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In France, farmers have taken to the streets in protest to broadcast to their fellow citizens about the urgency of “Saving French agriculture, without which we would lose our food autonomy.”

Ice Age Farmer reports that as the Green New Deal aka the Great Reset aka Agenda 21 is implemented in the EU, there is a war on traditional farming and ranching. He says that in fact, the goal is to take food autonomy away from everyone around the world, to make us all slaves to the fake meat and lab-grown nonsense of the Big Ag companies and the technocrats behind them.

In this case, they’re complaining about the Green New Deal and the EU’s new taxes on nitrogen fertilizers – because the goal is to phase out all fertilizers.

And it’s not just France that’s noticing this systematic war. A set of laws going into play in Croatia that is both deploying surveillance drones over fishing boats to keep track of in real time of how many fish they’re pulling in. They’re also making it illegal to save seeds and they’re doing a comprehensive inventory of all farms and animals and food practices, everywhere.

People are rightly discerning that this is a takeover of food production.

How do we get these psychos off our back?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Farmers must clean the gmo from it’s crop by generation farming. Grow 1st generation, take the seed from the 1st generation, to create a second generation crop, take the second generation seed to make a 3rd generation crop. Compare the 3rd generation to the 1st generation crop. Make sure that you have well established high quality self composted soil. Add baking soda to watering s, also add Epsom salts every other watering. Only use collected rain water, put magnets 90 degrees apart using north, north, then south, south, i.e. 12 o’clock north, 3 o’clock north then 6 o’clock south, last one at 9 o’clock south. should you not believe this will work, make 2 pots with the same soil, then water one the way you have watered, and the second the way I just outlined. You be the judge! this will take several weeks to see the results, I used filtered water, with the magnets around my watering container, (do not use a steel watering container) use either glass or stainless stell as neither will change the declustering of the water!

  • Where do these psychobullies live?????!!!!! 🙂 Wake up and defend yourselves people.You have a Right to Self defense just like the bug or plant or dog does.These psychos see the nonreaction,the sheeple response as Weakness and permission.Say No and mean it!! 🙂 They have 0 right to stop you from safely growing food,saving seeds,etc.

    • These are dogs that bark and you run away, grab the barking dog by the jaw and pull down or better yet stuff your hand down it’s throat, and Gage it! The fastest way to get rid of the Monkey is to starve it! Learn how to understand not to keep feeding the monkeys, the feed is your labor and they get round one at anywhere form 22% to 40%, not bad as they have a 0% out lay and a high return from YOUR LABOR, yes if you do not earn an income they get nothing, they starve! It all stats with you filing the W-2 when they hire you! Ask if they hire subcontractors in your profession, as you are then the money controller!

    • Here here i agree, let’s not be “pushed around” anymore! They are trying to rule the world a little bit at a time! This is one area they should not win!

  • In the end , it is a small tiny population bullying mankind…long run it would be easy to over turn this bull💩.So I ponder how bad does it have to get?

    • Why run are you a rabbit or a chicken? Never run, that is how they get you! Always ask them what is the purpose to limit or alter seeds and feeds? You are your best Allie!

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