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    Juan O Savin joins Robert David Steele to discuss where we are.


    RDS: So, what’s your bottom line on what’s going to happen tomorrow? What’s your prediction? We’ll hold you accountable on Saturday.

    JOS: He’s got more bends and turns and twists than an anaconda snake! Look, there’s about five variations that can happen. Without letting cats out of the bag, I believe I know what what is going to happen but I don’t want to –

    RDS: OK, so just give us five without specifying your choice.

    JOS: Well, they’re too deep to really get into precisely, because there’s overlap –

    RDS: OK, so Joe Biden shows up and concedes!

    JOS: Uh, I don’t believe that’s gonna happen. That would be nice if it would, but no. That’s one of the five, yes.

    RDS: OK, Joe Biden dies in his sleep.

    JOS: I wouldn’t consider that one of the five but –

    RDS: – Alright, so give me the five. One-liners. I mean, people love you, Juan. You are my absolutely most popular guest.

    JOS: Well, the issue is whether or not Congress decertifies some of these votes, whether we ask to go back and have a re-vote in those states, whether – we’re not going to allow states not to have a piece of the action here in the eventual final vote.

    RDS: Contingent election in states that are de-certified is on the table.

    JOS: Is on the table.

    RDS: That’s a very reasonable proposition.

    JOS: Yes and any of these involves slowing things down. In the course of slowing things down for any reason, other investigations continue on. One of the problems with, for example we’re going to do a RICO in Nevada. Pat Byrne and I have both thrown money at the attorneys on that and we were going to file, right away and decided to hold, for various reasons and there are sound reasons, not that we don’t have the material but the timing is an issue. But the problem with RICO, it doesn’t change the outcome on this election.

    RDS: You don’t win this in the courts.

    JOS: Right but that’s a longer-term solution to fix the problem. Longer term, with discovery and things like that.

    RDS: What legal right does the President have to serve on the 21st or 22nd of January if he has not been confirmed by Congress?

    JOS: Well, because again, those executive orders that he did, both at the beginning of this administration and again on the September 12th, 2018; both of those have issues related to fraudulent elections and in that case, as General Flynn has said, a limited state of Martial Law while we’re getting to the correct solution is not out of the question.

    Now, that’s not where the President wants to go and we haven’t fully gone through all of the legal mechanisms to give the Justice Department a chance to do what they’re supposed to do. But that’s what this delay is about: letting the American People see that you can’t get to justice through the Justice Department. The Congress is so captured, so corrupted, they can’t come up with the vote when everybody in the world can see that.

    RDS: I agree with you. I agree with you completely and I have myself made the case, not only for Martial Law and the Insurrection Act but I believe the old guard needs to be developing a regimental order on becoming a firing squad.

    No, I’m serious I’ve posted on that. They’ve got all the pieces. I mean, they’ve got the guys with bayonets, they’ve got the Fife and Drum Corps, they have the Presidential Battery, they have the engineers and medical and so forth. And if you want to execute six governors on the White House Lawn, the old guard is the logical choice.

    So one what are your other options? I can see Martial Law, I can see a delay but I think the evidence is compelling enough so that a 10-day audit would force Congress to make the deal on the 16th of January. And that’s my preferred option. What are the other options that you see that would stretch this out toward April?

    JOS: If the Vice President decides not to show up for some reason and you’d be forced to have to have a delay, because you’re not getting to those answers early on. There’s a lot of variations, even within those options It’s like a chess game. One move causes five other moves to be possible. Two moves cause 20 or 30 potential moves.

    But there’s maybe four or five likely moves. As you get out, three or four or five moves out, it becomes harder and harder to predict what’s going to be the needed best next move or two. So you get too many steps out and you’re just too far into the speculation.

    This exact moment about is about whether or not uh votes can be certified or not, whether or not there is a decision not to certify and it brings the Biden candidacy down under the 270, which I think is the likeliest scenario.

    Some some means comes up where we decide that those votes can’t be counted and now the Biden team is under 270.

    RDS: That means Pennsylvania and at least one more state.

    JOS: Probably Georgia.

    RDS: And that makes complete sense to me. In fact, in this document that I shared with you, which is shows that Georgia had 1,500,000 million questionable ballots. So I love that. So what I hear you saying is that tomorrow, there could be a successful decertification of two states and then maybe, something that goes on, in terms of the audit.

    Do you think Senator Cruz has a real possibility of getting an emergency audit?

