“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” says Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media. She makes a strong case, here that what our attention is being distracted away from by the flag-burning riots at UC Berkeley are foreign policy moves (and lies) by the Trump Administration, scripted way back in 2009 in the Brookings Institutions’s analysis paper, “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran.”

The purpose of the paper was to identify the conditions whereby a very strong international resistance to military operations against Iran could be overcome.

Dykes suggests that the sweetheart nuclear non-proliferation deal brokered by John Kerry in 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in which Iran was awarded with $55B in sanctions relief and $20B in Iranian frozen assets were liberated – and the false accusations being made by Trump and his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, of Iran’s violations of the treaty are all parts of a longterm psychological operation, intended to aggravate the US public and to make them more amenable to military hostilities with Iran.

Iran’s recent missile test has been called a breach of the agreement, when it was not and an alleged Iranian attack on a US Navy ship was, in fact an attack by Yemeni Houthi rebels on a Saudi ship (!) but construed by the Mainstream Media as an “Iranian proxy attack”, when in reality, Iran has next to no influence in Yemen.

As geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci wrote in his Land Destroyer blog post, “US Betrays Iran Deal as Expected – Edges Closer to War”, Michael Flynn’s lies about the Yemen’s normal response to the full-scale war being waged against it by Saudi Arabia (with next to no coverage by the Western MSM) “encapsulates a documented conspiracy drafted under President Bush, implemented under President Obama and finally coming into full fruition under President Trump, once again illustrating the continuity of agenda that transcends party politics, presidencies and political rhetoric – driven by immense corporate-financier special interests not the will of American people.”

As I have been stating frequently of late, Iran is one of the last three major economies in the world, along with Russia and China, whose currencies are not controlled by the Central Banking system headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and this is Iran’s biggest “crime,” according to the Globalist agenda.



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  • The Continuity Agenda is an accurate depiction of the reality behind the two party system in the United States however, the representation that the Russian and Chinese currencies are not controlled by the Central Banking System requires fact checking. While, it is true that Iran is one of the last major economies in the world whose currency is not controlled by the Bank mof International Settlements headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. The Central Banks of Russia and China are in fact controlled by and a part of the affiliated Central Banking system. In fact, it was only after taking on the Rothchild controlled Central Bank of Russia that Putin was universally vilified by the Western media and political establishment. Again, the underlying premise is correct and it bears noting that the remaining independent Central Banks remaining are rapidly disappearing. Iraq, and Libya two of the most recent casualties. The Syrian, Iranian and North Korean Central Banks remain independent for the moment….pattern recognition anyone….perhaps there is a method to the madness of US lead Western foreign policy. However, understanding that China is at least partially controlled by the affiliated Central Banking system will be an important key to understanding the unfurling of future events and U.S. Policy.

    • I’m not in banking. However, in 2014 China was finishing-up work to launch an alternative SWIFT system, ostensibly to avoid using the Western banking clearing house as all transactions pass through the SWIFT software worldwide.

      The link below is a CorbettReport.com article from the time period that explains it better than I. The new system is called CIPS, the China International Payment System. Does this not negate the Western banker’s SWIFT system, if the Chinese choose not to interact? That would mean they have an independent banking system, albeit I assume they’d still find a need to interact with SWIFT in certain worldwide transactions. Like I said, not a banker but attempting to understand it all.


  • When she said all of the hijackers came from there, that ended it. There were no planes, so no hijackers. that was CGI, no plane can fly in a straight line and not fall apart at 540 mph at low alt. Also the CGI machine failed, so they had to use an office fire on #7 to melt steel. (that’s a crock of it) I felt Trump was the lesser of two evils, well I guess no matter who is in that office, Same S*it Different Day. Banker war approaches, remember, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass good bye.

  • Part of the problem is we have assholes like sean spicer in there making completely FALSE accusations in an effort to bring the U.S. into a war that it has NO business getting involved in. Israel is the one that wants Iran removed. They should be the ones to address their problems. The U.S. is being controlled by Israel and the American people do not care to acknowledge this. American citizens need to become more aware of what their country is doing.

  • Geez! Do the guys at Truthstream get it right or what? Excellent compilation of the facts. Thanks.

