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    Steve Pieczenik joins Alex Jones, in a rather incendiary appearance to discuss the January 6th special forces raid of Democrat computers at the Capitol.

    Steve triples down on his assertion that the entire election was a sting operation, “We marked the computers, we marked the ballots, we marked – everything was a sting operation. Nothing has changed.

    “Biden is not going to be the President of the United States…there have been massive arrests and what I’m saying, in effect is that we are in Martial Law and we have a military coup – which simply means that there’s going to be a large number of people who are going to be arrested, detained, and will be tried by Military Tribunal.

    “The reason why it’s military is because we no longer trust our CIA, we no longer trust our politicians, we do not trust our Governors, we do not trust our senior officials, who are in Congress or are in the Senate.

    As in his past appearances on the Alex Jones Show, Steve repeats, “In seven days, it’s gonna be Trump. It will not be Biden. Biden’s people will be arrested. There will be people who will be arrested: Pelosi, Biden, Schumer. That’s what’s gonna happen. And if I’m wrong, fine, don’t put me on your show…If I’m wrong, I will never appear on your show again.

    “But if I’m right, I become one of your official paid commentators…so we have that bet, right?”

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    • So I’m watching on 2/23 , nothing has changed except capital has a fence , the National Guard and will for some time they say .

    • Steve repeats, “In seven days, it’s gonna be Trump. It will not be Biden. Biden’s people will be arrested.
      Well that didn’t happen. The question I have is, did Steve really believe this, or was he intentionally lying to all of us?

    • Where are the servers that were taken in Germany? Where is Pelosi’s laptop that that was supposedly taken by Special Ops soldiers who were posing as ANTIFA goons on the 6th? Where’s Hunter’s laptop? All talk. Biden has it in the bag on the 20th.

    • Alex, please have Steve on again and DON’T INTERRUPT HIM! We wanted to hear everything he had to say but you kept interrupting him! We’re so disappointed now that we missed so much great information.

    • The Coup was the military & CIA AGAINST Trump and AGAINST Trump voters, in order to FORCE voters to accept the Election Fraud. They know damn well Biden did NOT win those elections. They recognize Dead voters, felons, teenagers, non-residents have No Right to cast ballots. They used ANTIFA and BLM to instigate a FALSE FLAG AGAINST US.
      So yes, Biden will be inaugurated as DICTATOR on January 20.

    • Well if 17 states were involved in this massive fraud, than I imagine it would mean hundred of people were implicated. Thus, would be a huge sting operation. I imagine we can’t let the cat out of the bag because people will flee and it would be harder to bring them to justice. I was never a fan of Trump but my husband convinced me and showed me his good side.
      Will continue to pray for good in the world.

    • Excellent interview with Steve (and I’ve seen quite a few of them). But, Alex you need to stop cutting off the people you interview – you do this all the time. I wanted to hear he had to say but you never let him finish a sentence.

    • You have a big mouth Alex sthu and let your guest talk why do you keep interrupting. I know what this man is saying. It’s the truth You may be an idiot. You are really not funny. Sorry. You are disruptive

    • Steve, how could you even say, “if I’m wrong” if you know the facts?

      You are either telling truth or a false prophet liar and we will know which you are by next week. Bookmarked for further comment.

      Why would Trump go this far if what you say is true? Why wouldn’t the arrests have already been made if we have the goods?

      • I did listen to a guy in the UK yesterday who reckoned the white hats had a timetable to work to. It would be unproductive and damaging to change it, so we must be patient. All will either be revealed on or around the 20th or America will have an illegitimate senile old rogue as president and a communist half wit as his number 2. I don’t give either of them long in the job if that happens.

        • If the US is one of the 3 members of mystery Babylon as mentioned by John of Patmos and others, as the military wing of the earth trinity, along with UK financial and Rome religion, either Biden or Trump will do. They want a war vs Iran in Israel to fulfill their Armageddon. They will also have their way on the rest of the agenda regardless of who sits in the WH.

        • Exactly. With zero evidence of anything thus asserted. Where’s the actual watermarked ballots if they exist? Post truth fodder for the believers, is by definition, a psy op.

    • I have heard this man crowing about how happy he was that he was part of the U.S. efforts to take down other countries, like we have a right to—-like we are a god of the world. Despise this man.

    • This would have been brilliant if it was not for Alex Jones wanting to hear the sound of his own voice!

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