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Jim Willie from is back for his monthly podcast with Patriot Underground, with a message of hope, saying that “we won”, we’re in “very exciting times” and that he’s “very jazzed” though he warns that we’re not out of the woods yet.

Jim says that he has a military source, who he calls “the Wingman”, who tells him that Joe Biden is under intense pressure from the Left to resign the Presidency and to not run for office again but that he’s not budging. The Wingman tells him that the White Hats are encouraging him to cling to the Presidency for as long as he can – for their own tactical reasons.

Jim says the Deep State wants to replace Biden and Kamala with either Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama or Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Although Big Mike recently said he doesn’t want to run for President but Jim Willie doesn’t fully believe him and says he’d love to see Big Mike run.

Regardless, the longer Biden waits to bow out, the worse the odds are of a Democrat win, which may effectively leave Trump running unopposed, which Jim says may defuse the civil war, because nobody will be able to say that he stole an election.

However, as Jim says, “That does not send home the 100,000 sleeper cell military-aged men with their debit card and their cell phone, waiting for the Obama Team to tell them to go start riots.”

“The Wingman” tells Jim that the military is very concerned about these sleeper cells in our country who are waiting for orders from the UN’s Blue Helmets but he suspects that many of these would-be terrorists will decide not to go forward with the planned violence. There are also plans to mitigate the impending civil disorder of rioting and looting and burning that could otherwise lead to all of the supermarkets being closed.

Things are not what they seem. Jim surmises that the White Hats advised the Supreme Court to side with Biden with an Unconstitutional decision on the border in order to initiate the dissention by the states led by Texas.

Jim says, “They wanted Texas to lead the way…because they’ve got Biden on a violation of an article in the Constitution and they’ve got other states behind them, so it could be several states, led by Texas threatening secession unless Biden renounces his Presidency – and that would work toward defusing the civil disorder pressure.”

Patriot Underground asks him about what effects we may see from the Fed ending the bank funding program on March 11th. Jim begins by saying that the reason they did this was because these funds were becoming a large part of the deficit. He adds, about Silicon Valley Bank that the depositors were made whole partly because a lot of the depositors were Chinese.

Jim says the termination of the bank funding program could be a combination of the Black Hats causing a crisis in order to bring in the CBDC – and/or it could also be the White Hats saying, “We’re going to scuttle the system so that we can force Biden to step down. If we have a bank crisis combined with a Treasury Bond crisis, that could be enough to force Biden to step down…

“We could be seeing the scuttling of the bank system and blaming it on the commercial real estate side, as a battle between the Black Hats and the White Hats to take control. Scuttle the system and it becomes a contest: who is going to take control of the banking system? You’ll know that the White Hats…are in control when they say that all of the depositors are going to be made whole.”

Jim has heard that a few hundred trillion dollars have been confiscated already from the elites and the trillionaires by the White Hats – or what he says is actually called the ‘White Alliance Command’, which he says also has a White Alliance Military in which 22 nations are participating and he says that is who has done a lot of the confiscations.

Jim says the big banks are all insolvent and they have been for two years, which means they’re not in a position to give a loan, saying, “We’re in a 7% depression with inflation,” he says, “otherwise known as an inflationary depression. That is what happens when you’re approaching a bond default.”

In the 4th Quarter of 2023, foreign central banks and monarchy wealth funds dumped a record amount of their Treasuries, which the US is obliged to buy back and Jim says the fact that the US dollar has not utterly collapsed is evidence that the shadowy Exchange Stabilization Fund is being used to keep it afloat.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund is deemed by some to be one of the most closely guarded secrets of the US Government. Officially in charge of defending the US dollar, the ESF is a government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA’s Black Budget, and is the architect of the world’s monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc), according to Eric de Carbonnel, great-grandson of Frank Vanderlip, one of the “creatures of Jekyll Island” who drafted the Federal Reserve Act.

In 2011, Eric de Carbonnell made a legendary 4-part video series about the ESF, in which he said:

“ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA), built up the propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing public awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has directly been involved in every US fraud and scandal since its creation in 1934; the London Gold Pool, the Kennedy Assassination, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV and worse.”

A few months after posting this, Eric de Carbonnell mysteriously dropped off the map. YouTube terminated his account years later, during one of their COVID censorship purges.

Jim Willie thinks the ESF may have $15 trillion, which is almost half the US debt, so he says, “They can buy a lot of time,” and he wonders whether the ESF has been taken over by the White Alliance? If so, he says they would prevent a bond default.