    JOS: Well you know, I do. There’s going to be a huge fight to to allow that to happen. I don’t even think that that decision necessarily happens tomorrow. They could drag that out, even there’s there’s so many different angles but I think Texas has shown that they have the will, the piss-and-vinegar –

    RDS: Not just Texas, one third of the country – one third of the states are ready to take this to the wire. Juan, let me ask you a question, because you and I have shared meals together. We know each other. From where I sit, anybody associated with this election fraud needs to either make a deal or die.

    From where I sit, we’ve got them by the balls. Is this just drama?

    JOS: Let me say it this way. And you gotta give me a second, Robert to build this out for a second for people. The reality is, you’ve run engines equipment, where you have to go out. You start it cold. You have to allow it to warm up. The heat soak has to go through the parts. If you don’t allow an engine to heat up evenly, you break things. And so you have to bring things up to temperature before you actually go out and put it under a high stress load, etc. and it’s just the way it is.

    Those few minutes with aircraft and things like that, to allow everything to get evenly heat-soaked can make the difference between breaking and and running smoothly.

    The country is coming up to speed. More and more people understand where we’re at. I’ve met with several members of the General Staff, former and current, over the last a couple of months and especially over the last couple weeks and I would have to say universally, they were not completely up to speed.

    People are looking to them for how to pivot, what what to think, where to go, because these are people in leadership positions. Same thing with flag officers. And they were not understanding the problem, from a fraudulent election side. They were allowing that the Justice Department, the Congress is going to get to the right answer, so they were standing down. They were being observers, doing what military people generally are required to do.

    However, as I’ve explained in all of those conversations, we are at a critical moment, where it’s clear that you can’t get to justice through the Justice Department. Many of the political party people on both sides are captured. They’re under some type of threat or duress. They are bought, paid for. And so they’re biased in a way that serves their master’s interests, not the American interests.

    In that kind of a situation, “enemies foreign and domestic” comes into play. If we have to slow this down to get to a proper answer, and even if the military has to be called in in certain areas – not everywhere – but in those places where there’s an exceptional problem, that’s what it’s gonna take.

    RDS: Enough, in fact even within those states. Just five cities. Juan, what you have done is made the case for…Martial Law and the Insurrection Act and I will point out to everybody –

    JOS: Limited, limited, limited –

    RDS: I hear you. Limited. Five states, OK – although I’d love to do California –

    JOS: – It’d probably be probably a little over a dozen.

    RDS: Little over what?

    JOS: Little over a dozen.

    RDS: A dozen. Well, we were looking at 16 very carefully but what i want to tell the audience as we as we savor this this opportunity to talk to you is that the Insurrection Act and military or Martial Law is designed for when the civilian justice system is clearly and totally broken.

    And we’re there. That has been demonstrated. The FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice have all been corrupted beyond belief by the Deep State.

    So Juan, I can definitely see the Insurrection Act and Martial Law. I can also see our military, as well as our law enforcement across the country being loyal to the President, the Constitution of the Republic. Do you see any bad things happening tomorrow?

    JOS: I don’t actually see bad things happening. You know, American people are showing up. The President has allowed the National Guards to be present here, in Washington, DC, just to keep the peace. And you know, as well as anybody that the way you stop a problem is you show a strong front before there’s a problem and the bad guys decide to go somewhere else.

    You don’t wait till there’s a problem and the President is taking measures to protect the American people here at this gathering, here in Washington, DC, as well as the rest of the country. We’re going to have our interests protected and that’s where the President’s actually doing his job 100%. His job is to protect the American People, including from a stolen vote.

    The bank robbery is not going to succeed. Just because the bank robbers get in the getaway car and get off the bank property and get around the corner doesn’t mean we let him get away with it, because, “Darn we didn’t get him right at the door! Gee, we were too slow!”

    RDS: No, I wouldn’t be there. Now, let’s go back to those five things, because we agreed this was going to be a 15-minute, 20-minute interview. So, what have you named, in terms of the five things

    JOS: You know, there’s so many variations. Again, you know, the key thing is that you could go to a more extreme answer, which is some type of military Martial Law, Valkyrie-type of a response, instantaneously. It may be on the table, in some kind of an extreme situation.

    You have BLM and Antifa and other known threats that are out there, that could do something radical to try and stop us from getting – look it’s right under everybody’s noses – nobody on either side actually honestly believes that Biden with his six followers in circles and chairs at a meeting out on the grass in Timbuktu uh won this election. The question is whether or not we’re going to stop this deal.

    RDS: Let me interrupt you, Juan. How do the military generals that you’re talking to – how do they react to the ten Secretaries of Defense calling on the President to concede? And I have named three of those Secretaries of Defense as being immediately eligible for conviction of treason – and I mean Cheney, Rumsfeld and Panetta.

