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Jim Willie is back with Jean-Claude@Beyond-Mystic and he claims that BlackRock is using narcotics funds to acquire and build residential properties for the purpose of renting them out (so you will own nothing and be happy).

Jim also claims that all the Big Tech companies and Tesla are also taking narcotics money from Langley, which he says means the CIA “Controls the policy, controls the company and controls the CEOs” of these companies.

He says, “That’s a very big concept that most people do not latch onto – and Switzerland is part of that, the Switzerland National Bank – that’s their national bank – it’s part of a four-sided arbitrage – you’ve probably heard that in 2012, they instituted the 120 euro peg, because the Swiss Franc was going up so much, the Swiss National Bank was buying the euros and they had so many euros in their vault, they didn’t know what to do with them…

“So, the United States got together with them…It was revealed that the Swiss National Bank had $1 trillion in US stocks and mainly the FAANGs [i.e., Big Tech]. They had a huge amount of Apple and a huge amount of Google and they didn’t really justify it.”

Jean-Claude brings up an article from the BBC that talks about how Lloyds Bank is following the BlackRock playbook and scooping up as much residential property as it can, aiming to become the giant landlord of the UK.

Jean-Claude says they want you to default on your mortgage so they can add it to their portfolio and monopolize the rental market and he asks Jim if they’re doing this to address their liquidity problems and Jim says they’d need 20-40 million foreclosures to fix that, though this could be a method to supply BlackRock with the titles.

“BlackRock might be confiscating titles, loading them up with migrants and getting double the rent – on your dime! At Taxpayer’s expense…This is INSANE, what’s going on!…

“It’s $150 a day – it’s about $4,000 per migrant per month. And you get six of them and you get $24,000 for a house for a month on the Federal Budget…

“Back to the big banks. They’re in such incredible trouble that they are not in a position to get out of trouble. If they begin to move to get out of the trouble, they force a Treasury Bond default. The concept is called ‘convexity’, I may have mentioned this before.

“If one big bank – we’ve got…JPMorgan-Chase-Manhattan, we’ve got Citibank, Goldman-Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America – if any of them begins selling a lot of Treasury Bonds and it’s joined by another big bank, then we start to see 20 other mid-size regional banks begin to sell Treasury Bonds, and we get over 6% in a matter of a week – unless the Fed comes in under instructions by the Department of the Treasury to monetize it all – ‘We’ll buy it all! We don’t want to wreck the bond market!’

“Ooooh. Golly. Word gets out and even more of our allies start selling the Treasury Bonds and it causes an avalanche. And it also causes a bank run. So, we cannot have the big banks fix their problem. They’re stuck!”

Jim then turns his attention to a recent comment by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin, that she expects one important Wall Street bank to fail. Jim says, “I think it was a bit of a trial balloon, because they’re going to have secret FDIC funding that is very, very large – I don’t want to use the word ‘unlimited’ – but very large, at 2AM to make sure that no big bank fails.

“Now, while that happens, you’re going to have more restrictions for getting your money out of the banks.” He says that over the years, during his consult calls he’s heard of about a dozen instances of people having problems withdrawing money from their bank accounts. Over half of these complainants were at Bank of America.

“Therefore, if out of 12, 7 are Bank of America and Bank of America is one of five Wall Street Banks – that I think Bank of America is first on the list of failure.”

Jim predicts, “Our allies are going to get money under the table so they can bid on Treasuries and it does not show up on the tick report. It does not show up on the Belgium tick report, which means it comes right back, the following week under the table.

“The other big factor is, I think we’re going to see possibly a bank failure and we’ll be lied to – but then, the good, adept analysts, like Luongo and Alisdair MacLeod, they’re going to be suspicious, like good analysts are – ‘Maybe they failed because probably their bond dealer is under contract to pick up all the unsold Treasury Bonds,’ OK?

“That’s my way of thinking. My way of thinking is, ‘Look for the fraud, ’cause it’s there, Buddy, it is there!’

“So, the primary bond dealers are not just the Wall Street Banks. There are some secondary banks in there and they’re worried sh!tless that they’re going to be forced to buy a couple billion dollars worth of Treasuries that they don’t have the money and maybe there’ll be an underestimation by the Fed for helping them out and they’re going to be calling them at three in the morning, saying, ‘Hey, look, we need three times that! Hurry up!’