Jim says, “We could be seeing, not just the Black Hats trying to prevent a bond default, we could be seeing the White Hats trying to prevent a bond default…The nationalists don’t want to see a crisis in the bond market. The fascists from the New World Order – they don’t, either, because it destroys the pig at the trough. These are crazy times.”

In other words, it’s in the interests of both the NWO Fascists and the Patriots to keep the wheels on the wagon of the US monetary system, rather than going scorched earth.

“We’ve got about $7 trillion in Treasury Bonds owned outside our borders. We need an orderly transition and nobody’s talking about it! Nobody’s even mentioning narcotics money-laundering at Bank of America. No one’s talking about a bond default. I’m saying that by summertime, we’re going to have a ‘buzz’, a discussion, a debate: ‘Are we or are we not facing a bond default?’…

“I just heard a report that said 20-something years ago, the military and the Congress got together and said, ‘Don’t worry about deficit, just let it go. We’re gonna default. It’s a lock. We’re gonna default!

“In fact, what is a technical default? Say, South Korea, coming with $10 billion of long-dated Treasuries and we tell them, ‘Screw you, we’ll give you $7 billion’s worth of your own domestic currency. THAT is a technical bond default and I think we’ve been there for two years.”

Jim says he believes that the White Alliance Command has been taking control of one Biden official after another, saying, “I believe [Lloyd] Austin is long gone at Defense. I think Blinken has been controlled. He had to let Nuland go. You don’t let Nuland go, when she’s really running the show, unless you have Blinken also under control, because he’s the puppet.”

Jim then claims that the current head of FEMA, Deanne Criswell is currently in hiding from the White Alliance Command, due to her involvement with what Jim calls the “Panhandle DEW Drops” and says she was also involved in the Maui DEW Drops

Jim continues, “She’s also got a bunch of FBI who put on FEMA uniforms. So, we’ve got FEMA and the FBI working together as Mutt & Jeff, kind of as the Gestapo. And for those who don’t understand, NATO had a group of generals, a long time ago, around 1950, NATO generals were…almost all Nazi army generals…

“We took the German Wermacht and hired them to run NATO…Operation Paperclip was a grand betrayal to bring Nazis into the United States who, one generation later, started the infiltration with Papa Bush. This is the root. When I say that we’ve got a fascist state, I’m referring to Nazi Germany changing residence and people need to understand this, because it’s a real bitter, big pill to swallow.”

Jim then turns the discussion to Yamashita’s gold, which is stored in the Philippines and which he says is the largest known collection of gold, dwarfing that of Fort Knox. He says that a secretive Filipina trillionaire, who was Ferdinand Marcos’ “real” wife who is still alive in her late 70s is in possession of much of it – and that she has recently befriended Donald Trump.

He says there’s been a small-scale war led by Henry Kissinger against the accountants and lawyers adminstering Yamashita’s gold and that the announcement of Kissinger’s death indicates that, “The Pacific gold war has been won…It means we’ve got the foundation for the new dollar. But there’s a condition: You’ve got to get rid of the entire Biden Show.

“You’ve got to get rid of all of them. You’ve got to get them out of the Defense, you’ve got to get them out of the military. You’ve got to get them out of the banks. You’ve got to get ’em out of everywhere! You’ve got to get them out of the National Health Institute, you’ve got to get them out of the CDC, you’ve got to get them out of the Rockefellers – you’ve got to get them out of everywhere!…

“And you’ve got to get the Chinese out of Silicon Valley. This is very deep. Very deep! So, we’ve got the gold, we’ve got the Commander-in-Chief. What we don’t have is a path and a clear room for him to occupy. It’s still full of corrupt scum. And they’re all fascists and they’re all killers and they’re all criminals.

“And they’re getting rid of them, one by one…They’re operating on a one-by-one basis to remove the corrupt generals who are in charge, as commanders on US military bases on US soil. And it’s another reason to make it a slow process.

“We don’t have the majority of the US bases cleaned up yet. And we’re not going to do anything towards forcing Biden out until we have the majority if the US location bases and their commanders replaced. Get the Biden loyalists out and get the Constitutional generals in. This is not an easy task. It’s one of the biggest reasons it’s taking a long time.”

Then, Jim moves the discussion to the Black Eagle Trust, saying, “That is an entirely different, gigantic gold trove. I do not know its volume. The Golden Lily Fund is something the US military built up. I think it’s separate from the Yamashita but I’m not certain about that.”