    JOS: Because this is about mutual self promotion of people with vested interests, looking to feather their nests after the fact. And so you have to to question, just because they’ve gotten promoted to that level and hold those positions doesn’t mean that they’re good guys.

    RDS: No. Well, they were, in fact put in those positions by the Deep State, which treats the Pentagon as a profit center.

    JOS: Yes and so the long and short of it is just because the President’s completely surrounded by people that were, you know – and often, even though they’re working right now for the President, they got promoted during the years that other people with other interests were employed.

    RDS: Let’s draw to a close with with that thing. Now, one of the greatest things that Patrick Byrne has done is call out the Chief of Staff of the White House as a traitor who is blocking communications to the President.

    Now, I’ve been told that the President is now in direct phone contact with Burn and Flynn and Powell. Are you satisfied that the President is no longer being blocked from information?

    JOS: I don’t know that he was ever actually technically blocked, functionally. Yeah, there was blocking happening. He could break it at any time. He knew he wasn’t getting a straight story but the decision was to allow this to play through and allow these players to do what they do.

    And now we’ve reached a different checkpoint in this operation and allowed them to show their hands, show who they are. That’s so much of this game. This is where this heat soak is. Everybody’s got to pick a pick a path, pick a lane, Heaven or Hell, right or wrong and they’re showing who they really are and how they’re aligned and the Vice President is going to get that same opportunity, if he chooses to show up.

    RDS: I interviewed a lovely young lady, who goes by the pseudonym of Mel K and she actually worked at Mar-a-Lago and she described the President as one of the most personable, gracious people, who treated everybody at every level, from the gardener on up with great respect. I have the sense that the President is actually feeling very healthy and in-command of the situation.

    JOS: I concur.

    RDS: Is there anything you want to say as we draw to a close and wait, with baited breath for tomorrow?

    JOS: Don’t expect it to be over tomorrow. Tomorrow’s just a door turning on a hinge. We have several doors that we have to go through and the choices are going to be a couple at each checkpoint.

    You know, there’s some wise in the road for everybody. Everybody’s going to get the chance to pick a lane, pick a side and the key thing, here is, especially for those people, since we’re not getting justice in the Justice Department, those people, in the General Staff: flag officers to not wait to see what happens but to be counted as having chosen correctly before history makes its mark, before we know the rest of the story and some of the stuff – enough is known to know that, even if you don’t want to necessarily agree with the President, you don’t like this President – enough is known that you can pick that we need to slow down and not let the criminals get control of our country and decide with the American people who, en masse are turning out today and tomorrow and are going to continue.

    They’re not going to shut up, even after tomorrow, until they get an honest, legal, right answer so, that’s where it’s at. That’s right.

    RDS: I agree with you and what’s different between fraudulent elections in the past and this election, is that everybody is awake now. Juan O Savin. I will let you buy me a steak on the seventh or the eighth or the ninth. I know my way to Trump Tower and I think

    JOS: I’ve gotta I think I’ve got a t-shirt for you, here, too from the movie that’s coming out, here, probably sometime tomorrow from the trip across the country. One of the people that have posted –

    RDS: Why don’t we do a special 15-minute interview focused only on the moment?

    JOS: Yeah people’ll get a kick out of that and I actually want to post it with you. We’ve got four or five places that I think that this needs to be posted and would be really fun and it’s download-and-share. When your people take a look at it, download it, keep it share it. It’s yours to share.

    RDS: Alright. So, we’ll deal with that. We’ll deal with that in a special interview.

    My prayers are obviously with the President and I think he’s lucky to have you and Patrick Byrne and Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell and Linn Wood on his side. I’m still not sure about Giuliani. I’m still not sure about McCarthy but on balance, I think God is winning and and I thank you very, very much for sharing your thoughts with us.

    JOS: Most important persons that are on the President’s side, the American People. En masse, they can’t be beat. Our prayers will not be lost on Divine Ears. Let’s make it happen.

    RDS: That’s it.

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    • Just one question: When exactly was this interview given?
      I hope that I’m wrong, but I’m guessing January 05th, 2021.
      I don’t exactly believe in temporal displacement.

    • America cannot allow this Biden criminal Lucerferian Cabal to take the reins of power for even one hour. “We The People” have knowledge of their doings, i.e., drinks the blood taken from babies and children, called adrenonchrome that keeps one youthful; that blood can be bought and or taken ritually by making that child tortured to bring the adrenaline rise to the brain before they are killed. Child trafficking is by them. They bought off so many people. The CIA is rouge with them as well as CIA…..too many more in Justice dept. and SCOTUS.

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