find a little humor in there, somewhere………

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