Jim goes onto explain that the Japanese had hidden their gold throughout the island chains of the and that when the US military would find them, they would add the gold to these trusts.

Jim says that Neil Keenan was murdered and replaced for trying to steal trillions of dollars connected to these stashes, which together are worth “well over” $100 trillion, whereas Fort Knox was not quite one trillion.

What Jim says he’s being told is that this gold is going to be used to create a strong, legitimate foundation for a currency, “On condition that the 5 Eyes all renounce,” i.e., step down, disband, restructure.

Jim says that both Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild died years ago and that the recent announcements of their deaths indicate that “They lost. We won. And the next domino to fall will be Biden renouncing president. I don’t know when it’s going to happen but I hope – I hope! – it’s at the Convention with the biggest audience and the biggest negative impact for the Cabal.

“I don’t want him to renounce tomorrow. I want him to wait more, more, more – and make it absolutely impossible for the Democrats to produce a viable candidate!”

Jim says he heard that Jacob Rothschild was actually killed in 2017 when the pilot of a light plane with terminal cancer intentionally collided mid-air with Rothschild’s helicopter as a final humanitarian act.

Jim explains that when such powerful figures die, they never tell us, unless it is to their advantage – or conversely, we’re told that they died for the exact 180º opposite reason that they actually died.

“We won,” Jim says, “And given the wind-down in Ukraine and given the insolvency and the brokenness of the banks and the Treasury Bonds; given the incoherence of Biden, given the lack of the candidates for the Democrats, given the exposure of Crédit Suisse, given the breakdown of money-laundering, given the extreme examples of DEW drops in Maui, Acapulco and the Panhandle of Texas, I say we won and we forced them – we also have the voluntary suicide of a French Rothschild last year and a deal struck – and I don’t believe the White Alliance is going to honor the deal.”

Jim addresses the Gesara rumors and says he doesn’t believe that we’ll all be getting $500,000 out of the Yamashita gold but he does think that a tax rebate is possible for US adults.

He says we’re in very exciting times and he’s “very jazzed” but he warns, “When we get to the climax, we have the highest risk of being killed…because a mortally-wounded bear will attack with no limits,” but he says he isn’t going to focus on that but, instead on victory and on getting to the other side of this.

He says he believes silver will be one of the biggest gainers and that as gold is going up, silver will follow and that once it gets over $30 per ounce it will go up to $50 in a flash.

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  • Jim Willie is terrific! I love his enthusiasm which is backed up with real world facts and information. He has been uncannily accurate in many predictions. Great show, ignore the ignoramus’s.

  • Jim Willie is a jackass and a hysteric who can’t say anything without yelling. He’s still hanging on to Q, far as I’m concerned, a huge psyop. He sounds like he gets his ‘intel” from old Q, tik tok, telegram and instagram. Look, the world isn’t going to open up and Trump ascend to the presidency day after tomorrow. Get over it and prepare to go a more established route. It’s really tiresome to keep trotting this old shit out.

  • The White Alliance???? White hats and black hats sounds a awful lot like Q hope porn entertainment distraction to me. We’ve got to stay focused and do what is do-able without hopeing to be rescued by speculations.

    • Agreed. Plus, why do that dancing around Biden when he can just be convicted of the treason he’s obviously committed and executed?

  • “Things are not what they seem”
    Yeah, all right.
    Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by “their fruits”
    To the other comment below, No, without parting in with D.S. I ain’t gonna mention about RFK, coz he’s a mixed bag.
    We don’t choose President, “they” do, but in case if you thought we do, good luck with that.

  • 19:42 RFK is apparently disqualified to run because he wants to sue the big pharma?? Whoever put the text here under this video without mentioning RFK’s name, is quite a part of the deep state! Remember that!!!
    Every single American, who is injured AFTER getting the covid genetically modifying injections can thank Trump AND Biden for that! Remember that too!!! Those two, are two different faces of the same coin! There is nothing more important than choosing NOT A CRIMINAL, like those 2, for a leader who has LOT TO FIX! Do NOT EVER allow PHARMA ANY MORE to choose your president!!!!

  • a zombie sleeper cell is eating jim’s dead jackass . sum of this shit is realistic but the majority of the report smells like the dead ass he’s famously parades around with . the cavalry is already here and that’s why this shit is fan bound now . the good news is that he has rarely if ever been right and today’s report’s best use is to be rolled up to snort sum ketamine to deal with this new reality that will go down in history the best news ever the punk fest is over the deep state lost their gorilla grip on mankind’s testicles and will have to pull out .

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