“Another thing about the Fed – people really need to understand this – the Fed is no longer owned by a bunch of trillionaires in Europe. The Federal Reserve is owned by Wall Street Banks, as shareholders and JPMorgan has a 35% ownership. Therefore, they have the biggest vote.

“The Wall Street Banks own and control the Federal Reserve…So if they want, at Wall Street to do something, they just pick up the phone and do it. They don’t have a board meeting with the Geneva Crew, that included Warburg and a few others…

“I think that what’s going to happen, Jean-Claude is that they’re going to be rumors – stories of rumors – of bank failures but no admitted bank failures, only the symptoms of bank failures, like the difficulty to get your money out and it being rationed like, ‘Sir, I’m sorry. You can only move out $5,000 a week.’ OK, that’s sort of rationing. And that’s better than, ‘I’m sorry. Your money’s gone. We did a bail-in!'”

In a recent interview on Patriot Underground, Jim has said that the very fact that the US dollar has not utterly collapsed in the wake of foreign central banks and monarchy wealth funds dumping a record amount of their Treasuries in the 4th Quarter of 2023 (which the US is obliged to buy back) is evidence that the shadowy Exchange Stabilization Fund is being used to keep it afloat.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund is deemed by some to be one of the most closely guarded secrets of the US Government. Officially in charge of defending the US dollar, the ESF is a government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA’s Black Budget, and is the architect of the world’s monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc), according to Eric de Carbonnell, great-grandson of Frank Vanderlip, one of the “creatures of Jekyll Island” who drafted the Federal Reserve Act.

Jim is such a wealth of information and he’s so entertaining, albeit in the screechy side and he drops dozens more fascinating factoids and truth bombs in this May 15th episode with Jean-Claude, well worth your time. I love these guys.

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  • the bank robbers barons want us to go from lockdown to lockout by way of bankruptcy just like they told us would happen so by crashing the markets they can buy it all back for a paltry sum .
    the war is heating up the cornered rat faced beast is desperately trying to fulfill the masters plan it’s us or them there is no surrender .

  • I live in 15 minute City in S Korea, Sejong! This past year and especially last 2 months about 10 supermarkets shut down! When I asked someone about the last one last week I learned it was Bank problem. The Markets have a hard time getting paid, most people use credit or bank card and Markets having trouble getting paid, they must also have problem getting help to get their money! This really sucks but for now the Globalist Markets are still here and food is not expensive, but I am afraid when there is a lock down it will all be under Globalist control! The farmers will not take it here though and neither will I!

  • So when the double get executed the real one miraculously rises from the dead. Just like in Revelation.

  • Usually, love this show but this is old news Russia, and China have been selling their bonds, etc along with other countries for at least 10 months now. What will they confiscate? I agree with Gold Market but it happens every time the dollar loses value. People should have altered their 401k’s etc during cov!d. Money was being injected into the economy all this time.

  • When the world economy closed and was locked down, like a prison, during the scam non-pandemic.

    The economy went South, as per plan.

    The Banks Consolidate, big fish eat little fish, and when only a few large whales are left, the Banks food supply turns to eating Humans, so the games, begin.

    This all being done to create an illusion, and work toward Digital Control.

    Gold and Silver, are Fools Gold, meaning that Only Large, authorized Players and Institutions benefit, in this game…….the average person looking to invest and play a fools game, will only loose their investment; this speeds up the Process of forceing people to accept Digital, control….Universal Income.

    The Club of Aristocracts and Institutional Banks, will play their game of monopoly, amongst themselves, only.

    The sheep will either be dead, turning a wheel.

    Jim Willie’s long suit is Streaking.

    Don’t get lost in the bullshit, because what you all see is the Morphing, of Global Culture.

  • So the house of cards keeps standing…for now…and for as long as they need it to. Until when? Until the cage is finished and we, the sheeple, unsuspecting, as always, are fooled and locked in. For good. And to those that put their faith in Trump, I have this to say: you are watching the wrong movie; therefore the circus can go on for 4 more yrs. In case they need that much. Get prepared and I mean not just materially prepared for what’s coming, because when the curtain is dropped, it falls wing a bang and stays there. I mean putting your inner house in order, that’s your soul, the only thing that matters and the one that the powers that be are after now. God bless!

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