    The left-hand-right-hand looky-loo is not apparent to the protesting populace or so much of the alt-media for that matter. Trump entered office creating chaos to cover business as usual and, in his case, faster than usual. I just can’t get the stupidity factor of the protesters. They cannot see the magic tricks. Oh yes, “willfully ignorant” as Sauder has said and blind as a result. The masses are, everyday, being whipped up by the MSM who will never let go of the frenzied fake news narrative. They support the old guard/war machine/Cabal and their own paycheck. The MSM conditioned public pour into the streets acting like mindless idiots imbued with self-righteous hatred holding a love boat sign for immigration (of all things) above their heads as if there were intelligence in it all. The women’s march–what WAS that all about? I’m still trying to get my head around that one and I’m female.

    Peace Prize for Trump? Sounds right. Obummer received one before he was in office long enough to warm the Presidential chair while openly murdering people–the drone killing POTUS. It’s business as usual–lies as truth for the manipulated populace who frantically bite at the hook and swallow the hand-fed tainted bait of the NeoCons, et al. The protesters clearly know nothing of the machinery that fuels the economics of war and profiteering which has held this planet in a dark limbo for thousands of years. Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” is a good place for parties who are awakening to begin. He was no slacker. Smedley was a TWO time recipient of the Medal of Honor and a firsthand recipient of vast knowledge about war.

    Aside: Has anyone yet caught the symbology represented in Trump’s gold-winged head? May the rest of us be saved somehow from the approaching fallout.

  • I came to the same conclusion…thank you for posting this…I get no respect from those around me, I see that many are blindly following the loudest noise from their television….divide and conquer. I remembered a quote from one of my favorite books/move (movie by Peter Brook)
    “The happy days are gone, now there are horrors in store. Tomorrow after tomorrow, each day will be worse. The earth has lost its youth.”—Mahabharata

  • I honestly tried to listen objectively to this, but finally jumped out half way through the background music was so distracting. What the h… is wrong with people who think we can’t read, can’t listen, can’t work, can’t shop, can’t think, can’t meditate without having some infernal musical background noise!

    Hence the message was lost on me.

    Trump has to be connected in some way with what to me is reprehensible, else he would have gotten nowhere in his first run at political office – the one with the cherry on top. So you go figure it out. I did my homework and was horrified by the alternative.

    Trump has been warming up in the bull pen for many years! Them as holds the gold makes the rules. What we are witnessing in the way of foreign policy is the same ole same ole jockeying for a leg up on competing nations if for no other reason than they are doing the same to us. Ostensibly that’s what the new world order is intended to to eliminate, of course with a global oligarchical dictatorship. We can’t have it both ways.

    Anyone who believes Trump is going to deliver our nation from them as holds the gold isn’t being realistic. This nation as I once knew it in my youth is gone probably forever because American parents surrendered their children to be socialized by the state, manipulated by them as holds the gold. But that doesn’t mean I or anyone else has to cooperate. I surely didn’t and I am not going to either because I am not pledged to any of it. I invested my life in opposition to them.

    I was born free and I’ll die free, because they can’t have my mind. Trump at least seems to be attempting to help, while the bought and paid for MSM wars against Trump daily, all the while accusing Trump of warring against them.

    Keep the debate going, but remember we can find fault with Trump 24/7. He has blind spots, but it’s up to us to shine light on them.

  • Food for thought. I’m so pro Trump. And yes, he’s done so many things that are good.
    But, ok, I’ve always HATED Bannon,. A gut thing. A gut thing for quite a few of the animals that he has surrounded himself with. But I’m going to stay positive. AND PRAY. Nothing else will work.
    Who else can take his place who is disconnected from OWO. Sorros, etc.
    In your opinion, are we totally screwed?

    • Trump should be put on notice for putting Iran on notice. We can’t let him and us get railroaded into this globalist script. A war with Iran would be 10X worse than Iraq and there’s no reason for one, other than to further the agenda of the Central Bankers. This is not an American agenda, it’s not a human agenda. It’s a globalist agenda. Bannon might be repugnant but if anyone knows who the globalists are, it’s Bannon.

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