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    Jay Dyer does an excellent analysis of the SPARS document and the post-human agenda that is driving it, as well the global scamdemic to which humanity is now being subjected.

    “It’ll be robotic…from the macro to the micro scale. The idea is that eventually, this can replace the existing failed biological world.

    “So the real enemy here, if you’re wondering why they’re always talking about carbon and why is carbon bad and ‘carbon credits’? Carbon is the basis of life. And the enemy in this Malthusian scheme is carbon-based life forms that need to give way to synthetic-based life forms…

    “The modus operandi in this worldview is evolution in the strict, Luciferian sense. I’m not talking about adaptation – we all believe that species evolve to adapt to their environment. But I’m talking about the idea that you can evolve into some other totally different being…

    “In order to get to that, that requires the cyborg mutation phases, to move out of being ‘human’ into modified humans, to cyborgs, androids, then into the post-human. So, silicon-based life forms, nanotech-based mutations…

    “It sounds like a science fiction story. It IS a science fiction story but they believe it, OK? And that’s what Klaus [Schwab] says in the second half of this book [‘Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’], is that we’re going to have logical reclassifications of what life forms are, so that we can have nanotech, synthetic organisms now classed as life forms.

    “This will allow us to prepare the way, legally for the new system that comes into play. The new system is a re-write of all of nature and the world and biological systems to be more ‘logical’, more ‘rational’ mecha systems. That’s the plan.

    “The plan is not just to have a global government of baby-eating adrenochrome-guzzling Satanists, OK? That does go on in some places but that’s not the real longterm goal, here. The real longterm goal is to be post-human, to end man as man is known…

    “And Klaus is abundantly clear, every chapter in the second half of this book is about the 3D printing the robots, themselves will control to self-replicate. They will then run giant drone fleets, ‘the AI’, he’s saying, they’ll have the killer drones that will, then through targeted tracking and tracing get rid of anyone that’s a problem.

    “Ans he says by 2030, 2040, 2050, there won’t be humans. You won’t be born in your mom’s womb. There’ll be CRISPR technology that will engineer synthetic humanoids – synthoids…This what Klaus projects – the head of the World Economic Forum; the head of Davos…

    “He says the key to all of this is to control energy, via the SmartDust, via the SmartTech, via the tracking, via a robot drone fleet that will police everything after everything has been sprayed with SmartDust. That’s what he says. You can call that crazy if you want to. That’s one of the most influential, wealthiest men out there; part of this global Liberal, Left elite of the World Economic Forum.”

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    • I very much look forward to leaving this evil world. I do believe this will be stopped from taking place eventually but not in my lifetime. These luciferians have long term goals and have been plotting this agenda for a very long time. Those of us who have realized long ago that these demons exist and have researched the subject are getting the truth out finally but the majority of people can not believe that such evil exists. So many will die and be harmed before they realize something is not right. I hope it is not too late by then for them. I know in the end who wins but I will not see it in my days. I am older and can not bear watching it anymore. I am so demoralized from the rejection of a dumbed down society that just does not get it that I just do not want to be here anymore. Some very bright people in my life are fine with this. They are in fields associated with it. They think it is alright because it is science. Anything scientific must be good in their mind which to me does not sound very scientific from the onset. Of course everyone of them is an athiest so it prevents them from understanding the subject thoroughly. I pray and request they have some undeniable “GOD” experience that will help them to see the light. I am just worn down from being ridiculed for knowing that GOD exists. All of the evil in this world is the proof if you were to ask me. They will know the truth someday …..we all will. I am ready to go home.

    • As with all of those professing to tell the truth, he is flashing all of the appropriate hand signs. I wonder why?

    • Tons of people were saved from that SV40 virus of psycho Salk by Bernice Eddy, who was the one who should have received the Nobel Prize.

    • They have developed a directed energy “brain” that resides externally from the human body and connects to every nerve ending in your brain and your feet, along with your vital organs, including sexual. From that use of man made directed energy, they run their 5G plus energy ! to excess ! that builds “routes” of energy along your skin from the brain to replace your native central nervous system.

      They can direct pain, distortion and even play with your genitals to “rape” their victims.

      The energy is radar focused via satellite but officers on the street provide the role of reconnoiter with the subject so they require police cooperation.

      I believe that the programs are need to know and compartmentalized so officers are being lied to. However, with their own tech, police can easily see through windows and walls, conduct 24/7/365 surveillance that enables them to be eyes on to the entire process. In this way, police can see the effects of the program as the target learns himself what is going on.

      Targets can disconnect from the energy with smart usage of reiki crystal techniques but in the long run there seems little hope as it robotically reconnects.

      NSA is the only agency ever founded whose primary goal is to depopulate the planet.

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