This talk is the first in a series of installments of an interview that I just did with William Calder, author of an easy-to-read booklet, The Right to Issue, for which I wrote the Foreword.

Veteran Marine, former Wall Street currency and bond trader, Calder is now a semi-retired successful investor. He wrote this book because despite the work many people have done to raise awareness about the Federal Reserve Bank, very few have accurately nailed the real problem.

In Calder’s words:

“Abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank is not the answer. Abolishing the contract that gave the Fed the Right to Issue the U.S. dollar is the answer.”

The United States does not own or issue its currency, the dollar. Most of the world’s countries also do not own or issue their currencies and they’re also part of the same Central Banking System that’s headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

Only three large economies remain outside of this system: China, Russia and Iran. These countries are often framed as “enemies” of the West, despite the fact that there are no open hostilities between the US and these nations and despite the fact that China is the US’ largest trading partner. The US buys most of its manufactured goods from US companies which have relocated to China!

So, if the US laid the groundwork to outsource its manufacturing base to China, which effectively put millions of Americans out of work – less than 20 years after fighting a very deadly war in Vietnam, on the premise that the “Domino Effect” of China’s Communism would spread throughout the region…I mean, what’s really going on, here?


Why are there such vicious sanctions against Russia, which clearly does not want war and has rebuffed an endless amount of instigations by the US, which could easily have been construed as legal casus belli, such as the 2014 Neo-Nazi putsch enacted by the US State Department in Ukraine and the downing of a commercial airliner falsely blamed on Russia, which had nothing to gain from such an action – especially as the plane was about to enter Russian airspace, where they could have more easily taken it down – but for what Russian purpose? There was none!

Now, we have the accusations of “Russian propaganda” throwing the US Presidential Election, which has been used as a pretext to censor the Internet and websites such as this. (To be clear, I am not in any way affiliated with Russia nor do I have any ill will toward Russia. I am affiliated with truth, reason and peace).

What is this “Pivot to Asia”, with the US Navy conducting war games in the South China Sea, trying to assert US control over a Bahamas-type environment on the other side of the planet, treacherous to ships, where coral reefs and atolls have been claimed for centuries by the governments of the Philippines, Vietnam, China and Malaysia?

The answer to these questions is that this bogus “enmity” has nothing to do, certainly with the people of the US against these countries. The People of the US only stand to have their Treasury looted by the Military Industrial Complex and to have nothing to show for it, in their quality of life. These policies have to do with the US’ role as the primary enforcer of its Central Bank Controllers.

This is the basis of the “Endless War” policy of the US (which is certainly not at cross-purposes of the US Treasury-looting Pentagon and the US’ immense defense contracting industry).

The US, along with its similarly-controlled allies has systematically toppled the governments of those countries, either not part of the Central Banking System or attempting to break away from it.

Over the past 15 years, many of these countries have been “brought to heel,” including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Syria is still fighting this, with the help of its ally Russia, one of only three major economies that remain outside of the Controllers’ Central Banking System.

China, Russia and Iran are the three largest economies not part of this system. This is the root cause for these countries’ demonization by the US Government. The true source of strife between the US and these countries is that the Central Bank Controllers have been unable to gain control over their currencies.

In 1913, the Controllers began systematically hijacking the US, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank. In 1960, the hijacking was complete with the creation of OPEC, whose member states possess 73% of the world’s “proven” oil reserves. OPEC mandates that all petroleum purchased from them be done with US dollars. Remember, the US does not own or issue the dollar.

The US’ sabre-rattling and/or sanctions will continue toward China, Russia and Iran because the US must remain the primary enforcer of the Central Banks’ will, if it is to remain the Top Dog on the world stage – but it will only continue to do so at the pleasure of its Controllers – because, with over 20 trillion dollars of debt, who knows how long the center can hold?

Author, Bill Calder explains this seemingly intractable situation in very simple terms – and its surprising solution in The Right to Issue.


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  • Bingo! I would simply add that the coup that took place in the US in 1913 was linked with the coup that took over the Russian provisional government called the Bolshevik Revolution, which Americans have been taught was a Russian Revolution. That is false history, it was a foreign banker coup! The difference was the coup in Russia was violent and the one in the US was by stealth. Wilson was a hand picked banker stooge who did as he was told by central bankers. It’s all there in the first two decades of the 20th century for anyone to see. Everything going on today is laid out for you there.

  • Thank you so much for the information you have given us. Seeing you on video ,a woman so beautiful and with an intellect so rare.I think i’m falling in love .LOL Keep up your wonderful work .Before i forget, Happy Holidays !!!


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