Patrick Byrne Lays Out a Peaceful Resolution to Election Crisis

Clair Sheehan has the words "Not My President" written on her forehead as she takes part in a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

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    Former Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne joins The Alex Jones Show to break down his plan for a peaceful way to resolve the crisis in the wake the January 6th Capitol riot: Have the National Guard recount the ballots in the contested states on livestream video.

    If Joe Biden really did receive the most votes in the history of any US election, why would they have any problem with this?

    Trump personally told Patrick that if the results of such a recount were to show him to be the loser, he would, “No muss, no fuss” board Marine One for the last time and go home to Mar-a-Lago.

    The censorship and the propaganda are on overdrive and everything the Establishment is doing, by de-platforming EVERY last citizen who questions the election results and by treating these questions as thought crimes not only calls their motives into question but it is foreign, unrecognizable, authoritarian behavior that is just un-American.

    In the horrific likelihood that Joe Biden is sworn-in on the 20th, both Alex and Patrick urge Trump supporters not to become violent but instead, to emulate Martin Luther King, Jr. and to prove to everyone that, “We are the good guys.”

    As we’ve seen, by the way the Establishment has responded to the False Flag operation on the 6th, any violence from Trump supporters might guarantee that the US is railroaded into a Marxist dictatorship.

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    • I do believe that there will be no h\cealing if there is not a public recount and audit of this past election.

    • People show up by the 10s of thousands because they believe the election was stolen. Trump tells them to go home. Says those who stormed the building aren’t American. So, Trump is a paper tiger, Simon Parks is a joke, Q is a few guys making us shit in their basements. As usual, it’s the old lesson. There’s only one way this battle will be won – not by someone we imagine is the great hero, but by you and I, taking responsibility and doing the hard work. It’s the only way battles are ever won. Drain the swamp. Ya, right.

    • Hand counting by the National Guard would only be effective for the paper ballots. What should be done about the massive electronic voter fraud? Additionally, election fraud, foreign meddling, and artificial manipulation of results are SERIOUS Federal (and state) felonies. Should the Trump victory be recertified, what then? Should everything be forgotten and the felons go free?
      Not very likely!
      A good idea, but it hasn’t been thought through.

    • The whole issue here is NO court would even look at the evidence. What the hell does that tell you? I just can’t believe everyone is just going to bend over and take it up the back side on this. This means our vote will NEVER matter again as long as we live. Unfreakin’ real

    • Stop listening to Simon Parkes people the guy is a nut job born from an Alien or do he says. I can not believe so many people listen to this fruit 🍑 loop.

      • Hi Doc, are you really that naive or just plain bigoted?

        Just because you are incapable of recognising the existence of extraterrestrials does not mean those that do, are fruit loops!

        I recognise that society has been blinded by the Elite for over one hundred years but with so many having your limited capacity to recognise anything out of your ordinary existence, it will, I fear, take another one hundred years to educate you!

    • Dear Alexandra,

      As Simon Parkes revealed in his 13 January Update, Trump’s Military team have a plan and do not wish to be derailed by pressure from we the citizens wishing to see action prematurely.

      I think, unwittingly Danielle in her podcast with Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, repeatedly advised and confirmed that the MSM would be taken down within 5 hours, raising false expectations!

      It was not taken down and our spirits sunk to rock bottom, consequently!

      I expected, nay hoped that Simon would make a corrective update, pointing out that the advice was premature at best.

      Sadly he has not!

      I see on the news that Congress have, as far as they believe, Impeached The President. I am certain his warning of ‘be careful what you wish for’, means they have played into his hand!

      The 200 Generals are not stupid, they have considered everything and as Q repeatedly advised, ‘Nothing can stop what is coming!’.


    • There are so many people with advice for POTUS. The truth is that he is the only one who has to make the decision…his style is to listen to every side including his enemies. My take is that he doesn’t want a civil war or violence. Not only does he have the smoking guns, he has an Italian whose finger was on the trigger. There’s a also gentleman named Serafini from”our” State Department who apparently orchestrated the upload through the Leonard satellite…the upload of software moved the vote in over 12 States…Britain also was involved.
      EO on Election Interference is ripe and Obama wrote the original EO…Let Trump be Trump!
      I am nervous, too

      • Nothing going to be done about the fraud. For the rest of our lives we will be living under communist cesspool of sick pedophilia drug addict POS low life scum bag cack licking ass jamming politicians

        • How do you know?
          You are doing the same thing here that you are accusing Trump patriots as doing; acting on inadequate, premature, or distorted information. So far, over the past four years, President Trump has done quite well vs the DS. Let Trump be Trump, and see how this plays out in the final days…Even if Biden is inaugurated, I doubt very much that DJT will go home quietly. He has planned for that contingency too!

        • DOC you have died already your just to stupid to fall in the hole and cover your rotting carcass with dirt. You have no intel no hope to share nor anything of value what’s going on behind the scenes by Patriots Trump or GOD Himself. You are not part of the solution you are part of the programed problem. Do all of us a favour and get all ten vaccines at once, be of some usefulness to mankind since your opinion solves nothing. you are a roll over and die shill kind of guy feel sorry for your kids eating your bullshit sandwiches of no hope. You don’t do any research whats really going on behind the scenes and by whom but you bash people who spend many hours and years finding out what the globalists are up to. You are of little faith and hope and insight and will be rescued from the low life scum bag cack licking ass jamming politicians as you rightly call them By the Good guys, the Patriots, Team Trump and GOD. One hundred million ass munchers like you can never do what GOD, Team Trump and the good Patriots of the world will do to dismantle this evil control over the world before it is too late like you have eluded too. You are weak you bow before satan instead of standing with GOD and bowing to HIS Power and Glory about to come. One day you will see maybe if the vax don’t get you first. Wake up my friend read Revelations in the KJ Bible to understand this is a Spiritual 3rd world war not a Trump Biden thing ….. and you may just learn who wins this war ….. of GOOD vs. evil ….. Hope and peace will replace your dread and fear. Isn’t it strange the Bible spoke of this a few thousand years ago? Yet we poo poo so much of whats in the Good Book …. yup satan has you/us where he wants us believing the big lies he and his minions spread …. yet no one believes the plan the intel and the successes of Trump and team, traps set time and time again. Corrupt rats caught not to be released to control and be in power but they will be removed for your benefit DOC and your kids.

    • Except a recount is not enough! GA recounted n # came out bout the same. Coz they made ballots to match machine number. Plus announcing it will deff get other states to do the same.

    • Being good guys with pins is not going to get us far against tanks. Use the executive order — or else. This is the end otherwise, guys.

      THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO NOW!!! when the elections, the courts, the media are all rigged. Nazi Germany didn’t solve itself, did it.

      • I hear you but Hitler did it the right way round. Win the election, be the saviour, then have the revolution. You need to be in power first. The Dems screwed up. They’re not in power and they’ve shown their hand too soon. The people despise them. They’re not in awe of Biden. He is no Hitler. Hitler was an amazing orator. People liked him. That’s how he got away with it all. By the time they realised it was too late to fight back. Biden is a demented paedo and Harris couldn’t even get through the primaries. The other problem is the people are armed to the teeth.

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