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    In this third installment of an interview with Bill Calder, the author of The Right to Issue, Alexandra Bruce digs deeper into the details of the top 10 members of the Committee, who are at the helm of the Central Banking System and the failed attempt by the Clinton-Bush Cabal to usurp the right to issue a global currency.


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    • What nobody wants to face is that borderless states, universal currency is impossible without universal values, which the controllers well recognize. Hence the clash of civilizations! Mark this down – the clash is deliberately set in motion to destroy extant civilizations so that the controllers can reconstitute all of them in their ideal. All value systems must be replaced in order for the “utopian order” to succeed. Who wants this? Who is willing to turn everything over to the controllers and I do mean everything, because that is what they want. The Georgia guide stones are not fiction. Conspiracy theory? Yes, until the conspirators have the power to effect that theoretical objective and judging by the hysterical mesmerized Hildabots, they are ready to become sacrificial goats. Lemmings stampeding into the abyss. The only way out is to take away the controller’s cash cow – usury and control of currency!

    • Though Bill’s information is enlightening, it has a nasty habit of leaving one feeling dis-empowered. It’s like a horror film you can’t turn away from, and I don’t mean that in a negative sense, because the angry cat needs to be let out of the bag, while few wish to be holding such.
      A wise man would say let the chips fall where they may; perhaps the fear of a collapsing market would be worse than the result, for we are far more consciously diversified than we were in 1929. In short we need a new program to replace the old one but can’t trust the programmers to do what’s right, so barter and trade will just have to suffice until we are weened clean.
      A side note; AB, you have Shirley Maclaine eyes 😉

    • What everyone needs to realize is the people that have these “Degrees” are the ones that are completely indoctrinated into this corruption. Colleges are in place to keep people from forming a real ability to “think for yourself”. The name calling is what they do when there brain can’t process anything other than the false narrative.
      I would hope that everyone looks at the local,county and state levels and realize this is a “Swamp” of corruption living off the backs of the real working people. How can they have such a great retirement package that allows them to live better than the ones that still must work in the private sector to support them.

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