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Here’s the next segment of my interview with William Calder, author of the booklet, ‘The Right to Issue’. This part deals with the creation of OPEC and how this cemented the US’ current role as the most powerful economy on Earth. The price for this is that America must act as the military/industrial enforcers of the Central Bank Controllers of the world’s currencies.

In 1913, the Controllers began systematically hijacking the US, first with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank and by 1960, the hijacking was complete with the creation of OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, whose member states possess 73% of the world’s “proven” oil reserves. OPEC mandates that all petroleum purchased from them be done with US dollars. Recall that the US does not own or issue the dollar, the Federal Reserve Bank does, as a part of the Central Banking system headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.


The US’ sabre-rattling and/or sanctions will continue toward China, Russia and Iran (the only large economies which remain free from the control of the Central Banks), in order for the US must remain the Top Dog on the world stage. The US will only remain in that position at the pleasure of its Controllers, who may someday determine that this mantle would work better or them, if bestowed on another country or entity.

Amschel Rothschild’s infamous quote about not caring who rules a country, as long as he controlled its currency is a modus operandi that did not originate with him but which has been the motto of the Controllers for almost one thousand years.

Bill Calder explains our geopolitical pickle in very simple terms – and he offers a surprising solution for it, in ‘The Right to Issue’.



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  • Abolish the contract? I don’t think it’s possible due to the fact that the Constitution for the United States, for the most part, created by members of secret societies. The entire U.S. government is composed of members of secret societies, starting with the Founding Fathers.

    Patrick Henry was not a member. He knew exactly what they were up to:

    From Wikipedia: “In 1784, Henry was elected again for a one-year term by the legislature as governor of Virginia, and re-elected twice more, serving until 1786.[24] He declined to attend the Constitutional Convention of 1787, saying that he “smelt a rat in Philadelphia, tending toward the monarchy.”[citation needed] An ardent supporter of state rights, Henry was an outspoken critic of the United States Constitution. He worried that the untested office of the presidency could devolve into a monarchy and became a leading opponent of James Madison.

    • Abolishing the contract is not possible without first abolishing the federal government. It’s possible- Declaration of Independence says so.

  • You ask: Why have the US all these wars, and seeks the answer in the “domino-effect” and that they are afraid of communism spreading in the world.

    It is far, far worse than we have ever thought: The whole political spektrum is created by the controllers, as you describe them. The right wing, the left wing, fascists, nazis, feminism an what have you. And they have control over all of these ideologies. Then they play them against each other, and they enjoy the wars and the revolutions, they get a perverse satisfaction of slaughter, bloodshed and rapes.

    They are satanists, worshipers of the devil. That is why they also personally participate in rape, human sacrifices and other horrific acts and rites.

    You write that they have been in control for a thousand years. I believe that they have been at it for thousands of years. I have downloaded a book “Pawns in the game” by William Carr. I have just started reading it, but I think he has nailed it. He describes the pharisees, whitch resembles the cabal we are facing today.

    These controllers are playing with us, to make us into the same depraved monsters they are themselves. They make us worship money, as they do. Everything in our modern societies works in that direction: The anti-music (and all the filth that come with it), pornography, HBTQ and other perversions, skyscrapers and other anti-harmonic architecture, depraved art, violence and slaughter in films, asf. And all the time they ridicule decency and honesty.

    They viciously attack every man or woman, that opens his/her mouth against what is happening in our societies. I saw an interview, that Chuck Todd had with Reince Priebus, and it shows how low journalism has sunk today. Priebus was always interrupted and Todd never listened to what he said. I became so angry, I had to stop it. Mr Todd is the essence of the truly satanistic media in the west today. And it becomes worse by the day.

    The controllers took control of the oil from the start and will never allow alternative energies, you have described a few of them, to emerge as an alternative. Everylittle genius, that comes up with a promising apparatus, that can use water, zero-point energy, asf, is immediately murdered and their documents and inventions confiscated.

    With their control of money they have us by our balls. If we don’t work for them, we don’t eat – it is as simple as that. The most urgent to do, is to nationalize the money – everywhere. That will not solve all the issues with these monsters, but at least we can survive while we deal with the rest.

  • It is all by design…..without a doubt. Down to your food. next will be the water supply…..then a total grip will be had on humanity.

  • Bretton Woods predates both Kissinger and McNamara by a country mile. I agree we need each other only in the cultural sense. Needing is mostly a state of mind. Man is a social animal and thrives on human relations, but he can survive alone quite nicely. Agreed too many have a me me outlook which I say is the byproduct of removing final accountability from education which the same cabal controls from the un-necessary Federal Department of Education! I’m old school and still hold to the belief in final accountability, so how I treat my neighbor is very important to me for my own mental well being. The monsters he’s speaking of obviously have a very different world view.

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